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    Re: New SAGA #2 (after ToB)

    A really easy saga they can make with the current 3K lessons (i.e. the vassals, Lords, spy network, etc.) is an upgrade to the Shogun titles. Make it cover the ENTIRE Sengoku period (to include the...
  2. [Tutorial] Re: MoSS Building System + Infinite Siege maps?

    Also, can you elaborate better on Step 9 and Step 10?
    I am having a hard time understanding what you mean by this: "start at lvl 0 with a fake slot. The level you jump is lvl 3 in order to make the...
  3. [Tutorial] Re: MoSS Building System + Infinite Siege maps?

    The pictures under Step 10 are broken. Can you replace them? :)
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    Re: In general, how historically accurate is S2TW?

    I think it would be a much shorter answer to name all of the "historically accurate" things in Shogun II.
  5. [Tutorial] Re: MoSS Building System + Infinite Siege maps?

    I do better with pictures. Can you add screen-shots to help describe what you're trying to convey? I totally got lost after #1. lol
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    Re: Are you pre-ordering?

    IMO, the teasers make 3K look like a Nintendo Switch game. I have no interest in this particular war, its belligerents, or even the country it is set in so I cannot justify a reason to even buy the...
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    Re: Games i would like to see

    ACW- I think the American Civil War would work if they didn't look at it from just a 2-faction viewpoint and broadened the scope to all of the international players (i.e. Britain, France, Mexico,...
  8. [Proposal] Re: Let's Bring Back the Pre-release Campaign Grahpical Style!

    I still hold out the hope that they completely revisit Shogun 2 sort of like they did with Thrones of Brit, maybe bring some of what they learned in ToB and apply it to SHO2 including improving the...
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    Re: Shogun II Update today

    I assume its in preparation for this:

    "Feral Interactive are hosting a Fall Of The Samurai competition on Facebook!

    For a chance to enter and win a Steam key for either Mac or Windows
    and an...
  10. [Released] Re: Expanded FOTS map with Korea, Outer Manchuria and Far East Russia

    Izzi, what software do you use to modify the map?
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    [Released] Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    Though it is your mod and you can do whatever you like with it, please don't change the initial castles you've made as they are more realistic than what you are proposing to do. Most of the...
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    Re: One History Book to Rule Them All...

    I have tons of books on the subject of Japanese history but I cannot recall any that made me laugh once, let alone a few times. Sorry, no icing...
    With that said, I would recommend as a starter...
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    Re: Main campaign building slots

    How does adding slots to the small provinces to that only have 4 slots in their castle town differ from adding one or more to the castles that have 6 slots to start with in order to have 6+ slots per...
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    Re: Scripting the construction of buildings?

    No takers on this question?

    Maybe if I gave an example what I am asking for might make more since...

    For example:
    In the settlement slot, I would like to use all for levels of upgrades (1...
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    Scripting the construction of buildings?

    Is there a script that when triggered places a completed building in a specific slot?
    I want this to be automatically triggered when completing the construction of a final building in the chain
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    [Released] Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    Glad to see someone has taken the effort to fix such a glaring issue with the vanilla game. Most castles we see today in Japan either did not have a Tenshu (keep) or had only a very small one during...
  17. Poll: Re: The TW series is dead. Everything after Medieval II sucks!

    I am/was a TW player since Shogun I all the way up until that fateful day that I installed Rome II and saw the blatant Game-of-Thrones-esque expanding cities that grow to cover almost an entire...
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    Re: General becomes daimyo

    In the vanilla Shogun 2, the daimyo has to adopt a general who is not related in order to place him in line for the succession (to further the clan name). As a player, if you don't adopt, your clan...
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    Re: Recommend some articles?

    The Samurai Archives is the only online source that comes close(r) to reliable info that you can read for free:

    The problem with that site is the same...
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    Re: Front Line General in Feudal Japan?

    Oh Lord, here come the Oda praises... :laughter:

    A good general in the Sengoku period, would never be in the front lines of fighting in a field battle. If he did, either A) He was a terrible...
  21. Re: Adding training unit skill from FOTS to Sengoku Jidai campaign.

    This should be doable if you port over the models you need (i.e. the dancer models from ROTS) into the appropriate SHO .pack and then just clone an agent already in the Shogun 2 campaign, rename it...
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    Re: Spawn General Using create_agent

    To do that I'm pretty sure you'd have to create the general's unit in the units table then in the lua have it grant the general unit you just created versus the default gen_taisho.
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    [Released] Re: Building Icons by Weierstrass

    Thank you for that. I was going to try making my own based on your style but this makes it easier.
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    Sticky: Re: Master Of Strategy Sengoku (MoSS) (2016/18/03)

    Been playing this mod the past few days and first off I wanted to congrat you on a very good job you've done. The only complaint I have really isn't the mod itself but the lack of documented support....
  25. Re: This is the exact way how Nagae-Yari was used.

    I know there are a lot of "experts" in these forums but it is easy to confuse yourself trying to figure out what info you should be remembering and what you shouldn't.
    I hope this helps in answering...
  26. Re: Would you call TW Warhammer a step forward?

    If CA reverts back to pre-Rome II TW games then I may start playing again. I was so disappointed with Rome II I played for about a week then it went on a shelf and never picked it up again. Never...
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    Re: Area of Recruitment

    How do you do this exactly? It's not so easy to tell where to add the entries.
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    Re: New road (infrastructure) causing crash

    Make sure the index number for all levels of the building are unique.
  29. Poll: Re: Which did you like better rise or fall of the samurai?

    I never bought Fots simply due to all of the capture points and other Arcadia etc. that eventually made their way into Rome 2 (which I also skipped for the same reason).
    Having played both vanilla...
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    Re: Campaign crossover use of agents...

    Look for all tables with "agent" in the title for starts. You can also use the BOB tool to look at the column heads within each table to see how they all relate to one another. Make sure there are no...
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    Re: Campaign crossover use of agents...

    Would it be easier to just clone an agent from the vanilla game and change the model to the one used by the ROTS? I'm just speaking out loud since I'm not at my home puter to check myself.
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    Sticky: Re: Master Of Strategy V2 Beta

    How do you plan to integrate your Edo castle battle map into the campaign? Did someone figure how to assign custom maps into the campaign game?
  33. [Tutorial] Re: How to add a few more castles to the campaign (yes, what you read)

    I am a little confused...

    So if I do this:
    4- Battleterrain/presets/castle_xxxxx_level_06
    Change the files with the new ones for your battle map

    ...does that mean that I have only 1 castle...
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    Re: New game announced - Total War: WARHAMMER

    No modding for Warhammer... well, I guess that makes 2... oops, I mean 3 titles in a row counting WH that I won't be playing. Come on CA, make something good like you used to. I WANT to give you my...
  35. [Beta] Re: Mettle Blades and Skill **BETA ver 005 12tpy RELEASED 30May**

    Not giving up, just took a break to play other games and give my brain a rest.
    I am back on it now chipping away.
  36. [Beta] Re: Mettle Blades and Skill **BETA ver 005 12tpy RELEASED 30May**

    Here, try this:

    Use PFM to open up the MBS_base_tweak_TROM pack
    Open in the projectile_explosions table
    Look in the "key" column for the "shogun_fire_stone" entry...
    Look across the...
  37. [Beta] Re: Mettle Blades and Skill **BETA ver 005 12tpy RELEASED 30May**

    Yes, that is the projectile bug, it is a remnant of the TROM mod. I fixed it in my v.06 but have not released it. You can try to fix it yourself, just look in the projectiles table and look for the...
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    Re: A Bug that still hasn't been fixed

    Did you actually see the AI army run through your army's ZOC? If not then it appears that the magic transports are the reason the AI can bypass your armies or as mentioned above, you were sabotaged.
  39. [Beta] Re: Mettle Blades and Skill **BETA ver 005 12tpy RELEASED 30May**

    Still working on the new building icons. Daily life has been real busy so I have not had much time to mod. It's moving along gradually though.
  40. [Beta] Re: Mettle Blades and Skill **BETA ver 005 12tpy RELEASED 30May**

    From reading the article it was not clear if these were standard crossbows or something large like a ballista type contraption. Both hand-held and siege-type were used by the Japanese but it did not...
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