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    Re: Chernobyl (2019)

    What an epic. This was really great.
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    Re: Chernobyl (2019)

    Great music and sound effects during the last scene and when the end credits roll. Watch until the last second.
  3. Re: Best metal guitar solos for recent songs after 2010?

    If you want metal solos, look no further than Dragonforce. Amazing band, amazing sound engineering.

    There's more than one solos in this song, first a foretaste at 1:18 , main course starts at...
  4. Re: The Orville > renewed for season 3 > the Trek we deserve!

    Ah, The Orville... Always makes me chuckle. Glad they get another season.
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    Re: Chernobyl (2019)

    Amen to that.

    Chernobyl's story has been done so many times I was expecting 'just another' documentary/show on Chernobyl, not ... this. I really liked it.

    Quite unnerving for the viewer...
  6. Re: Historical Battles in old obscure movies, with links?

    The original from 1838, goes like this:

    'And then, as if impelled by a sudden and vehement inspiration, he stooped and took some earth from the ground. And then, placing it in his mouth, he...
  7. Re: Historical Battles in old obscure movies, with links?

    You'll probably like these too:

    The Battle on the Ice (1242) Alexander Nevsky (1938)

    Battle starts at minute 55.


    Battle of Kiev (1036) Yaroslav Mudry (1981)
  8. Re: Historical Battles in old obscure movies, with links?

    Communism at its best.

    The Battle of Ongala (680) Khan Asparuh (1981)

  9. Re: Is there a difference between strategy and tactics?

    A practical example of preventing a shift in the imbalance of power would be the Habsburg Empire in the 18th century. Surrounded on all sides by stronger major powers(France,Prussia,the Ottoman...
  10. Re: F-35 Goes Missing: Possible Global Ramifications For F-35 Program

    There will be no global ramifications for the f-35 programme. As others have stated, fighter planes crash during training...a lot. For example : out of 160 F-16's bought by Belgium, 34 got lost in...
  11. Thread: Warrior

    by LaMuerte


    Trailer looks hot. Lots of familiar faces. Let's hope Warrior delivers. Premiers next thursday. I'm ready.:jedi:

  12. Re: My translation of H.P. Lovecraft (collected works) is out...

    Congrats matey.

    Did you translate The Thing on the Doorstep? That one is my favorite Lovecraft story.

    Also, any words in particular that were a headache to translate? Or was it all pretty...
  13. Re: Game of Thrones: TV Series - Season 7 (Book spoilers in tags with warning)

    My prediction : Arya gets slain by the Faceless Men because she has been abusing her super powers. And worse, she's not really discreet about it. She probably got greenlit after she did the Freys and...
  14. Re: The viking Rus invasion of Persia, told by a 10th century chronicler

    There are also the evil scientists. :laughter:

    As Tom Shippey puts it in his Laughing Shall I Die:

    The trouble with 'Vikings'

    If you say a question has an obvious answer, it's only fair to...
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    Re: Square Formations

    During the Era of Mobile Field Armies(1690's-1730's) the Austrian Habsburgs used to deploy their infantry regiments in square formation when facing the Ottomans.

    The question of how to maximize...
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    Re: Hunger strike for the climate

    :thumbsup2 (LaMuerte chuckles)...good times!
  17. Re: Kingdom - South Korean Zombie Movie by Netflix

    I really missed deviousness-in-script I usually asociate with good South Korean movies and series. Surprising plot twists, unexpected reversals, heroes taking it too far slowly morhping into bad guys...
  18. Re: Kingdom - South Korean Zombie Movie by Netflix

    Didn't like it. I expected something more ambiguous from a South Korean series. All in all it was pretty dull and straightforward. Zombies were pretty pathetic to behold. Lacks basic understanding...
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    Re: Need id of 80s movie/tv movie/show

    Isn't that scene from V, the 1984 series? I can't find the particular scene you're trying to find but I bet it has got something to do with Abraham Bernstein. He brought up the Holocaust a couple of...
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    Re: Taiwanese Isolation

    I can share this bit from the book Barbaren,Rebellen en Mandarijnen by Aad van Amstel. It's not available in English I'm afraid. So here's a rough translation from a relevant part. I hope it sheds...
  21. Poll: Re: Upcoming Cleopatra film, who should play her dad: Zach Galifianakis or John Stamos?

    We don't need modern sensitive effeminates like Zach or John. We need a real man with real chesthair for the role.

    Let's just use processor power to plaster Aristoteles "Telly" Savalas' face...
  22. Re: Macedonia approves constitutional amendment to change country's name to Republic of North Macedonia

    Great idea! I like the collective punishment solution. Very original. One question though : Who's gonna pay for the wall? Greece? Mexico? O, I get it now. Hahaha. Clever! Stone age--> Stone wall!!!!...
  23. Re: Post harsh or offensive but perhaps accurate political comments made by foreigners about your country

    'The world's wealthiest failed state,' as it has come to be known, Belgium endured 589 days without a functioning elected government between June 2010 and December 2011 and remains a ...
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    Re: The Coen Brothers

    Try to watch the other stories, Halie Satanus. They are really good, and more in line with 'traditional' westerns.
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    Re: The Coen Brothers

    Yup, I've seen The ballad of Buster Scruggs. Very enjoyable. Such amazing landscapes! Such fine stories!

    My favourite stories would be All Gold Canyon because Tom Waits is just so enjoyable and...
  26. Re: Classic television bits (up to 1980s I guess)


    Has anyone else ever seen the Italian series Sandokhan, the Malaysian tiger?

  27. Re: Classic television bits (up to 1980s I guess)

    double post. pls delete.
  28. Thread: Narcos

    by LaMuerte

    Re: Narcos

    Didn't really like the fourth season. Too many clichs and terribly slow pacing. I was hoping that by the end of the fourth season the stage would be set for the real juicy stories. Stories like the...
  29. Re: Idiot Trump blames the Baltic countries for the Balkan conflicts while at WWI memorial

    Could you summarize? French isn't the problem, but the article is hidden behind a paywall.
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    Re: Afghanistan can't be conquered

    Title of this thread should perhaps be 'Afghanistan can't be conquered by white people. (except early Macedonians)' :tongue:
  31. Re: Macron calls for creation of "European Army" to defend against Russia and US

    Too late, Emmanuel. Belgium just gave the go-ahead to buy f-35's instead of French or Swedish planes. I guess we'd rather depend on the US for our spare parts than on your country, and with good...
  32. Re: The Walking Dead: TV Series (Comic spoilers in tags with warning)

    I just saw a scene where some of the cast "pretented' to ride a horse.(I think it's the last episode of the previous season) They walked on foot past a camera and hobbled a bit with their shoulders...
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    Re: In Order of Disappearance

    I haven't seen it yet, but I am about to. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    As for remakes in another language, I tend to avoid them. I have yet to see a good one.I've seen a lot of cheap...
  34. Re: The Mummy (1999), was it good in a bad way or just bad?

    This movie has cult potential: It has Blixa Bargeld from Einsturzende Neubauten doing the mummy screams.

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    Re: What's the age of my generals?

    Thanks, Jake. I knew it was there somewhere hidden in plain sight.

    Apparently just in the nick of time to adopt an heir. My childless faction heir is already 67.
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    What's the age of my generals?

    So I came back to Rome 2 and DEI after a long break. I noticed that somehow I cannot see the age of my living generals. I can see the age of dead family members when I hover over them on the family...
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    Re: The Witcher (Netflix Series)

    I came here for some hardcore Witcher talk and Witcher videos. All I found were fools discussing Asians. Left disappointed...
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    Re: A cat outside the building

    Simply amazing. 'Just another boring day in Africa.'
    Thank you Knight of Heaven.:thumbsup2

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    Re: A cat outside the building

    I have to be careful here apparently. But if we would be theoretically speaking (which we aren't because technically we aren't speaking), I would say hypothethetically speaking we are talking about a...
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    Re: A cat outside the building

    Kyriakos, this thread is called 'a cat outside the building'. Is this some variant to the Schrdinger's Cat thought experiment? If yes, does your experiment show that a cat-sized object can be...
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