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    Iron Age Shield

    Hello. Just wondering if you all have seen the fascinating discovery of an Iron Age shield by archaeologists from the University of Leicester at Everards Meadow in Leicestershire. Made from bark...
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    Re: New Unit - Help!

    Great job. Thank you.
  3. Sticky: Re: v2.35 has been released - please do NOT report any bugs if you are playing with previous versions

    Thank you QuintusSertorius for your prompt reply to my query regarding loose and close formation settings.
  4. Sticky: Re: v2.35 has been released - please do NOT report any bugs if you are playing with previous versions


    I have noticed that in the campaign my Hastati and Principes appear on the battlefield in loose formation and yet the icon in the UI shows close formation. When I click this to loose...
  5. Sticky: Re: 1.0.3f Non-Steam download links (updated July 31)

    I second Celtoi's comments. Your efforts in providing the non steam downloads is very much appreciated texoman81.
  6. Sticky: Re: 1.0.2e Non-Steam download links (updated July 23)

    texoman81, thanks for getting back so promptly. I will follow your instructions and let you know how I get on.
  7. Sticky: Re: Non-Steam download links for version 1.01j with updated submods

    Hello. Did you ever get Pack 2; Part 1 ( to unpack? I have been trying for some time now, numerous downloads all ending with the 'corrupt...
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    Re: Guaranteed Major Faction Empires

    Thank you
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    Re: Guaranteed Major Faction Empires

    Hello Mitch. Thanks for this mod and thanks too for your mod manager which I think is great. This may be a stupid question but could you or someone else explain to me exactly how I go about creating...
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    Re: Unit animation lag only in large battles

    I have recentley started experiencing this 'stutter' in battles. CA are aware of it and have asked for examples of DXDIAG and save games to try and resolve it.

    ]Total War: ROME II - General...
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    Re: Avoiding Steam updates

    Just another thought on mods causing problems. Even if there are no patches to be downloaded when you go online any mods you are subscribed to via the workship will automatically apply any updates...
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    Re: Avoiding Steam updates

    The only way I have found is to avoid opening steam online. Even if you have non auto update enabled if there is a non beta patch available steam will not let you launch the game until you have...
  13. Re: Official news about the improvements of the politic system/civil war/diplomatic options

    Keep up the good work baptistus. It's important to have a thread that brings together what CA have actually said rather than relying on rumour.
  14. Re: The very poor cryteria of "obsolete mods" option

    I agree. I haven't used the CA Mod Manager for month's. Mitch's Mod Manager is a much more sophisticated tool. It allows you to easily alter the loading order of mods and flags up conflicts between...
  15. Re: Can't launch the game through mod managers

    I havn't been able to start the game via mod manager for about a month but when I try I get a message like 'Rome 2 launcher has stopped working'. I now manage my mods (including Toons) and launch the...
  16. Re: Cannot delete mod from CA`s mod manager

    Mitchs Mod Manager for Rome 2 downloadable from TWC; Rome 2 workshop; Tools tutorials and resources
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    Re: mod manager issues

    For most mods downloaded from TWC you can simply copy the pack file and paste it into your Rome 2 Data folder. For example Toons all in one mod is too big for the steam workshop so it is only...
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    Re: Special Abilities Be Gone!

    Thanks in advance. This mod is much needed.
  19. Poll: Re: Difficile Ludum - Ment to make your game harder (Version 19/10/13)

    Hello Darth Just a post to say thank you for the mod. Also thank you for such a quick response to patch 5. I was 60 turns into a very enjoyable campaign with your patch 4 compatible version when...
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