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  1. Re: State of the Mod Address, Fall 2013: We're Almost There

    And there two different Genres, GORT is set in the 21st century whereas EB 2 is set in the classical ages, if your talking about Divide et Impera, then, well they haven't finished yet.\

    GORT IS...
  2. Re: State of the Mod Address, Fall 2013: We're Almost There

    What the hell has gone in to you man, did someone hack you. GORT will never be as good as EB 2, and Rome 2 will never succeed. I think your tooling. Are you?
  3. Poll: Re: RRR - Real Roman Reforms - Beta 0.15 Update

    I really hope this mods not dead....
  4. Re: Europa Tribuum (Gauls, Britons, Iberians, Eastern Celts, Germans, Daco-Thracians) [BRITONS PREVIEW]

    Looking very good, do you plan to do a reform system, that would be really good
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    Re: Village with walls

    Sparta needs no walls, the walls of Sparta are the heroes of Sparta, but you do pose an interesting question, i hate how huge historical cities like Jerusalem and Syracuse are small villages that...
  6. Re: Who should i choose as a Villan to reaserch? PERSONAL OPINIONS

    ...The great....? Was he insane?
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    Re: Science Trivia

    Physics FTW!
  8. Buttons, Buttons, Buttons, EU! And more Butttons!

    Hello, I've tried Playing EU and all i see is buttons and its so much, can anyone tell me how they navigate around these buttons. Please, it looks good.
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    Re: Main menu music

    Even though i didn't ask for it, i thank you very much :D
  10. Re: Who should i choose as a Villan to reaserch? PERSONAL OPINIONS

    Are you talking about Caligula? Or Diomedes?
  11. Re: Asia Ton Barbaron - ΑΣΙΑ ΤΩΝ ΒΑΡΒΑΡΩΝ

    oh ok
    thaknks, ill see what i can do, if i at least can
  12. Re: Asia Ton Barbaron - ΑΣΙΑ ΤΩΝ ΒΑΡΒΑΡΩΝ

    Were do people go if there interested in this mod and want to help?
  13. Re: Why did not you make Ethiopia faction

    Please explain, i don't get it. :imnew:
  14. Re: Why did not you make Ethiopia faction

    Haha, this thread is hilarious!
    Good job ekdqn:thumbsup2

    Yes, I believe he was referring to it
  15. Re: do you know who is eb mod voice actor?

    I wonder how you would persuade people to make voice acting?
  16. Poll: Re: What EB2 Faction Do You Like The Most?

    Takashillia, Karthadastim, Makedonia and The Pahalva!
  17. Re: Why I don't mind waiting for EB2...

    So i can excel at history, by reading there very detailed 'a year in history' and hear the long and unpronounceable units like Pustighbane Shahigan-I Pahlavanig!
    Also, they make an excellent AI, and...
  18. Sticky: Re: CAC v.0.5 Download and Installation. Updated 2014-03-26 Patch11 compatible

    What is patch 11? Is it that Hannibal at the gates DLC?
  19. Re: Mod idea: Terraria Total War

    Well it doesn't, it's an idea.I mean no offense, but I'd say it'll stay as an idea and it probably won't launch. If it did, I'd be quite amazed myself and would try it, but it probably won't.
  20. "Medieval 2 has encountered an unexpected error and will now exit"

    Hello everyone, i am new to the forums, but have known about this mod for i think 2 years (don't really remember:hmm:)

    Anyway, i have downloaded Ferrum Aeternum mod and when i launch it, it goes...
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    [Beta] Re: Better Maps 0.40

    This mod looks very, very good. I will download & REP ASAP
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