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    Re: Region trading

    There are region trade, hostage, technology trade, marriage and trade embargo options buried in diplomatic options data. These are not just remnants of Shogun2 options, CA even prepared negotiation...
  2. Re: Premium units dying using 90% auto resolve

    cdir_configs_tables has a long list of autoresolve modifiers. Maybe something can be done by tweaking values. I'll test it.
  3. Re: [SUBMOD: a Political Overhaul] PIGS Alpha_02 (DeI 1.2.5) [upd: jun.09/19]

    Oh haha no I'm not sharing anything on steam, I meant I updated my post in here submod section. :hick:

    You're right I should have put a message to notify.
  4. Re: [SUBMOD: a Political Overhaul] PIGS Alpha_02 (DeI 1.2.5) [upd: jun.09/19]

    I updated my submod today, it includes the tables. You can check it very simple stuff.

    Thanks much for the list I will investigate it.

    You can try giving region effects by giving effects to...
  5. Re: [Submod: a political overhaul] PIGS Beta_03 (for DeI 1.2.4a) - TESTERS NEEDED! [upd. feb.09/19]

    Yupp it works. I managed to get it check if char's army has plague, then made it assign an incident that gives trait as payload.

    You probably know this but in case you don't, there are also region...
  6. Re: Someone thinks an Alexander DLC still possible ?

    I sincerely hope for more updates but I doubt R2 will get more. Engine is old and active player per day gets below 5k nowadays.

    Safe to say Alexander will be a saga game. I think they will return...
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    Re: [WIP] Demetrios Poliorketes

    Seleukos beat me to the punch, finally some Diadochi action! And maybe a good reason for me to buy wrath of sparta. :yes:
  8. Re: [Overhaul Submod] "Data Venia" (for DeI 1.2.5 - Updated 2019-08-18)

    Hellenic liturgies edict gives a staggering 10 squalor minus. Is this intended?
  9. Re: [Help] Ability to auto-activate at the start of a battle?

    There seems to be another table named "unit_special_abilities" where you can decide if the unit ability is 'passive' or not. I suppose that is the one you should change if yuo want your hoplite unit...
  10. Re: [Help] Ability to auto-activate at the start of a battle?

    Hello Iktah! Table you are looking for is the "unit_abilities" in data packs. There you can edit abilities and you will see a column that decides if the ability needs to be pressed to get activated,...
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    Re: [Submod] Alternative Traits

    Yes the current vanilla libraries and military academies are the places characters can improve themselves.

    Not all mindsets can be improved with those buildings though, some require specific...
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    Re: EB2, 2.35, Video AAR, Lugiones

    First time watching one of these and I find it fascinating! It is like a detailed history documentary. Subscribed.
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    Sticky: Re: Feature Preview: WAR REPARATIONS

    Not experienced with scripting but that does not seem possible because we do not have a condition that checks if enemy faction is reduced to one settlement. Even if the team can find another way,...
  14. Re: New pictures for aruernoi and aedui temples buildings

    Promising work. I was going to suggest a hammer&anvil symbol for the Gobbannus but your torc choice is good as well and unique, anvil is a bit generic you know..

    Rosmerta could use a natural...
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    Re: Tough luck

    Only one loss and it is the general?! Bollywood stuff right there :laughter:
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    Re: [Submod] Alternative Traits

    @Goffredo85 Only works in Grand Campaign but soon I will look into Alexander, CıG and HatG to edit personalities historically, as well as vanilla ones such as Pyyrhos, Antigonos, Ptolemy,...
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    Re: [Submod] Alternative Traits

    Hmm I'm pretty sure PIGS worked with this one. But maybe because I added both mods in scripting.lua...Anyway it is simple to make it compatible isn't it? Not gameplay-wise of course.

    Help about...
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    Re: [Submod] Alternative Traits

    Goffredo85 Yes technically it should be compatible with most mods. I play it fine with Scipio's realism, PIGS & VPS or Data Venia (thx Ygraine ^^). Though with PIGS, it creates a looong wall of...
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    [Submod] Alternative Traits

    Salve! This is a tiny customization I've been testing for some time. Thought I should share so a couple rpg maniacs like me can have some flavour when doing self-commentaries during campaigns....
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    Re: Total War Sage: Troy leaked

    I think that region is too big for a dlc, surely they will milk it in future with another saga game...Indian market just as juicy as Chinese isn't it?

    What I hope is a Successor Wars DLC, as the...
  21. [Question - Idea] Possible supply mechanic with "More towns and cities" mod?

    This mod, as the name suggest, adds some -historically noteworthy but not presented in game- small towns to the campaign map....
  22. Re: Divide et Impera 1.2.5 and Alexander Campaign Released!

    By the gods, my heart became filled with warmth, pride and childlike joy.
  23. Re: How does DeI compare to Ancient Empires mod in Attila

    Both of them are great mods imo. But for some reason I always find myself returned to Rome II. Maybe it is about Attila's map & icons. They're too dark and small and color palette bore the crap out...
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    Re: Trait triggers?

    Okay for example this was one of my first tries;

    function testskillassign_impl(context)
    return char_is_general(context:character()) and context:character():has_garrison_residence()

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    Re: Trait triggers?

    Trying to force a skill to chars for two whole days, with different char lookups, skill keys and other stuff in many possible ways, and result is frustratingly zero. I was not able to add a second...
  26. Re: [Submod] Unofficial 12tpy Recruitment Mod

    This is amazing. Would you do a 4tpy version?
  27. Re: [SUBMOD: a Political Overhaul] PIGS Alpha_02 (DeI 1.2.4b) [upd: 09.jun/19]

    Working smoothly in my campaigns. :thumbsup2

    Do you think effect values are enough though? I got the impression that they are a bit low, at some point in a campaign I forgot the status feature....
  28. Re: [Teaser Preview] Divide et Impera: Alexander

    I wish CA shared map tools. We could create a new one for campaigns of this era. Imagine a detailed map spanning from Adriatic to India...
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    Re: Trait triggers?

    DeI of course, I don't think I'll ever return to vanilla.

    My plan was to remove "brawler/commander/scholar" traits and implement...
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    Re: Trait triggers?

    Yes that's what I wanted, I tried your script and it worked like magic! Very flexible code, allows many traits to be assigned at once and also with adjustable chances. It's a pity we can't make it...
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    Trait triggers?

    So I've been trying to create trait triggers with multipel outcomes but I have come to a dead end. Issue is, effect.trait("...", "...", x, x, context) simply does not fire when there are more then...
  32. Re: [Overhaul Submod] "Data Venia" (for DeI 1.2.4 - Updated 2019-04-10)

    I don't know if its just my campaigns, but cavalry units lost their horses! They start as footmen in loose formation. I'm using latest version btw.
  33. Re: The Imperial Mauryan Expeditionary Colony - yea or nay

    Yup, been there, done that, in my first ever dei campaign.

    Decided a mauryan kingdom in kyrenaika would offer a more exciting campaign, sent two expeditions to egypt. First expedition caught...
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    Re: Specializing family members

    I presume it takes a long time to acquire these mastery traits. Your character needs related skills and he needs to be in satisfied settlements with advanced libraries. Old age is required too....
  35. Re: [Submod: a political overhaul] PIGS Beta_03 (for DeI 1.2.4a) - TESTERS NEEDED! [upd. feb.09/19]

    This is very promising work Jake. General's Status feature is just the one I was hoping to see. Though I dont get the thing, do mental & physical conditions change completely random or can they get...
  36. Sticky: Re: [Feedback] Questions, Critiques and Requests for 1.2

    really enjoying the mod so far, fantastic experience. vanilla feels so arcadey after dei.

    just finished a campaign (lost, precisely lol) as syrakusa and it was helluva intense. roleplaying with...
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