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    Re: Israel in NATO?

    C'est what?!?...Some-one please tell us Canadian Jews how this is good for business. I don't even own a pair of Naot sandals. Also, Israeli matzoh is too expensive.

    "The innocent many must pay...
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    Sticky: Re: The Great War 5.1 | Screenshots & Videos

    Just curious?...Orthodox, Conservative or Reform? Also, do you play during the High Holy Days?
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    Re: Franco's Mausoleum upsets Spain, again.

    R.I.P. The Mackenzie-Papineau Brigade and all the other workers who downed their tools to go and fight the good fight against those whom would only a few years later annihilate the Jews of Europe.
  4. Re: Nato alliance experiencing brain death, says Macron

    Chretien to Macron: "It's called a 'brain drain' you Parisian snob!"
  5. Re: One in three Bavarians want independence from Germany

    The newest members of the Babes for Bavaria massvolkspartei are: Anny Aurora und Annette Schwarz; because a highly cultured people need high cultured porn!
  6. Re: One in three Bavarians want independence from Germany

    Aha! I knew it was you, Plzen! From your arch-nemesis, Plisken; Snake PLISKEN!
  7. Re: One in three Bavarians want independence from Germany

    Calling Prinz Otto von Bismarck! Quickly, send von Moltke with 88,000 Calvinists to Munich to teach those Papists what Prussian lager beer tastes like!
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    Re: Bernie Sanders Has Become A Cyborg

    "Dead or alive, you're coming with me!" - Officer Murphy(Metro Police)
  9. Re: Former French President Jacques Chirac Dies at the Age of 86

    When last did we know of a French president of the fifth republic of the French revolution having more than one single woman at his side at any one single moment during his term in office. Simply...
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    Re: Crash to Desktop mid battle

    Been there; Done that; Old hat. It happens to me if only because my GPU(video graphics card), although a Nvidia Geforce GTX 980, is not complemented by an equally powerful RAM(memory). I thought when...
  11. Re: RIP Robert Mugabe, the man who always had a smile

    Too bad. No more Blitler/black Hitler jokes; although never funny enough. We all are born unequal. We shall all die equal. So, Bob, went peacefully his your grave.
  12. Re: German Army - Preußens Gloria (video)

    It's Friday. It's shabbat. All of a sudden my prayers are interrupted by the sounds of a marching band playing. I could only think of one thought, giving thanx to ZENDOG for this beautiful display of...
  13. Re: Relocation to Canada - What do you think?

    Ever been to Burlington, Ontario? Just as WASPy as Burlington, Vermont, USA; we just bow our heads to Her Britannic Majesty @ Westminster.
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    Re: ISIL War in Iraq and Syria II

    If caliph=religious leader; If sultan=military leader...then yes, Sultan Erdogan the 1st is truly a genius! "What me?!? What did I do wrong now!?!" Sigh........
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    Re: Why are units fighting in line?

    The base programming architecture of Napoleon: Total War game. ...other than the blatantly obvious that "modern warfare" was superfluous to a calvary officer of the same said Napoleonic era of the...
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    Re: Intro with Zulu soundtrack (video)

    I remember when I saw TWMala play through this mod on his YouTube channel. I could not believe that such a mod existed and that there had been someone who created it. The sub-campaign of Napoleon:...
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    Re: Trump wants to buy Greenland

    That length of water between the Danish territory of Greenland and the Canadian territory of Nunavut is known as the Davis Strait. That is where the Royal Danish Navy, two frigates and a...
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