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  1. Re: Is it possible to create a new bonus_value_id?

    I assume you are editing this with PFM. There are some tables that you can't see with PFM. Open the table launcher with TWeak. There, when you hover over a table column name, you will see where it's...
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    Merging meshes in 3ds max?

    Hi people, not sure if anyone frequents this forum anymore, but I'm all out of ideas so any help is appreciated. I asked on the TWC discord as well but no one replied.

    What I'm trying to do is...
  3. Re: [Help] [Modding] Ask some advice please (S2TW and R2TW), bases of modding for Shogun 2...

    Pack File Manager and BOB is what you need. Most of the data you are looking for is in the data.pack file. You can make a new pack file and then add the tables you need from data.pack. But be careful...
  4. [WIP] Re: Tenchijin a Historicly Accurate Sengoku Jidai Mod.

    Is still going on? Such great potential. Would be amazing to get some realism back to shogun 2 :)
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    Re: Still Shogun2-Modders around here?

    I guess there are some people. There's people working on a LotR mod for S2 called Last Alliance. They made some new animations, very interesting stuff.

    I recently sparked my passion again when I...
  6. Re: Sengoku: Total War (a Shogun mod for M2TW)

    New mechanics, that's always nice :)

    Some cool stuff on that forum for sure. Too bad TW AI doesn't really apply any such tactics.

    Here's a bit more on infantry...
  7. Re: Sengoku: Total War (a Shogun mod for M2TW)

    Coming to think of it concerning the nagamki, it probably was easier to use than nodachi. But still the accounts of its use are rare. The mod is yours though so you have the freedom to decide which...
  8. Re: Sengoku: Total War (a Shogun mod for M2TW)

    Oh lol I completely forgot that armies don't need generals in older total wars. In that case the idea of such heroes is indeed pretty cool.

    Nagamaki is a wierd weapon. Somewhere between the...
  9. Re: Sengoku: Total War (a Shogun mod for M2TW)

    Yea having 2 units using the same weapon could be a bit redundant. If it was up to me, I would keep the yari samurai but give them a bit longer spears. Not nagae yari, but a bit longer than the...
  10. Re: Sengoku: Total War (a Shogun mod for M2TW)

    Yea I meant just the visual appearance of the different weapons, didn't express myself well enough :P

    The naginata being used by females is mostly true for late Edo period and onwards. Naginata is...
  11. Re: Sengoku: Total War (a Shogun mod for M2TW)

    I'm actually not 100% sure about samurai using nagae yari. I guess I read that some time ago in some forum maybe, so the info is not super credible. Any text that I found mentions ashigaru as using...
  12. Sticky: Re: Total War Saga: TROY announced! (trailer, screens & campaign map video)

    I'm also kinda getting tired of the heroes and legends stuff. I have no interest in three kingdoms, but I do love warhammer. Warhammer is specific since it's simply fantasy. But mixing fantasy and...
  13. Re: Sengoku: Total War (a Shogun mod for M2TW)

    Ah ok, I didn't know it was only 31 factions. Ye that kinda sucks, so it makes sense to include the bigger clans. As I never modded M2, do all those rebel sub factions have the grey color scheme, or...
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    [Tool] Re: RigidModel Editor info, before release

    This looks exciting :)

    Shogun 2 works the same with PFM as R2/attila, it uses .pack format so nothing much different there. I don't know about the earlier games, but I'm pretty sure they don't...
  15. Re: Sengoku: Total War (a Shogun mod for M2TW)

    Hi, very cool idea for mod, and things seem to be going good :)

    I'm kinda looking to spark back my passion for TW, and especially shogun games, so it's great to see this in progress. I made the...
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    Re: What I Expect

    Yep, it died a long time ago. I remember the times actual CA staff were on here discussing the games and supporting the community. But these forums just got so toxic that they simply left and never...
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    Re: Hotseat Campaign?

    There is no hot seat campaign for warhammer or any of the newer release. There is only 2 player co-op.
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    Re: World map?

    I'm not sure how they'll go with their idea of separate games with this map. It's all so bunched up. Maybe you are right that the map will expand even more, or perhaps this isn't the final version of...
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    Re: World map?

    I would love if it wasn't so bunched up. Maybe if it was just a bit bigger. It seems they really focused on the old world.
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    Re: Lizardmen Campaign?

    Red Dox is not far from the truth I believe. I found this is the game files
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    World map?

    So I found this in the game files
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    Re: Warhammer PFM?

    Yeah I opened data with 3.5.2 and 3.5.0, but I couldn't edit most of the things. I also couldn't find startpos anywhere in there, and when I opened it in separate starting positions mod, a lot of the...
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    Re: Legendary Lord Unique Starting Position

    Can you please tell me how did you open startpos and other tables that are needed for this? When I go to PFM most of the tables are red and I can't even open them. Same thing when I go to startpos in...
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    Re: Unlock non-playable factions

    I am trying to figure this out, and I know how to do it. But the problem is I can't open some tables in PFM. And I can't find startpos either. I don't know if it's PFM that needs an update or what,...
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    [Tool] Re: PFM 3.5.2 - Updated string handling

    EDIT: nvm I figured out what I wanted lol.
  26. Sticky: Re: Medieval Kingdoms Total War Screenshots and Videos Thread

    This thread got serously derailed. I think the content staff shuold pay closer attention to their treads.
  27. Re: Call of Warhammer vs. Warhammer total war

    Yeah, CoW is virtually unplayable for me. I gave up a long time ago because I can't play my beloved orcs. I tried some other factions but the same stuff always happens. You kind of hope that this...
  28. Sticky: Re: Medieval Kingdoms Total War: Campaign Map Master Thread

    I'm just saying Zagreb was more important, but whatever. It was in medieval 2 which started in 1066., and as far as we know Zagreb didn't even exist at that time. So even CA thought it was more...
  29. Sticky: Re: Medieval Kingdoms Total War: Campaign Map Master Thread

    It would be great if you could change Sisak to Zagreb, as it was a more important city at the time. The diocese in Sisak ceased to exist somewhere in the 10th century, and in 1094., when the diocese...
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    Re: Shogun 2 multiplayer system?

    We know that this will not be the case. They said a couple of times on facebook and elsewhere, that we can expect the same MP experience as in rome 2 and attila.
  31. Sticky: Re: Medieval Kingdoms Total War Screenshots and Videos Thread

    Damn, I might have to buy attila just for this mod. Keep up the amazing work guys.
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    Re: Total warhammer looks epic!

    Well we know there are quest chains for your leaders. I am not so sure but I think they said that not all of those quests will be battles, so we might see something else, similar to what you thought.
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    Re: Total warhammer looks epic!

    There are actually quite a lot. You can choose differrent equipment like weapons and armour for your heros, and there are 30 levels of skill trees.
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    Re: Total warhammer looks epic! look while you can people.
  35. Re: Differences between the Games Workshop and Creative Assembly designs

    Wow, I think I'm going to puke because of this thread. Why don't you people go to the official forums and ask them these questions? Or just spam them with emails and stuff, or on facebook or...
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    Re: Imperial helmets

    Well I guess you didn't pay a lot of attention to your greenskins :P Because they have used some of the helmets and armour (or better, most). One helmet on the black orcs is not an official one (the...
  37. Re: Battle of Blackfire Pass trailer analysis and discussion

    Ffs will you guys stop arguing over some stupid unimportant animation? It's as if I came into a kindergarden.

    But anyways, concerning the animations. They seem flawless and beautifull, so who ever...
  38. [WIP] Re: Shogun II Total Realism [Beta 15.06.28 released]

    As I said previously, you can change the yari they use. Jumonji yari doesn't have an animation for close combat, but the normal yari, that the samurai use, does. So what I did is give the ashigaru...
  39. Re: CA said only 4 factions because they would develope them to perfection but it was not what the tralier showed!

    This trailer is supposed to show the engine. Not the fancy graphics or details. Can't you people understand that ????????????????????????????????? Have you even read what the devs said...
  40. Re: things that should be improved about the trailer of karl franz

    It looks silly at best lol. I don't like it either, but the way the charged seemed ok at least (if that is really how they charge though).
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