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  1. Re: Is it me or the Antigonids always get smoked?

    the only constant in this game is that whoever conquers libya will have the nasamones violent protestors breaking their cities ad eternum.
  2. Sticky: Re: [Feedback] Questions, Critiques and Requests for 1.2

    One of the small requests I have is to bring back some units from the old spartan roster, such as Metioikoi Hoplitai and some few others that dont exist anymore; the spartan roster feels a bit barren...
  3. Pointing out to the mod developers something that is often implied but still understated

    Since I dont know in which thread I could post this without it being off-topic, and if this thread is improper feel free to close/delete it;

    I only wished to create this post to convey my thanks...
  4. Re: cavalry and morale mechanics make battles a cakewalk

    I also have to admit that in a recent battle against the seleucids, albeit I was way more outnumbered and had like 1 cav, they managed to do some resemblance of cavalry maouvering that actually made...
  5. Hows the battle experience with the AI?

    As someone who hasnt played this game or mod in literal years, and who is coming from Rome II, I wonder if people could post their battle experiences here and tell if the game feels challenging...
  6. Re: cavalry and morale mechanics make battles a cakewalk

    Regarding the first part, my intention wasnt to give the radical argument that because its a game we shouldnt expect an attempt at realism by it; rather, its more on the lines of: in the development...
  7. Sticky: Re: [Official Submods] Collection of Official Submods

    the faction unlocks arent working for me
  8. Re: cavalry and morale mechanics make battles a cakewalk

    1. we cant mod the AI

    @Antiochos VII Sidetes
    2. you only say its god awful and a huge mistake without basing that assertion on anything; I can (as I did above) provide all kinds of proof as to...
  9. Re: Perfect example how utterly brain dead the Campaign AI is.

    rule 1 of the page 1 of the book of how to deal with the TW community:

    always ignore the AI's apologist, never take him seriously, never feed him, he is the equivalent of a malformed warp entity...
  10. Re: cavalry and morale mechanics make battles a cakewalk

    I'm sorry but I think that someone complaining that their flanking "is useless" is much more of a pedantic issue of someone being annoyed that braindead playstyles arent rewarded... flanking will...
  11. Re: cavalry and morale mechanics make battles a cakewalk

    well I have some suggestions that wouldnt fix but at least would diminish the intensity of the problem:

    1. lower some of the men count in cavalry units (an exception could be made to cavalry...
  12. Re: cavalry and morale mechanics make battles a cakewalk

    Not really, AI cav has a constant habit of charging straight into heavy infantry, not to mention how easy you can with 2 or 3 meele cavalry units to flank every unit of their armies, pursue archers...
  13. cavalry and morale mechanics make battles a cakewalk

    Because of how easily exploitable morale mechanics and cavalry flanking is in this game and mod, battles are always a cakewalk. the ai cannot use cavalry and cannot flank with it, however, battles...
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    Re: Battles too easy

    Creative Assembly's AI will always disappoint, they dont develop nor invest in it, so forget about making battles challenging.

    If you want that kind of experience, try other titles like Field of...
  15. [Request] Any chance of seeing Hellenika's units in the grand campaign?

    This mod has no equal when it comes to portraying the hoplitai phalanx: visually and mechanically, the spacing between the soldiers, their speed and manouvreability, the size of the shields and how...
  16. [request] unlocking mercenaries and other units in custom battles?

    Has anyone made any kind of submod that unlocks more unites in custom battles for the latest DeI? I've noticed some units that only appear in the Campaign (like Peloponnesian Hoplites, Corinthian...
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    Re: Iberian Linen armor

    "Evidences" is too strong of a word for what i've seen regarding the subject; I'd say its all more in line with "educated guess" rather than "evidence". A bunch of very dilapidated statues without...
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    Re: Iberian Linen armor

    It does look like that, even if it was linen armor instead of other material in those depictions, just like in the "celtic linothorax" thread (which in my opinion isnt really that conclusive anyways,...
  19. The mod feels less polished since 1.1 ...

    Upon recently returning to Rome II and this mod, which was always quintessential for me when it came to playing Rome II, I couldnt help but feel that the mod changed a lot since 1.1, the version I...
  20. Re: Professional Armies vs Warrior Aristocracies vs Military Levies

    It seems that this topic is plagued with, firstly, a lack of definitions - and so people are talking past each other at some points - and secondly, an anachronistic and modern-like way of...
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    Re: The thread for horrible suggestions

    We should make it so that northern europeans (Gauls, Britons, Belgians and Germans) are capable of fielding decent quality soldiers and have a fighting chance against the Romans and other factions,...
  22. Re: The supposed widespread adoption, by Sparta and other city-states, of the Pileus/Pilos helmet is plainly unfounded?

    Well thanks everyone for the input, and if people want to keep giving more of their takes, the discussion doesnt need to end because of my reply;

    I think I left the impression I didnt want to...
  23. Re: Why don't you just open the campaign mod to the public ?

    *complains that most people wont report and contribute to the team if they release it*

    *complains that if they release it, people will overreport bugs and flood with the same kind of...
  24. The supposed widespread adoption, by Sparta and other city-states, of the Pileus/Pilos helmet is plainly unfounded?

    So I've decided to look it up lately, since it was something that has gradually been building up in the current popular image and depictions of the Hoplites of Sparta and their league, specially in...
  25. Re: On balance and historical accuracy

    DeI is most certainly, so far, the most balanced, enhanced, completed and enjoyable mod! Nay, it is a piece of art what they made with this pitiful vanilla Rome II. I certainly do hope this mod...
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    Re: TELL US

    But do not treat the OP with reprehension, for this is simply a undelicated manifestation of excitedness, a kind of approval, even if you would consider it juvenile.
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    Re: When 1.2 version come out?

    This mod is the Roma Surrectum II of Rome II.

    Here, I've said it.
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    Re: 1.2 General Plans and Previews Collection

    What about adding the Apella to sparta instead of other nobles, or perhaps the Ephors?
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    Re: The thread for horrible suggestions

    We need not to develop such enterprise, for inference on human behavior here in this place of discussion is but the corroboration of the work of men millennia ago...

    After all, is this not but the...
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    Re: The thread for horrible suggestions

    It is peculiar of this mod's community the imperative condescending attitude towards historically "inaccurate" things..
  31. Re: Alexander the Great and Hephaestion in a 4th-century BC mosaic (bunch of blonde-haired whities)

    The Ottomans and genocide happened... Sometimes Jhizia though.
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    Greek Fire
    Will it be introduced? Can it happen?

    Also, a digression: Which of the byzantines will be playable? Will...
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    Re: Rosters for all the factions?

    I can understand the supposed decline of hoplite units; what concerns me however is the complete abscence of them in some factions' rosters; while they still appear in other factions - such as the...
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    Re: Rosters for all the factions?

    Sounds very odd to me that factions like Baktria and Carthage have hoplites but the Achaeans dont...
  35. Sticky: Re: Downloads, Previews, and Important Links


    It appears to me that the mod will portray the hellenes as obsolete and therefore they will be non existent; only the hellenistic powers and their military designs seem to be prevalent -...
  36. Sticky: Re: Downloads, Previews, and Important Links

    Can someone perhaps preview the Achaeans and Aetolians?
  37. Re: *SUBMOD RELEASED* Spartiatai Hoplitai ( Spartan Hoplites ) for the Hellenic Alliance. ( Campaign and Battles ) Updated V1.0

    Hello, I know it has been a long time, but I think I should post this here in advance.

    I'm really sorry for not keeping my word on updating the mod, I simply had other interests at the time. I...
  38. Re: Is Stainless Steel 7.0 in development?

    Nah :wub: those 2 titles, they already got old in just a fraction of time 10x smaller than Medieval. They are not even moddable.
  39. Re: "It is not genocide!!" - Turkey is furious again about international comments of Armenian 'Genocide'

    Turkey is just discusting, they did more genocides than I changed socks... But this is not the worst, many other countries also had their dark days, but the terrible thing is the arrogance of Turkey...
  40. Re: What do we want as content to Attila?

    Baktria playable? I'm sure you agree
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