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  1. Re: The American Revolution Mod v3.0 10th Anniversary Preview (release coming very soon!)

    Looking absolutely outstanding. Magnificent. It will a shame to have to shoot so many of those fantastic units.
    On another, but connected note, will Great Britain and France in particular be able...
  2. Sticky: Re: DOWNLOAD FILES!!!Last version: khartum-zulu mod 1.0:Rorke's drift

    I apologise for the question and what must seem like a total neebie Q?
    But, where to start? Cannot seem to find what to download, where to point, it just anarchy. Please would someone kindly point...
  3. Re: [Submod] Age of Hellenism for DEI

    This sounds excellent, I shall look forward to trying it out asap. Thank you for you efforts
  4. Sticky: Re: [RELEASE] PAX ROMANA - Main Thread & Download

    Gloriosissimus, magnificus, invictus, pius Caesar this great news indeed. I still play the original, because Patience is not one of my virtues. May I enquire as to whether there might be anything...
  5. Sticky: Re: Bug Reports, Comments and Suggestions

    As a matter of curiosity, bearing in mind what happened to the cat, what "Rise of the North" mod version am I playing?
    It's 9th C but there is no release mentioned. Just wondering where I came to...
  6. Sticky: Re: The Fall of the West (RELEASED)

    Excellent looking forward to that Athos187. Keep it up
  7. Re: Total War Hellas: An Age of Darkness

    Oh, dam I dropped by praying that their had been more of the amazing work so far.
    Well, I just carry on praying then.
    Good luck, hope all works out soon. Brilliant work so far.
  8. Sticky: Re: The Fall of the West (RELEASED)

    I personally love the mod, been playing campaigns on and off for months. The reasons I usually end starting a new one, is when pretty much everything and everyone is wiped off the map north and East...
  9. Re: Herakleios: War of Three Faiths

    I really hoped to get everyone and anyone else together to rework/complete this and our Justinian mod, but alas it doesn't seem likely at this time
  10. Sticky: Re: The Last Stand of Greece (Original Thread)

    Looks like a great idea, looking forward to trying it out.
  11. Sticky: Re: [RELEASE] PAX ROMANA - Main Thread & Download

    I will second the above by Vir Nobilissimus Diocle
  12. Sticky: Re: Download Rusichi TW patch 1.1

    Has anyone got a working link to download, including the Kataphracts above that Anthonius asked for, please
  13. Sticky: Re: Europa Barbarorum Bibliography

    Two of the best in their field and two very pleasent chaps to add. Not had had a preview yet, will try and vhange that. Can only say if their previous research is any like this new, then we all stand...
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    Re: RUS 2 Total War

    Has anyone got a copy they can upload please? This is a great mod, I forgotten about it, it was only the Tsardoms and Great Conflicts threads that made me think about a mod I once played. Plus I was...
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    Re: [Preview] The Pechenegs

    Excellent, well presented... again.
  16. Sticky: Re: Tsardoms Total War - General Discussion & Progress

    I always hoped every time I stopped by to check, that one day soon
  17. Re: The Great Conflicts main discussion thread. Please post here!

    Brilliant, looking forward to seeing and reading this preview
  18. Sticky: Re: [BC 2.4.2] : Standalone Patched Version - [Preview + Download] RELEASED!

    At the risk of the question being repeated. What is the easiest way to run BC with Steam? No complications with any luck. EBII is just a case of installing as normal and away you go? :( Please
  19. Sticky: Re: [RELEASE] PAX ROMANA - Main Thread & Download

    Looking forward to you porting this mod over to Empire Divided, while I wait will have to go back to this mod. There just isn't an Empire Divided mod out there, not even cosmetically
  20. Re: Third Century Legionary (ILOR)

    Will we be seeing these troops armed with spears? Which perhaps a light armed variant armed with lancari?
    PS. Do I assume these legions go across into Gaul and the East too?
  21. Re: Patches,, what are the list of mods you are currently using for patch 1, 18, 19

    Thanks alot mate, what part of Wales are you from? I used to live in Cardiff for many years
  22. Re: Patches,, what are the list of mods you are currently using for patch 1, 18, 19

    I do not have patch 19? How come is it a beta?
  23. Re: Legionary Soldier I Drew

    Nice, love it
  24. A Third C mod for E' divided?

    Does anyone know of a decent mod for Empire Divided? I wrote in this historical section, because I hope to find like minded kindred spirits, that enjoy historical mods. Sadly my attempts at making...
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    Excellent as always, with a few tweeks you could perhaps convert these into third century Legiones. I realise 'my few tweeks' is actually a great deal of talented work, nevertheless. The game needs...
  26. Re: Third Century Legionary (ILOR)

    Vir clarissimus Leonanard, excellent devotion to the cause. I made the mistake of purchasing, just yesterday 'Empire Divided', but now at least there is hope of proper Romans. Thank you
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    Food issues?

    Whilst playing as the Lacedaemonians I am continually running to food shortages. Which I am confidant is not something the people of the Eurotas valley had a problem with
  28. Re: How to use Melee Cavalry properly?

    Some good tactical ideas here, it is a shame still that the enemy AI does not field a proper full army containing both a core of elites and lesser troops.
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    Re: [Submod] Stratēgikόs

    This is truly impressive
  30. Re: Factions dying out too early

    Thanks guys
  31. Factions dying out too early

    I have noticed on several occasions, that a couple of factions have been 'destroyed' and it seems to be just down to lack of family members. Is there something, that can be done? Sadly I do not have...
  32. Re: Unhistorical name for persian gulf in unit description!

    No I suppose not :thumbsup2
  33. Sticky: Re: Europa Barbarorum Bibliography,204,203,200_.jpg

    Tales of High Priests and Taxes: The Books of the Maccabees and the Judean Rebellion Against Antiochos IV...
  34. Re: Unhistorical name for persian gulf in unit description!

    I believe it was referred to as Ἐρυθρὰ Θάλασσα Erythra Thalassa (Walker, S Digital Cartography Harvard University, Journal of Hellenic studies, 2013, pg 63) In Seleukid era fell under control of...
  35. Re: I like the 'select potential successor' feature.

    I do still feel the need to bump off family members who are not true Seleukidai or not true decedents
  36. Re: Force Diplomacy script-Not working 2.3

    Yes, all working great. Thanks
  37. Re: Force Diplomacy script-Not working 2.3

    Oh, thank you. No I have not. I had a good campaign going with last version so was hesitant to start with 2.3. I have not tried as the 'show me' advisor did not appear
  38. Force Diplomacy script-Not working 2.3

    As the title suggests, Force Diplomacy script-Not working, on version 2.3. I have re-downloaded into clean made every other aspect of the script seems to be working fine. Previous versions worked...
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    Re: Hellenika - Main thread

    Love the Mod how it is :thumbsup2 However if you ever did a new version one day in the future I would love to see it around the time of the so called 'Kings peace' Peace of Antalcidas 387 BC. But it...
  40. Sticky: Re: CAC Campaign Pack, providing additional campaigns to the game. Version 1.2 Released 2016-03-27

    This looks great, I have a short window between research papers so I will definitely be giving this model some attention. Well done on some serious hard work.
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