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  1. Re: List the factions you absolutely want to be in.

    Seeing as how the Greenskins are already in, I have to go with my other favorite, the Lizardmen.
    I love the fact they have a Mesoamerican/Aztec/Mayan theme going, and the fact that they are the...
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    Poll: Re: What is your favorite TWC skin?

    I would definitely suggest a Shogun 2 theme. I know the there kind of was one before Rome 2 released, but it's only fitting we get a theme for each setting Total War has covered.
    I'm sure there...
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    Re: v1.0 Discussion Thread

    Downloading this mod as I finally have a day off, and this is how I intend to spend it dangit! Which means I'll have to start all over again and protect the One ri- I mean Jade Seal. No one steals my...
  4. Sticky: Re: [三国上] Rise of Three Kingdoms - v1.0 Official Release Preview

    Honestly, this is the only other medieval 2 mod I am paying any attention to (right up there with TATW)..and considering that I have been watching the three kingdoms series and playing Romance of the...
  5. Re: Questions about Rise of the three kingdoms

    Thanks for the info. I knew that Revival and Dynastic change were obvious, given the fate of the Han Dynasty was the underlying cause of the Three Kingdoms era. It's interesting to see there are...
  6. Re: Questions about Rise of the three kingdoms

    Tried to run a search, but either I missed it or hasn't been mentioned (?) I'm just curious as the different ideologies available for each faction. For example, Factionalism, Revival, etc.
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    Re: Patch News

    Ah ok, thanks for the response. I'm sure they will get it all covered, they've done an incredible job so back to the conquest of Ancient China!
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    Re: Patch News

    Just downloaded this mod and let me just say I am enjoying the heck out of it already! One of my favorite eras aand I only recently heard about this, keep up the good work.

    I do have a question...
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