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    Re: status report

    mod release?
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    Sticky: Re: General Discussion

    Any progress??
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    Mod help.

    Whats a good mod that keeps the vanilla feel of the game but also tweaks the game and makes it feel and run better? Btw no Darth because since I am on a mac and have a non-steam version it will not...
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    Too easy

    I've noticed that if you have a good assassin and a decent spy they can basically destroy entire empires, wanna know how? Well send them to a capital of your choice, destroy the capital...
  5. Re: Ukraine's deep dive into Nazism Apologism

    Yea I hear ya. I live in America and we are :wub:ed more than Europe maybe. We die for Isreal with constant wars in the middle east, we have Jews in every position of power here. Life sucks here....
  6. Re: Ukraine's deep dive into Nazism Apologism

    queue the people who think they are great moral thinkers and think they have the right to Ukraine's future! News for you all! Its Ukraine, they can do what they want to do, imagine if people were...
  7. Re: Liberals ruin girls too. Number of girls seeking reassignment surges 4000% in the UK; prompts govt inquiry

    Liberals don't ruin girls. Liberals and conservatives are only a branch of the problem. Look at the root of the tree, what influences a degenerate society, how youth are corrupted etc...
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    Re: "Gilets jaunes" protests in France.

    When are you guys going to realize this isn't a left vs right contest. This is the people when they get :wub:ed over. This is about peoples right to live in a state that doesn't :wub: you over with...
  9. Re: A Biography of your Favourite Hero in History

    Custom: Arminius was a Roman. Hermann was a German. Hermann grew up in the simple but yet beautiful tribal lifestyle of the Germanic folk. Hermann had known his father to be a leader of the tribe....
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