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  1. Re: Can we get an Internal Politics/Civil War guide of some sort? I'm having difficulty finding DEI-specific information.

    I love secessions. It adds a little spice and a new level of difficulty. I hope the PIGS submod will be fully integrated into DeI. This makes politics much more alive.

    I'm fighting a recession...
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    Sticky: Re: Screenshot Thread

    @dardo21 die you use a Submod for the Shields? They looks very nice or what are your graphic Settings?
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    [Released] Re: Pdguru's Briney Ships Mod

    how can i install it?
  4. Re: Large AI empires do not concentrate their armies, and it ruins an almost-perfect DeI experience.

    So in my current fight against carthage I could very well observe that you send armies. But if you have too much Feidne, the forces will split here. His cities were defended by his vassals. I made...
  5. Re: [Teaser Preview] Divide et Impera: Alexander

    A very good idea. Alexander did not plan to draw against Rome after he smashed the Persians. He died before he could realize these plans. The submod lets the player test a good alternative scenario....
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    Re: Siege of Rome

    Yeah, that's exactly what I mean. Maybe they'll do another one. It would be nice?
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    Re: Siege of Rome

    As far as I know, the double battle for Rome is only possible in the RedR campaign. Once you have to storm the city walls, on the 2nd battle map you start at the walls and fight in the city itself.
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    Re: New Launcher And Mod Manager.

    I hope that the Regions trade feature from Three Kingdoms will be added in Rome 2 and Attila!
  9. Re: Ager Romanus - Large Map Submod for Darthmod 8.1(Released 09Feb)

    Thanks for the Update. Will the Roman Familys have their Family colour units Roster ( Juli,red,scipi, blue, bruti green and Senate purple?)
  10. Re: Game of thrones: Fire and Blood [RELEASED SUBMOD]

    it's a pity that I hear the medieval 2 music in the background and not a few pieces of GOT. Is there a music mod for the submod or the westeros mods?
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    Re: I Miss a battlefield Editor.....

    Wait and see, the updates for Rome 2 and Attila clearly show that they are kept up-to-date with the Modlauncher. Not only compatibility can be the reason. Maybe there will be something else.
  12. Re: Gonna give Rome 2 a go after a break of years what can I expect + which mods are recommended?

    Is this Mod Compatible with DeI?

    or better than D.E.I. GE?

    I Use D.E.I - Graphics Enhancement for the Graphics
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    I Miss a battlefield Editor.....

    In its current status Rome 2 with Mods is a true pearl of splendour. Only what I miss personally is an editor for the battlefields or the campaign maps. For Attila and Napoleon or Shougun there is...
  14. Sticky: Re: Secession Civil War 1.0 Release! Installation

    Can Someone please Reupload the Mod?
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    Re: Any news? Can we help in any way?

    We should never forget that all modders do their work in their spare time - free of charge, except for donations from dr users here and there. Please don't push them. I am convinced that you will...
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    Sticky: Re: WTW 1.0 (Beta) Bug Reports


    Okay, I just created this log file. I started a campaign with the martells, directly marched on Highgarden, started siege and now again a CTD, when the siege battle should start.......
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    Sticky: Re: WTW 1.0 (Beta) Bug Reports

    Hello, I have a problem. I can't play battles in your beautiful mod for whatever reason, as soon as he loads the battle card a CTD comes up with the message: MEDIEVAL 2 HAS ENCOUNTERED AN UNSPECIFIED...
  18. What are the best Mods for Medeival 2?

    Hello, everybody: What do you think are the best mods for Medieval 2 and why? Do you rather like campaign updates like in Stainlees Steel or complete overhauls of the campaigns?
    What are your...
  19. Re: More than one catapult variant possible in the future?

    I have Found it. Very Nice

    One of the DBM Catapults called "heavy Onager" looks like this from Attila
  20. Re: More than one catapult variant possible in the future?

    Oh, what are the other four and which faction can use it?
  21. More than one catapult variant possible in the future?

    Hello folks, I'm playing De bello Mundi Mod again and I'm thinking that the Romans here have 3 different catapults. In times the giant crossbow, which is known from Roma Surrectum 2/3, as well as the...
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    Re: any update to dlc Aurelian?

    Please be patient. I think Dresden and the team want to finish the big campaign first. After that, either the Rise of the Republic campaign or rather Emperor Augustus will be on the agenda. It was...
  23. Re: Empire Rising (Roman Republic last civil war mod)

    State of the Mod ?
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    Re: NEW DBM development:Testing phase of DBM 2.0

    Status of 2.0 Version? Or is it dead ?
  25. Re: Imperium Romanum - Roman Civil War Mod (Based on DBM)

    Is There a Fix for this Beauty Submod ?
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    Re: New Launcher And Mod Manager.

    I an Report, i have no Problems since the Laucher update rollout
  27. Sticky: Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera 1.2.4b - Updated March 12

    The new mod version has it right in itself.

    The Icener had declared war to me (Roman Empire), I thought oki there didn't happen much, sclug me with the veneters in the Po plain around (round 80,...
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    Re: [Submod] Defensive Siege Artillery

    Really nice Idea, can you post screens of your changes?
  29. Re: Where Have You Changed Your Capital To? (Or Have You Migrated At All??)

    Is it possible with this feature that Sparta can trade? Without wiping out Athens
  30. Sticky: Re: direct download - Ancient Empires 1.03p (updated Oct 1)

    Is there a German Translation?
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    Re: [Submod] Augustus Overhaul

    Is the Submod Idea Dead?
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    Sticky: Re: Dux Belorum Mod

    When can we download it? Looks very good
  33. Sticky: Re: [Feedback] Questions, Critiques and Requests for 1.2

    Have you see this Minimod? Can you add this to the Main Mod?
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    Re: Indication For Future Content?

    What'd she do? I didn't even notice.

    I don't think it's just what so-called fans are now throwing at CA's head again.

    Let's hope that something is really still in the works here and hasn't been...
  35. Improved Resources DEI and Improved Gold Mines DEI, where are they?

    Hello all, i have played 3 Weeks ago with this Submods. Now i can't find it no more?
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    Re: Whats next for the DEI team?

    In the official Forum They said It has already been announced that there will be more ´Content forRome 2. i hope for a germanics, Britannia, or a Diadoch campaign
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    Re: Rise of The Republic (New DLC)

    i think Not
  38. Sticky: Re: [Feedback] Questions, Critiques and Requests for 1.2

    How can I replace the Divide et Impera wallpaper with the normal from Rome 2 in the main menu? So the map and the eagle - do I need a submod?
  39. Re: UMCenturion's Ancient Empires: Legions for DEI 1.2.3 Compatibility patch

    Glad to hear this @ Centurion.

    I am looking for a map overview where I can see in which regions I can recruit which legions. For the AOR troops there is such an overview
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    Re: Updated modding info from CA

    Spawning Armies? Oh Holy ....

    I Hope we can see a Battlefield Editor Finaly
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