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  1. Re: Are the desert factions only playable after I buy the culture pack issued in 2018?

    Or Data Venia.
  2. Re: Empire Divided/Wrath of Sparta and Divide et Impera

    Macedonian Wars. There's no Wrath of Sparta in DEI ;)
  3. Re: Playing as Rome, I lose three cities and my capital is sieged within 10 turns. Um, help?

    Moved to:DeI Strategy Guides and Gameplay Discussion.
  4. Re: Parthian infantry... men at arms??

    Moved to: DeI Strategy Guides and Gameplay Discussion.
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    Re: Bāktria - cretan archers

    The user's issue was solved. Thread closed.
  6. Re: Do you make use of all edicts?

    Moved to:DeI Strategy Guides and Gameplay Discussion.
  7. Re: Problems with war on Makedon Campaign.

    Moved to: DeI Strategy Guides and Gameplay Discussion.
  8. Re: Octavius is immortal in Augustus Campaign Divide et Impera?

    Question answered. Thread closed.
  9. Re: Script question: is it possible to hide auto resolve win chance?

    Moved to:
    Sub Mods for Divide et Impera
  10. Re: What are the best AoR and auxiliary cavalry units in the East?

    Do you have a ring?
  11. Re: Hey all, quick question regarding Generals/Admirals...

    Question answered. Thread closed.
  12. Re: Restitvtor Orbis - Complete Empire Divided Reskin based on CroC and working with DEI

    Moved to:
    Sub Mods for Divide et Impera
    Feel free to continue.
  13. Re: How do you get "Heroic Hoplite" Household Card for Seleucids?

    Question answered. Thread Closed.
  14. Re: New battle mechanics observation

    Thank you for your reports. If you fairly certain about a bug, then make sure to report it on the appropriate thread ;)
    [Tech] 1.2 Bug Reports.
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    Re: New Launcher And Mod Manager.

    As always, in all Total War Titles.
  16. Re: Full version of base game (patch 20 with EE and politics) now working on MAC + progress with latest DEI

    Oh, that's great :thumbsup2
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    Re: Reforms?

    Question answered. Thread closed.
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    Re: A question on versions

    Or you could just grab the latest one from the Forums.
  19. Re: Bow & arrows + spear & shield on one unit?

    All questions were answered.Thread Closed.
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    Re: What's a wife good for?

    I think there is. I'm not 100% sure though.
  21. Re: Question on Campaign Diplomacy

    Question answered. Thread closed.
  22. Re: What happened to the softcore submod?

    Question answered. Thread closed.
  23. Re: [AAR]: Mithridates and the Destiny of Rome

    Still a great read. I hope to see more of your story-guides (soon) @Garband ;)

    Well, now that I'm back from vacations, I'll try to set up our Picture Competition within the month ;)
    That's another way to say thank you for all your love and support guys :)
  25. Re: Valve leaks Steam game player counts

    Yeah, that's to be expected :yes:
  26. Re: [Beta]Sieges Optional submod - Updated 2019-03-28

    Please let us know if it's still working for you ;)
  27. Re: [Submod request] Changing roman swordsman unit animation

    Issue solved thread closed.
  28. Re: Is it possible to 3D print Total War models?

    Welcome to the Forums :smile:
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    Sticky: Re: Townhall - Curial Commentary and Chat

    Congratulations buddy :thumbsup2
  30. Re: [SUBMOD: Rpg Units] RPGu Beta_04 (DeI 1.2.4b) [upd: 15.jun/19]

    Are you using any graphical mods?
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    Re: 10 years at TWC

    Thanks for noticing @Leo :thumbsup2
  32. Sticky: Re: [Official Submods] Collection of Official Submods

    Not sure. I'll have to check it.

    Are you using the latest launcher's beta buddy?
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    Re: [SUBMOD] Official DEI Realism v1.5

    And to all his team-people who contributed and DMW who keeps this thread alive ofc ;)
  34. Re: Caesar in gaul and makedon wars campaign as Rome.

    Hello and welcome to the Forums :)
    I would advice you to check our DeI Strategy Guides and Gameplay Discussion thread for more info and advice from other users.
  35. Re: Empire Divided/Wrath of Sparta and Divide et Impera

    Indeed and according to our users it's a very enjoyable experience :yes:
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    Sticky: Re: Update 1.15 - PREVIEW - NEW INFO

    You're most kind. Thank you :)
  37. Re: An issue with Pergamon's diplomacy

    These are vanilla diplomatic remnants which (sadly) we can't fix due to engine's limitations.
  38. Sticky: Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera 1.2.4b - Updated March 12


    Don't worry. We'll have an update soon but (if I'm not mistaken) it will probably be fully compatible.

  39. Sticky: Re: [Support] Tech-Hardware: Tips and Tricks for a better DEI experience.

    They probably don't. But I'll have more info after a thorough test :yes:
  40. [Resource] Re: Various retextures - modders resource

    Congratulations on a well-deserved award :thumbsup2
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