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  1. Re: Ranking Factions in Rome: Total War

    i think the tiers are interchangable depending on the commander. I can generally lead greeks to victory in any situation, so for me, they are in the top tier.
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    Re: Spartan skin help

    yep. your right. jewish spartans in dresses.
  3. Re: What is your weirdest campaign momments, or funniest?

    playing as the huns, I attacked an enemy army with full stacks. I had my general, 2 horse archer units and 1 unit of horde spearmen. I positioned my horse archers and spearmen in a forrest, and left...
  4. Re: Favorite Russian Units?

    Your sister, she number 4 prostitue in Kazahkstan! Nice!
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    Re: Strange AI behavior

    Hmm, that's strange... I'd tell you how to fix it, but all I have to offer has already been said. Patch it, and start a new champaign.;)
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    Re: Led Zeppelin....ASSEMBLE!!!

    I doubt he'd do it. Bonham is Dave's idol, so he would probably feel wierd. But that make him do it... It would be intersting if he did it. Nirvana and Led Zeppelin put together. My two favorite...
  7. Re: upcoming video game related movies (many)

    Hate it when they do that. It's so retarded. Especially because I saw some RPG's on the list. WTF! You can't do a RPG movie, because RPGs never follow one true linear plot. And the sims? WHAT THE...
  8. Sticky: Re: A Bunch of How-to's and other short guides: Tech Help here!

    I have a similar problem. I have a preferences folder, but it's empty.
  9. Sticky: Re: A Bunch of How-to's and other short guides: Tech Help here!

    Nice, it helped for the battle editor. Only thing I hadn't figured out yet. Thanks!
  10. Re: Troy Total War v4.0 Released!

    Nice. Finally a mod that allows me to recreate the waring city states! :thumbsup2
  11. Re: Vassaling your enemies

    Nice... I had a game with England where I conquered every one. Every single territory was mine. But then the save file got corrupted...:(
  12. Re: How did Russia conquer so much territory?

    like others have said, they coquered small, disorganized tribes.
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    Re: Best WWII Fighter Plane

    1.America-P-51 "Mustang", for having some of the greatest qualities of other planes and not very many weaknesses.
    2.Japan-A6M "Zero", for devastating all other airforces early in the war, and sheer...
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    Re: Constantine I Hero or Villan

    Meh, if Constantine hadn't been partially insane christians just would've immerged later. I say partially insane because he converted an entire empire to christianity because of a dream.
  15. Re: What would mesoamerica be like today if the spaniards hadn't come?

    That's true, but I was speaking purely out of his point. The peruvian would not have had a cure. It is entirely plausible that an insect or animale had a cure within their natural systems, but that...
  16. Re: Pagan defeated Easily, Other Belief Won. Why?

    Pagans were not defeated "easily". As for why, it's more expensive to be pagan.
  17. Poll: Re: Would you die for the person you passionatly love?

    I would agree with you, if I were married.
  18. Poll: Re: Would you die for the person you passionatly love?

    It depends on the situation. If it were a deal like taking a bullet, and we were going to be hit in the exact same place, everything like that, but the person could handle the wound longer and/or...
  19. Re: The problem with Organised religion

    That's why I'm not devout. I go to church, I do the things, I believe in my religion, but I think that all the other religions are just as good in some ways, better in others, and worse in others.
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    Re: Catholics= Christians

    Catholics are christians, your friend, as a presbyterian is protestant, so his beliefs are that the Catholics do not honor "true" christain ideals.
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    Re: Ethics of Soldiers

    My cousin is a soldier, but only because he needs money for college. Luckily, he has not killed anyone. He's coming home in a few weeks, so things look good.
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    Poll: Re: Most hated faction groups?

    Papacy. I'll be on the verge of destroying my long-time enemies the (whatever) and he'll be like, "No, you cannot do that! No fighting for 10 turns!" So I have to wait 10 turns. In other words, I...
  23. Re: Did Iraq really have the fourth largest army in the world?

    Yes, they did, they got crushed because virtually the entire western hemipsphere attacked them. That beans 2 of the largest.
  24. Re: What would mesoamerica be like today if the spaniards hadn't come?

    You can say what if all you want, it doesn't mean it true. For example: What is my head was made out of ice cream? Well, my head isn't made out of ice cream, never has been and never will be, so why...
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    Re: Playing Achillies

    You can't. The game is hardcoded to have a minimum of 12, I think. But 1 is impossible.:nope: I wish it weren't, for the same reason as you're trying.
  26. [Tutorial] Re: TUTORIAL: Getting your own [made from scratch] models into the game

    Milkshape costs $25 right? Is there anyway to edit things with it without paying? If not, is there a similar program?
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    editing unit damage

    I want to edit unit damages, how do I do this?
  28. Re: Revenge is sweet, but in the end it tastes sour.

    Rvenge is sweet. No quetions asked.
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