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  1. Sticky: Re: [Election-XI-2021] Consul Debate Thread

    You wound me. I would never confess such egregious electoral theft.
  2. Sticky: Re: [Election-XI-2021] Consul Debate Thread

    a, probably, and b, probably not.
  3. Sticky: Re: [Election-XI-2021] Consul Debate Thread

    I make no particular promise for action taken, as it doesn't suit me very well and demonstrably didn't in the past. At most I can say I would be open to opportunities from a consular position as time...
  4. Sticky: Re: [Election-XI-2021] Consul Application Thread

    You know what? Lets do it.
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    Re: Valuation of Citizenship

    What comes to mind so far is a court for neither king nor kingdom.
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    Re: Valuation of Citizenship

    Considering staff work is the domain of SND, perhaps you could build the idea around content that is publicly verifiable and sourced from an individual, excluding anything that amounts to 'trust me'.
  7. Re: [Award] ThatOtherGuy for Legio 501st Modder Award (Bronze)

    Three's a charm. +
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    Re: Valuation of Citizenship

    In order for people to consider it the greater good, they must be persuaded that it is indeed the greater good, and the idea as presented (which is strictly to create an additional class that makes...
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    Re: Valuation of Citizenship

    Board of trustees/highly streamlined CDEC?
  10. [VOTE FINISHED: PASSED: IMPLEMENTED] Re: [Award] CavalryCmdr for Opifex

    +1 for the significant impact. z3n being a very significant presence in M2 AI modding himself would know.
  11. Re: 10 Things Medieval 3 Would Need

    In my mind building should be more about sponsoring projects to achieve certain ends, rather than literally building various things. While you may indeed build a Chapel, Abbey and so forth...
  12. Poll: Re: [Citizen] BagaturSasha [Patron - Akar]

    I particularly like and encourage his creativity, and commitment to being one of the remaining prolific writers on the site. No negative encounters that I've experienced or come across. +1.
  13. Re: [Britannia Expansion - Custom Submod] The Isles of Chaos (Roleplay Hotseat)

    Protector Anselm the rocky interloper who was frankly a bit weak as a character at the start following the drop of various royal lineage influences and other big names of the time, also the one to...
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    Re: steam removed hotseat

    This probably did not need the necro, but if anything it may be advisable to move over to the medieval2 forum as being somewhat out of scope for the kinds of threads and material this forum uses...
  15. [VOTE FINISHED: FAILED] Re: [Award] Veteraan for Asterix's Loincloth

    I am compelled that his activities, at least by proxy, represent "good times" that are worth striving for. Support.
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    Re: ( . Y . )

    Remember kids, (. Y .) inevitably becomes .|.
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    [VOTE FINISHED: FAILED] Re: [Amendment] The Proconsuls

    It's a bit at the last minute, but we seem to have cleared the line. Might as well give it a shot for a vote.
  18. [VOTE FINISHED: PASSED: IMPLEMENTED] Re: [Award] komisarek for Legio 501st (Silver)

    A slightly overdue move to vote, then ^
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    Sticky: Re: New Citizens Post Here

    You are now everybody's intern, relegated to get coffee for more seasoned citizens until you are sufficiently replaced.
  20. [ABANDONED] Re: [Discussion] Curial tournament

    I like the idea of doing a community thing. At this point I'm not sure I care for making it a strictly citizen thing, rather a citizen sponsored thing. Not to mention one could find agreeable...
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    Perhaps the thread title can be adjusted to reflect lineage more than identity of house. Technically speaking, Hader and derivatives do belong here given the way the thread is constructed. But house...
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    +1, considerable effort from a glance just now and vague previous experience seeing his work.
  23. [VOTE FINISHED: PASSED: IMPLEMENTED] Re: [Award] Lordsith for Opifex

    He was last active yesterday and posted in November, with a reliable rate of posting and evidence of ongoing work before then even if it's a bit slow.

    I took care to note that he is still around.
  24. [VOTE FINISHED: PASSED: IMPLEMENTED] Re: [Award] MightyPotato for Legio 501st Modder Award (Silver)

    Seems reasonable, and he's been doing ongoing work with yet another roster. I'd keep an eye on him for Artifex if someone isn't already. +1
  25. [VOTE FINISHED: PASSED: IMPLEMENTED] Re: [Award] Lordsith for Opifex

    I don't necessarily discourage awards for past deeds, but I think we can do more by looking for people who have no bling at all and are un or under recognized, vs awards for actions likely already...
  26. [ABANDONED] Re: [DECISION] Houses of TWC Award

    If this provides little material use, the fact it doesn't help or hinder anything else doesn't elevate it imo. Of course, if more people want this then I will defer.
  27. [VOTE FINISHED: PASSED: IMPLEMENTED] Re: [Award] Lordsith for Opifex

    While I'm not as interested in awarding for previous awards and for contributions long in the past, the fact he's been prolific up to and including this year + he's still around means I'm happy to...
  28. [ABANDONED] Re: [DECISION] Houses of TWC Award

    Far too late is my feel. Posthumously awarding for empires past, as this will functionally do with the limited patronage opportunities and especially limited to nonexistent interest in the house...
  29. [VOTE FINISHED: PASSED: IMPLEMENTED] Re: [Award] Lordsith for Modding Service Award

    Sure, lets do it.
  30. Re: [Britannia Expansion - Custom Submod] The Isles of Chaos (Roleplay Hotseat)

    I welcome any edit to the original post that helps with clarity.
  31. [ABANDONED] Re: [Amendment] Patronus: The Third Class

    Because your idea of doing something is to swim upstream and drown alone, while ideas different to your very narrow path of what needs to be done are simply not relevant.

    Lets face it, you're...
  32. [VOTE FINISHED: PASSED: IMPLEMENTED] Re: [Award] komisarek for Legio 501st (Silver)

    I opted for silver because frankly, the guides I linked and the posts are good information, yet nothing terribly spectacular by the requirements of the awards and to me put together roughly one level...
  33. Re: The TWC Lurker Registration Thread

  34. Sticky: Re: Writers' Study Chat and Feedback - Ask all your questions here!

    I was here briefly some years ago. Unfortunately I could never get a persistent routine to write going, and my capacity for creative writing reliably has only sunk since then. But I do still keep an...
  35. [VOTE FINISHED: PASSED: IMPLEMENTED] [Award] komisarek for Legio 501st (Silver)

    komisarek is a user who registered in May this year who was recently brought to my attention. He has very few posts. These posts pertain to Rome Total War Remastered, and among them are:

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    [VOTE FINISHED: FAILED] Re: [Amendment] The Proconsuls

    Well, there's two supports, though one is undercut by then questioning the merits of the proposal later on. Suffice to say this lacks interest or required minimum. I'm inclined to let this sit for a...
  37. [ABANDONED] Re: [Amendment] Citizen Role Adjustments

    Technically speaking I count four supports between two from the first page and two reaffirmed here; while I've updated status in the OP, the form of the proposal has not changed. There's sufficient...
  38. [VOTE FINISHED: PASSED: IMPLEMENTED] Re: [Awards] Tsardoms team members for 501st Legio (Assorted) + Modding Service

    And now, the overdue request to move to vote.
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    Re: Hire graphic designer

    I think the OP here is in good faith just asking for a method to donate to the team. Which I think is reasonable, but could still cause issues when money is involved in the development process. For...
  40. [ABANDONED] Re: [Decision] Tiered Milestone Awards

    Awards for getting awards per above on principle is an outright oppose from me.
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