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  1. Re: Machine Learning Hot Seat Campaign (Machine Learning for RTW and M2TW) WIP

    I am interested in working with you, I have experience in memory reading and editing rome total war and medieval 2 total war.
  2. Re: The "New" Frontier of M2TW Modding: Memory Editing

    Hey. I don't know how active this project is, or what you've found so far, but I just found out this was a thing and thought I'd chime. I've found some info digging through game memory of the mod...
  3. Re: 334 and 500 turn EBII Campaign Timelapse

    Not sure if the videos uploaded correctly, here is the link for each:

    334 turns:
    500 turns:
  4. Re: 334 and 500 turn EBII Campaign Timelapse

    Also, if you see a light color version of a faction color, it means they're besieging the city in that region. For carthage, you obviously can't tell, haven't gotten around to finding an alternative.
  5. Re: 334 and 500 turn EBII Campaign Timelapse

    I had to pick the british faction and edited their starting location to be in the top left. Campaign4_info.txt is for the 500 turn timelapse, campaign5_info.txt is for the shorter timelapse. All the...
  6. 334 and 500 turn EBII Campaign Timelapse

    334 Turn Timelapse (My faction died)

    500 Turn Timelapse (Unpolished and a little buggy, but the data is correct)...
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    Re: City Coordinates

    I got it, here it is in order by region if anyone wants it

    region_001: Isamnion: (54, 261)
    region_002: Dunopalator: (72, 270)
    region_003: Nesakton: (135, 184)
    region_004: Alauna: (75, 258)...
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    City Coordinates

    Is there anywhere I can find the coordinates of each city? Better yet, is there an ordered list of this information? Thank you.
  9. Re: Dummy faction for observation purposes?

    I've run about 5 campaigns just observing as The Pritannoi (who are isolated in Ireland and do nothing the entire campaign).

    Some things I noticed in this:

    It takes a long time before anything...
  10. Re: Dummy faction for observation purposes?

    Ok, so you can play as the rebels, even though they have a big impact in this game, I'll probably just do that because it doesn't look interesting from the POV of the campaign map. But I still am...
  11. Dummy faction for observation purposes?

    I know that the new guys and rebels are unplayable, but I was wondering if it would be possible to mod the game to make them playable so I can just let the AI fight itself. I would use the Pritanoi,...
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    Re: Rome: Total War - AI Statistics

    This is incredible! I've always been interested in how the AI operates in these campaigns, I've gone through several campaigns on vanilla and various mods and just watched how the AI acted over many...
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    Help With Map

    I'm a rome: total war player, and have barely played any medieval 2. I'm very much used to the style of rome and eb 1 where the map is one solid color instead of only solid where you can see it. Is...
  14. Re: Announcement: Europa Barbarorum II 2.2r released!

    Hello, I fixed the problem. The problem was that the data file and the log file was not overwriting the original data file because it was in a separate folder called ebii2.2r (i forget the exact...
  15. Re: Announcement: Europa Barbarorum II 2.2r released!

    Hello. I just downloaded 2.2b today. I went to download the newest patch (2.2r) and I followed all instructions, but when I extract it to my ebii folder I am not getting any notifications to replace...
  16. Re: !!! >> Rome Multiplayer Campaign (!) Mod / Client + Server (RMC)

    try out this newer version
  17. Re: Looking for people for Multiplayer Champaign! +-10 people

    i am down
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