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    Sticky: Re: Townhall - Curial Commentary and Chat

    Well this is quite the sorry state of affairs lads. I recall the good old days when people ragged on the Curia for trying to do a bunch of things and overstretching its remit while accomplishing...
  2. Re: Ideas for the Revitalization of the Vestigia

    Not sure how active all those areas are right now to facilitate something that requires as many hands on deck as the Board of Historians did, but I suppose there's no harm in proposing/trying...
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    It should be noted that this decision would recommend that Hex establishes a new staff branch, so any of the specifications are loose directives at best and thus it's probably not worth belaboring...
  4. Sticky: Re: Where now are the horse and the rider...

    Tech :whistling

    Hader has no control over site advertisements, only GED and Squid have access to the ad management parts of the software at present. Both are reasonably inactive, but you can...
  5. Poll: Re: [2018-XVIII] [Citizen Referral] SoulGamesInc - Appeal

    I like that you linked both of their names, just in case the admins can't find them. :P

    In all seriousness though, moderator/administrator action should be left to the Den, there's a procedure for...
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    Sticky: Re: Townhall - Curial Commentary and Chat

    Hm, I'm inclined to VonC Halie just because I don't want to miss this opportunity. After this debacle by the time he'll likely be arsed to apply for a VonC-able position again his eponymous comet...
  7. Poll: Re: [2018-XVIII] [Citizen Referral] SoulGamesInc - Appeal

    Cut and dried.
  8. Re: Registration "Agreement" Check box

    I updated the text ordering to the way it is in Pike's post above, added blue coloring to the other link, and changed "rules and policies" to "Terms of Service". None of it's set in stone, if we want...
  9. [VOTE FINISHED: PASSED: IMPLEMENTED] Re: [Decision] Welcoming Letter for New Members

    Regarding the technical question, Settings > Options > User Registration Options > Welcome Private Message. Specify a user who sends the PM in the field, should be either an admin who's willing to...
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    [ABANDONED] Re: Citizenship Reinstatement Amendment

    Oh this brings back memories of a several week ordeal about what "permanent removal of rank" meant, good times, good times.

    As far as I'm concerned the filters of needing a patron, needing to not...
  11. [VOTE FINISHED: FAILED] Re: [Decision] Wub Censor Smiley Alternate

    Regarding the randomization of censor smileys, it's certainly programmatically achievable based on the way that Sim said the parser replacement works in this post. I can't look at the code and hook...
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    Sticky: Re: Townhall - Curial Commentary and Chat

    Regarding the display of the results of current Curia votes on the content page, that is indeed an issue as it contravenes the hack we've had in place since Sim's time to prevent displaying poll...
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    Re: Modding Staff Proposal (Discussion)

    That proposal from 2014 for reference. It looks like it was finally formally vetoed in 2017, but that it could be proposed again taking developments since then and the current structure of the forum...
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    Divus and Phalera/Opifex did have their own badges once upon a time. The icons were the ones that got repurposed for the medal icons. Novus had not been created yet I believe, and Loincloth wasn't...
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    [ABANDONED] Re: Curia Focus Forum Change

    The problem this will encounter is that there is not some untapped fount of suggestions which are ill-suited to being proposed in the current layout that would evidence themselves in the proposed...
  16. Re: A reminder of why we should never reinstate the CdeC!

    It has been up to the referred party (or applicant) to make their thread public since I crafted the Opt-In Transparency amendment in 2010, four years before the abolition of the CdeC. It was made...
  17. Re: A reminder of why we should never reinstate the CdeC!

    Not really sure how cronyism is less likely with two than nine or twelve or whatever it was, if that's the argument against the CdeC. The doors are equally closed nowadays as they were back then,...
  18. Re: What you think of getting rid of a superfluous "qualification" for the Asterix Loincloth?

    I agree that the text is important to the purpose of the award, and that it may change in interpretation over time isn't necessarily a bad thing. When I proposed Captain Arrrgh for the award it was...
  19. Re: Defining "behaviour considered unbecoming"

    Well as this thread has made abundantly clear, there is no ball and there never has been one, the ball is a lie. Of the five recent cases, only one which involved posting in the forum was considered...
  20. Poll: Re: [2018-VI] [Further Action] Parafix

    Voted. I think it's up to the Curator what happens now?
  21. Re: Defining "behaviour considered unbecoming"

    It's a difficult problem trying to codify the higher standards expected of Citizens, because if you give ten people the same posts to evaluate in a vacuum, I would be surprised if there were less...
  22. Poll: Re: [2018-VI] [Further Action] Parafix

    I would be fine with that as a first measure, with the expectation that if the trend continues there will be appropriate escalations. Will wait to see if anyone else weighs in on the new stuff.
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    [ABANDONED] Re: [Decision] Revoke Parafix' Novus

    I don't begrudge you that position, but I wonder if you can trace that sentiment to something which is communicated to recipients of large awards as an expectation that accompanies it. Nowhere in the...
  24. Poll: Re: [2018-VII] [Further Action] Parafix (1 point - Insulting others) ***ONGOING***

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    Poll: Re: [2018-V] [Citizen Referral] Jadli

    I hardly find Jadli to be blameless in the Hotseat drama in general, and I feel sorry for Hader having to deal with all of this nonsense. Having said that, the issues which he's involved in there...
  26. Poll: Re: [2018-VI] [Further Action] Parafix

    The further posts that have come out from Parafix in the HS sections in response to Hader's recent announcements continue the trend of poor conduct. One post was enough for a Prothalamos discussion...
  27. Poll: Re: [2018-VII] [Staff Referral] Parafix (1 point - Insulting others)

    I think we need a Further Action thread for this one, seems it got lost in the shuffle of so many related referrals. Or maybe I was supposed to say "Voted", in which case oops.
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    [ABANDONED] Re: [Decision] Revoke Parafix' Novus

    I'm in agreement with Hader and Halie. Large awards grant Citizenship if it wasn't attained previously, but it is not a two-way relationship, one can forego Citizenship entirely and any expectations...
  29. Poll: Re: [2018-VIII] [Further Action] HannibalExMachina

    Voted for the same, for reasons stated in the further action thread.
  30. Poll: Re: [2018-VI] [Citizen Referral] Parafix

    For now I voted for further action, still need to consider how the further information we were provided will factor into decision there.
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    Poll: Re: [2018-V] [Citizen Referral] Jadli

    Can't see a time on the poll, but based on the Constitution it will be open for a little less than 3 days from now (~69 hrs)? Haven't had time to look over the posts yet, just checking since don't...
  32. Poll: Re: [2018-VII] [Staff Referral] Parafix (1 point - Insulting others)

    That's fine, action and censure, just stern words after all.
  33. Poll: Re: [2018-VIII] [Citizen Referral] HannibalExMachina

    The second one is the only one I really take issue with. The first is a bit hyperbolic, but I take it to mean insanity in the sense of "extreme foolishness or irrationality", which in the context of...
  34. Poll: Re: [2018-VI] [Citizen Referral] Parafix

    As other have mentioned above, this should be the only topic of this referral. The first point was covered by another referral already. So here's my opinion on each of these posts, in terms of...
  35. Poll: Re: [2018-VII] [Staff Referral] Parafix (1 point - Insulting others)

    So this one is for the isolated incident of the post above, whereas the other is more about a pattern of behavior, that's my understanding. The infraction was warranted for the post, it was clearly...
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    Poll: Re: [2018-V] [Citizen Referral] Jadli

    Honestly I'm not sure what this referral is supposed to encompass. The list you provide certainly matches what the referrer would like us to consider, in some roundabout fashion, but probably misses...
  37. Poll: Re: [2018-IV] [Citizen referral] SoulGamesInc

    As this is the other end of the same issue as in Parafix's referral III, I'll just paste my comments from there:
  38. Poll: Re: [2018-III] [Citizen Referral] Parafix

    I'm in agreement with Hader on basically all points, this is a non-issue, though I sympathize with the spirit of the referral and agree that we should endeavor to discourage polluting influences...
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    Sticky: Re: Townhall - Curial Commentary and Chat

    Closing down the Halie Satanus forums? CdeC Support.
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    Re: Collected Curia Data

    This data is interesting though all I could think looking at it is I hope you used a scraper or something to gather it and didn't assemble it all manually, or else RIP your time.

    Some of the...
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