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    Re: The Siege of Jerusalem

    "Up, up! To arms! Today's the day that God's willed His home into our hands!" The sergeant had growled as he pushed and prodded the remnants of the People's Crusade, certainly the worst-equipped and...
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    Re: Sign Up Thread

    Age: 12 (b. February 27, 1087)
    Title: N/A
    Spouse: N/A
    Children: N/A, he's a kid himself!
    Traits (4 points): +1 Personal Combat, +1 Scout, +2 Survival

  3. Re: The Course of Human Events (Event Thread)

    Russo-Turkish War - The 1790 Campaigns
  4. Thread: 1790

    by Barry Goldwater


    It's a new year for the new republic. Inaugural celebrations have died down and the nation must now finish sorting out its government's executive branch while also undertaking work on the economy and...
  5. Sticky: Re: The Honorable Club of Role Playing Gentlemen and Ladies of the Center Total war

    Not too bad Narf, we've got an American RPG going, which is currently a bit slow but still managed to live longer than our two previous games and is now on track anyway. Life is keeping me posting...
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    Re: Congress - The Senate

    "Esteemed Senator Harrison, certainly I will cede the floor to you." Lionheart the younger, newly ensconced in the role of President Pro Tempore without any competition, rose to state formulaically...
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    Re: Lindberg Hall, Pennsylvania

    A letter comes from the desk of President Lionheart to that of Governor Lindbergh.
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    Re: Westbroke Mansion, New Hampshire

    A letter comes for Lionel Harrison, penned by President Lionheart's own hand.
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    Re: La Roseraie, Maryland

    A letter comes addressed to Jean-Baptiste Bellerose, penned by the hand of President Lionheart himself.
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    Re: The Presidential Residence

    "All sounds well, save the tariffs." Arthur grimaced. Those would punch him and his fellow planters in the wallet, and he could ill-afford tension spiking in the South at this delicate time. They had...
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    Re: The Presidential Residence

    "Not at all, Alexander." Arthur turned his full attention to Hamilton. "I would prefer that anything to do with a military or foreign affairs waits until we have the respective Secretaries in place,...
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    Re: The Presidential Residence

    Lionheart raised an eyebrow at his Vice-President's outburst. It occurred to him how little he actually knew of the man, despite their conversation at the inaugural festivities - fair enough, he...
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    Re: The Presidential Residence

    "I cannot nominate you to another cabinet position when you are already in cabinet my Vice-President, Richard." Arthur explained with a laugh. Well, theoretically he could, he supposed - he couldn't...
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    Re: The Presidential Residence

    "Excellent, now that we're all here..." Arthur began once Clare had been allowed inside and taken his seat beside Hamilton. "I believe our first order of business must be to fill out the rest of the...
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    Re: The Presidential Residence

    Hamilton is smoothly welcomed into Lionheart's office, which had been made pristine and organized over the last few days: a sign that the President was getting serious about doing his job, as...
  16. Re: Inauguration of Arthur Lionheart, 1789

    "Oh, is that so?" Lionheart raised an eyebrow. He may not have much in the way of choices for appointments if nobody else stepped up, but the President wasn't so bereft of political sense that he...
  17. Re: The United States Almanack (Issues Thread)

    Arthur Lionheart:
    State power vs. Federal power: +1
    No National Bank vs. National Bank: -1
    State militia reliance vs. Standing military: +4
    No tariffs vs. Tariffs: -3
    Pro-French vs. Pro-British:...
  18. The United States Almanack (Issues Thread)

    See the politics rules for a more detailed breakdown of how issues will work on this game.

    The current issues relevant to the states of the Union are:
    State power vs. Federal power
    No National...
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    Re: Congress - The Senate

    "My thanks, esteemed gentlemen, for your votes of confidence. I promise your trust will not be misplaced in me." Lionel responded gracefully. All that remained for him to do now was wait and see if...
  20. Re: Inauguration of Arthur Lionheart, 1789

    "Good and better. Though who knows, the stress of presidency might change that." Lionheart joked, laughing.

    "I have not, honestly." He responded, a good deal more serious when the topic of the...
  21. Vaults of Barry's Characters and States


    Arthur Lionheart - Planter
    Annual base income: 4,000
    Bonuses: +1 Wealth (200)
    Expenditures: 0
    Total income this year: 4,200
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    Re: Congress - The Senate

    On the first day that the newly elected Senate is in session...

    Following the opening prayers and speeches, Lionel Lionheart took the floor. "Gentlemen of the Senate!" He began, loud and forceful....
  23. Re: Inauguration of Arthur Lionheart, 1789

    "Very good. I'll certainly need it in the coming days, months and years." Lionheart laughed. "Quite the irony fate's dropped into our lap, eh? Here we are again, Lionheart and Harrison, about to...
  24. Re: Inauguration of Arthur Lionheart, 1789

    Ah, if only my father would take that last step. But Lionel had forcefully argued for a monarchy before, and been shot down by none other than his old man. This inauguration, which would have been a...
  25. Re: The Course of Human Events (Event Thread)

    Russo-Turkish War - Summer/Autumn Campaign and the Battle of Rymnik
    Russian forces crush the Ottoman counterattack at Rymnik, 22 September 1789

  26. Re: Inauguration of Arthur Lionheart, 1789

    "Ah. My condolences on having to serve under Harris." Lionel chuckled darkly. Camden had been one of the blackest days of the Revolution, and the fact that the commanding general - who had tried to...
  27. Re: Inauguration of Arthur Lionheart, 1789

    "I'd sooner forget how to breathe." Lionheart chortled, eager for the detour from talk of politics. Balancing international relations was already making his head spin...or maybe it was all the wine...
  28. Re: Inauguration of Arthur Lionheart, 1789

    "What can I say, my friend? I try." Lionheart laughed out loud, patting his gut. It had grown significantly in peacetime, but as he ran for the presidency he began to exercise and ride more...
  29. Re: Inauguration of Arthur Lionheart, 1789

    "Believe me, I know how you feel." Lionheart answered with a nod, his usual smile giving way to a more serious expression for once. "I miss the war table and overseeing the battlefield, witnessing...
  30. Re: Inauguration of Arthur Lionheart, 1789

    "They both have their charms," Lionheart replied as the great avian monstrosity was set down. "When the din of battle grows too loud and the stench of carnage too overpowering, spending a year or...
  31. The Lion's Den and Lemontier Hall, Virginia
    Left to right: the Lion's Den and Lemontier Hall (in better days) plantation houses

    Most of the Lionhearts live at the Lion's Den,...
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    Wall Street (Purchases Thread)

    You can build up to three buildings per week, and the effects of each upgrade will stack. Of course, you canít build a...
  33. The Course of Human Events (Event Thread)

    Timelines of historical events, as well as the outcome of events affected by the Dynamic Foreign System, will be posted here annually.
  34. Extra! Extra! Read All About It! (Announcements Thread)

    Use this thread to post announcements of events inside the United States, such as weddings, deaths and the execution of the deceased's will, and such. If you run a newspaper, feel free to post your...
  35. The Physician's Office (Childbirth Thread)

    The Office of Physician Thomas

    Request birth rolls for you characters here. For more information about family rules and skills, check the Rules Thread

    Siring Children
  36. Re: Inauguration of Arthur Lionheart, 1789

    "They're bringing it out right now." With his silver knife, Lionheart pointed at the four slaves bearing forth the pseudo-turducken: a roast goose that seemed to have ballooned to twice the size of...
  37. Re: Inauguration of Arthur Lionheart, 1789

    "Please do!" Lionheart laughed, dismissing the Congressmen he had been talking to with a wave as he did so. While the President was at ease in social conventions, as always, even he was starting to...
  38. Inauguration of Arthur Lionheart, 1789

    "Do you, Arthur Lionheart, solemnly swear that you will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of your ability...
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    The Supreme Court

    The Supreme Court of the United States, comprised of the six highest judges in the land, meets to exercise...
  40. Congress - The House of Representatives

    The House is the lower chamber of the United States Congress, comprised of multiple Representatives...
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