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  1. Re: Crooked Moon: Taking Eight Peaks by turn 12(video)
  2. Crooked Moon/Clan Angrund: Race to Eight Peaks(videos)
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    Re: annoyed by Vampire Counts campaign

    It's possible to unlock Vlad by turn 6. If you start with Mannfred and really push it.
  4. Re: What can I do to make this campaign more interesting

    Yeah, except I already did that with the lahkmids
  5. What can I do to make this campaign more interesting

    I'm thinking of trying something different with the Tanukhids. I'll try to head north right away, hopefully not getting sucked into additional wars along the way. I'm reasonably sure I can make it to...
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    Re: Age of Charlemagne: Greedy

    You can also do something similar as the Lombards. Restart the campaign until Charlemagne has the greedy trait and preferably several other faction leaders. Factions bordering you if possible(I think...
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    Re: Two player combination campaign

    For 1) yes it's the same as it is now in a head to head campaign, Add 2) to 4) to get the whole picture. Why add a checkbox? Coop/Head to Head are two singleplayer campaigns, this is one so actually...
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    Two player combination campaign

    1) Player 1 starts a singleplayer campaign then player 2 joins in. Player 2 can take over the AI armies in battle.

    2) The campaign player has a check box, check it then hit end turn and the...
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    Re: Mirror needed

    You can try one of these if the you can't download it from twcenter
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    Where's Waldo

    Can the Romans find Waldo?
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    Re: How do I get food in Sahara?

    I'm not sure if it's worth it until you take Garama, really the whole province.

    Don't upgrade the cities, level 1 only. Go with cattle or sheep and base the province off of industry or military....
  12. I could use some advice on using high upkeep units

    I started a Saxon campaign vowing to use units with a base upkeep of 365 or higher(doesn't include generals/admirals) and mercenaries of 420 or higher upkeep, if there is any besides the onager. Turn...
  13. Re: Woah. Corruption. It's too high! What to do?

    Build up the court of the council building line in each of your provincial capitals and keep your family power at balanced or acceptable. Utilize puppet states and military allies instead of direct...
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    Re: Bug with the Lakhmids

    CA never fixed it? CA came across a similar situation during their Lakhmid twitch playthrough back when the dlc came out. I would direct you to the video showing it but apparently it was removed or I...
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    Re: Cannot marry

    The weather was getting colder so the guys couldn't get it.... well, maybe the daughters were sent to a convent or equivalent. Perhaps their keeping the daughters hidden from you because you refuse...
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    Re: I have never completed a TW game.

    You can try the Age of Britannia mod for AoC It allows you to play as Powys or Gwynedd. Offices weren't showing in the family tree...
  17. Re: Slavic victory conditions allow for a fast victory

    Legendary difficulty.
    399, loot and occupy then dismantle the buildings for money. Obviously the Anteans ravaged the WRE but...
  18. Re: Slavic victory conditions allow for a fast victory

    It's 70% for the minor victory. I converted to Latin Christianity, osmosis, edict, deployed religious agent and it went up at a decent rate.
  19. Slavic victory conditions allow for a fast victory

    Fast in game years, real time not so much after doing everything I could think of to speed up the process. I won the minor victory with the Anteans in the summer of 403(turn 34).
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    Re: How to get 80+ religion

    I doubt there's a fast way to do it without abandoning provinces. Some things you can do:

    1) Do your governors have a priestess wife? If not and if they have the influence, divorce and see if they...
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    Re: Do you rename your cities?

    Usually, no. I might rename one or two cities but usually not to a historical name. Area51, NiagaraFalls.

    Just don't let your drunk soldiers name it
  22. Sticky: Re: How to Horde: A Horde Mechanic Tutorial for Those Who Need It

    I'll assume it's a zone of control issue.

    1) Observe the red area around the city before attacking(enemies zone of control):peace?::no:
  23. Re: Drop in battles are fun. We should do/host more drop in battles.

    Daniu did that a long time ago. I'm not sure if anyone else has tried it.!-Campaign-Part-11-up
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    Re: Tips for Visigoths and other hordes

    Egypt is alright if you can become buddies with the Sassanids. Aethopia and other provinces in that area have the new desert kingdom religions which are harsher on your public order, they have...
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    Re: Need some pointers in Attila

    1) Put a couple testudo capable units just behind the walls next to your towers in testudo, after their javelins are gone. This should draw some of the enemy ranged fire.

    2) Your scout equite can...
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    Re: A new beggining

    It's not the best of ideas to keep Italy since northern Italy is within the Huns path of destruction. If you do, an hour in diplomacy should of been your first stop. Getting factions to join against...
  27. Re: Religion: Local Traditions Map

    To go along with the first part, religious edicts and effects.

    Arian Christianity

    +5% tax rate
    Public order: up to +4 bonus from presence of Arian Christianity

    Doctrines of...
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    Re: The Antean Campaign

    It's not exactly easy dealing with the Geats and Celts but for the Venedians getting a quick minor victory, convert to Germanic paganism. Pack it up and take Hrefnesholt from the Geats. For the Iron...
  29. Religion: Local Traditions Map plus edicts and effects

    Local traditions for each religion in each province and their percentages, assuming no outside influences.

    Green province name denotes percentage high enough to convert in one or more religions.
  30. Re: Make War Not Love: Attila vs CoH 2; new DLC will be revealed

    Twice. Kept the onager for a turn not realizing the high price, didn't dismantle buildings before going horde, doesn't understand or chooses to ignore diplomacy in that area. Sometimes you can get...
  31. Re: Is this really how the game works?? Frustrating !

    Could be radious, not sure.


    1) Public order gets to -100 and rebels pop up in one of the three regions in the province. They can be standard rebels or factional rebels. For example...
  32. Re: Can someone explain how the Huns work, mechanically I mean?

    For the first part, this should still apply but I'm not sure if any changes have been made
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    Age of Charlemagne: Greedy

    Some faction rulers have the greedy trait. You can use this to make them your puppet/tributary state. Here I was Westphalia making Charlemagne my tributary state.

    Turn 1, I bought peace for 2800....
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    Re: Your Charlemagne Kingdoms

    What to do about these pagans?

    Croatia is my tributary state, Bavaria full ally, NAP and trade with Obodrite, war with the Franks and Alemanni.
  35. Re: Age of Charlemagne - Your first impressions.

    He said the Carloman event could trigger anywhere up to turn 56, so you should get it pretty soon.
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    Re: Thank You WRE

    I didn't continue that campaign. Strangely, just now I decided to do a Franks campaign to see if I can save the WRE, before the next dlc comes out. I ran into this situation again, WRE leader has the...
  37. Re: Empires of Sand, converting to minor religions

    Converting to minor religions will help you to make more money in the early to mid campaign by spamming pleasure houses. Minor religions has a much lower religious differences penalty to public order...
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    Re: Mass Client State Rebellion?

    Sometimes you can buy them into becoming your puppet state. The Gepids were at war with the Huns and one other faction, while I was allied with the Huns. They somehow ended up settling in western...
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    Re: Temple of Belenus

    Timber resource and 5 major religious buildings, cairnstones or whatever it is that qualifies as a major religious building.
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    Re: Persistent AI food shortages

    AI build priorities are usually off with TW games, not enough food, to many military buildings etc. We can only hope CA will fix it in a patch at some point.
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