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    Re: Merging Units

    Select the stack or an entire province, then press "M" -- no control. (Selecting the province will merge all troops in all stacks.)
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    Re: The Last Roman - your first impressions?

    That's just crazy talk.
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    Re: Shogun and Medieval are coming to Steam!

    Hey guys, I'm brand new to MTW and it seems that Redux and XL are the main mods that will work with the Steam version. Any suggestions on which I should try first? Above all I'd like graphical...
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    Sticky: Re: Medieval Total War - Redux (Beta)

    New MTW player here, just got it on Steam, and I'd also love to get this mod running, it does look impressive indeed...
  5. Re: The Last Roman Campaign Pack- Campaign Map Reveal

    The 'too much open space' and the 'a lot more detail' go hand in hand. You're criticizing and praising the same thing...

    So let me join you in saying the map looks great, let's have more like...
  6. Re: Proposal to fix excessively long turn times....

    Precisely -- most of the factions aren't within the player's view anyway, so having them 'compute' their turns while the player is active would make sense, since nothing the player does is going to...
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    Poll: Re: Let's talk about agents...

  8. Re: So many broken things regarding the campaign AI + Power system

    Interesting that you say that because I just finished a Shogun 2 campaign and the faction progression was pretty solid and felt like a 'natural' consolidation across the map into a handful of...
  9. Re: Rally Point 25 - Gate Smashing and ATTILA Recap

    Exactly. You don't have to be Mr. Spock (may he rest in peace) to see the illogical nature of the system.
  10. Re: So if I gain great power I can never lose it?

    That would explain why my Franks gained an Imperium level without conquering anything -- I wondered what was going on. Not sure that I like this... especially if Imperium still creates negative...
  11. Re: Rally Point 25 - Gate Smashing and ATTILA Recap

    That would simply be solved by letting the player build more rams/towers/ladders per season during a siege. The truth is an army could build as many ladders as it needed in 3 months, no?
  12. Re: Live Long and Prosper........R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

    There is yet time to rectify that oversight!

    One of his finest moments:
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    Re: Enough with the mercenary onagers!

    That's really a big part of the problem -- as I understand it onagers were siege engines for taking down walls, not for taking down opponents in a field battle. They were essentially immovable and...
  14. Re: Rally Point 25 - Gate Smashing and ATTILA Recap

    Okay, I can buy that -- I know just from working mods that the complexity with games like this is staggering. But why would something like siege battles work fine in Medieval 2 but be beyond the AI...
  15. Re: Rally Point 25 - Gate Smashing and ATTILA Recap

    I know it's a different engine, but how does that explain it? Medieval 2 had the exact same components -- big walls, gates, attackers, siege engines -- and they seemed to work well to create siege...
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    Re: Enough with the mercenary onagers!

    This might work.
  17. Re: Rally Point 25 - Gate Smashing and ATTILA Recap

    What gets me about the whole issue is that as I remember it -- and I might be remembering wrong as it's been years -- but as I recall the siege battles in Medieval 2 were bloody fantastic, indeed I...
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    Re: fertility change from climate removed

    +1 - That's what we need; keep the effect, but reduce it significantly...
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    Re: I CAN'T at all finish the game!

    Damn it! And I just started a Franks campaign... :doh:
  20. Re: Attila - DEI combat overhaul - 0.2 (26.02.2015)

    I'm curious, what does new deployment zones mean? Sounds intriguing... :hmm:
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    Re: [Mod Search] More Villages, Cities??

    In their great wisdom, CA have elected to make map modifications off limits. If you look at the horrible map changes made by mods for Rome 1 and Medieval 2, you can clearly see why this is...
  22. Poll: Re: Longbeards are delayed, get the Helmet of Will instead!

    I'd rather that CA take their time to make sure they release something good -- too often they've failed to do that. The Longbeards will wait, they're not going anywhere! Except pillaging. And...
  23. Re: CloseCombat Atilla v04 (Update 25.02.2015)

    Yeah, range reduction would be good also, it is OP at the moment I think...
  24. Re: CloseCombat Atilla v04 (Update 25.02.2015)

    That might work, either that or simply reduce damage if possible -- what do other players think? Any thoughts?
  25. [WIP] Re: WIP: Keep Your Low Cost Units. Removal of Unit-Replacement System.

    +1 This is going to be an essential mod methinks...
  26. Re: CloseCombat Atilla v02 (Update 19.02.2015)

    Luntik, any further thoughts on maybe reducing tower lethality?
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    Poll: Re: Your impressions

    Wow, this just sounds idiotic.

    Why, CA, why must you do such stupid things? Why do you insist on seeing less choice for the player as a good thing?
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    Poll: Re: What’s next for DLC?

    I agree. My favorite DLC for Rome 2 has to be Hannibal at the Gates -- love the bigger map, love the historical setting, the whole thing is just great (well, except for the AI Hannibal not behaving...
  29. Re: UPDATE: Torches Where we're going we don't need torches!

    Hey, you've been asking for this for more than a year! :cheer2:
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    Re: Wrath of Sparta Question

    I'd love to play some of the locked WoS factions, but the faction unlock mod seems pretty rough even in vanilla. Here's one of the comments from the Steam page:

    Great mod but I've noticed a couple...
  31. Re: [Feedback] Impressions, Critiques and Requests for 1.0

    Make sure to upload when you do -- you're not the only one who dislikes the 'sombreros'...
  32. Re: Please please please reduce ships ramming capabilities? I can't play naval combat.

    This is sort of what I've discovered myself -- however, I just don't find it fun, it feels more like busy work. I miss the naval battles of Empire TW. Even Shogun 2 was more fun. Could it be that...
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    Re: Thracian/Getae better roster request

    You should consider the Hannibal campaign -- I'm not sure if it unlocks any factions (unless maybe Syracuse?) but the map is excellent, it offers a much more tactical style of campaign play. Caesar...
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    Re: [Official Submod] Vanilla Unit Cards for 1.0

    I understand, but personally I too prefer the vanilla cards -- I guess I just prefer the abstract look over a more realistic style as it follows in the footsteps of Shogun II.
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    Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.03a Jan 11

    I'm sure this has been stated somewhere, but what are the recommended campaign/battle difficulties for DEI? And could they be put in the release notes on the first page?
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    Re: compatible with patch 16

    I'm curious too, just got the new DLC and I'm sure CA changed more stuff (as they do...)
  37. Re: Is the Black Sea Colonies Culture Pack honestly worth your money...

    Of course you're exaggerating for effect, but I agree with your point -- DEI simply has too many units in its rosters. Obviously the vanilla game has far too few, but DEI goes too far in the...
  38. Re: Designing Total War: Why is instant fleet building a thing?

    That might work. The Shogun 2 solution is also pretty good -- troops have to 'board' an existing fleet, which serves as their escort. If the fleet is attacked, the troop ships don't appear in...
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    Re: Will & Joey Twiching

    It worries me that the designers are so horrible at the game they designed...
  40. Re: Designing Total War: Why is instant fleet building a thing?

    I got creamed by a Taira naval invasion in my current ROTS Minamoto campaign (3/4 stack sent halfway across the map, declaration of war just before the landing, caught me totally unprepared) so they...
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