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    Re: Does confederation affect culture?

    This is just a guess, but I notice that your province has a "world wonder" type effect (looks like a Greek temple with green background). Perhaps that wonder grants a large passive Persian culture...
  2. Thread: Thank you!

    by MagicCuboid

    Re: Thank you!

    I'm happy to echo the chorus of appreciation! It is so rare for a mod to have such a blend of innovative game features, excellent balance, beautiful textures and modelling, AND bugfree flawless...
  3. Re: The best of the Rome are the oldest people in Rome

    Bear in mind that afflictions associated with being elderly today were simply not as common in antiquity. A 60 year old was closer to the end of their life in ancient times than today, but that...
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    Re: Unit Cards For DeI

    Just wanted to add to the chorus that your unit cards are really great! They look very professional and are an artistic evolution from the current DEI cards. AOR and Merc are a great area to focus...
  5. Re: (Advice) How to play a Parthian campaign advice

    I know this is old, but there aren't enough Parthia threads :).

    I'm surprised nobody's mentioned confederations! I've managed to conquer Chorasmia and Parthia without fighting a single battle*. I...
  6. Sticky: Re: Announcement: War of the West on Hiatus-Updated

    Good to hear!
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    Re: Any recommend DLC for DEI?

    Seconded on Caesar in Gaul, but only if you want a challenge. There are some really cool campaign features in that, though, like the tech tree. And who doesn't want to play as CAESAR?
  8. Re: [Official Submod] XIIICaesar's Legions of Rome - Divide et Impera (DeI) Ed. ***8-7-2015 UPDATE***

    Hey awesome, that's great. I was annoyed having to subscribe/rename/unsubscribe mods in the workshop because of that bad mod manager. I really wonder why, now that Mitch is working at CA, they can't...
  9. Re: [Official Submod] XIIICaesar's Legions of Rome - Divide et Impera (DeI) Ed. ***8-7-2015 UPDATE***

    Thanks XIIICaesar :). By the way, here's the link to Zonks's modified version of your mod:

    That version is from 1.1b....
  10. Re: Idling AI + Naval and Siege weapon Autoresolve

    That's true, BMLlednar, my campaign has a military port and I'm mostly using assault ships (above Trireme, below Quinquereme). All transport ships should have the same health.

    Once you get...
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    Re: Tips for Romans?

    In my Rome campaign, it's been all about diplomacy, trade agreements, and raiding enemy territory. I play on Hard (medium battles), and started the game very slowly. I was building a lot and...
  12. Re: Idling AI + Naval and Siege weapon Autoresolve

    Well... that's not entirely true. I just defeated a 20 stack Carthaginian transport navy with about 11 Roman ships, and I only lost one ship. That said, I did maneuver extremely carefully to avoid...
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    Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.1c (Updated November 10)

    Thanks for keeping the mod so regularly updated! Version 1.1 is better than ever before and has rekindled my love of the game. You guys set the standard for mod support :). Also, the two part...
  14. Poll: Re: Poll : manuscript style OR more realistic style building UI cards

    I love both, but the manuscript version gives the mod such a unique aesthetic that I prefer it. Either way finix, all of your unit cards and building icons have gone so far above and beyond what I've...
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    Re: DEI Battle Formation: The Boar's Tusks

    Hey cool. Given the heavy javelin use, this would be pretty good against elephants, too. The key is just managing the ammunition used by the peltasts, because it runs out fast.
  16. Re: Kaziel's Roman Early Republic(1.1 Update)

    Thanks Admiral Nelson! What a pleasant surprise; I was going to get around to doing this eventually, but you've beat me to it :).
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    Re: KAM Appreication Thread

    KAM's philosophy of game battling is extremely well thought-out, and his meticulous trial-and-error approach really rose the challenge and FUN of the battles to a whole new level in Total War in...
  18. Re: What's up with the battles? Is this even DeI anymore?

    First off, I'm glad the heavier units performed more to your tastes! Secondly, I'd just like to address that "cancelling out" the enemy Rhodians was actually just an apt tactical maneuver on your...
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    Re: EB style expansion system.

    If anything were to change about the building chains, I like gornoviceanu's above idea of temporary occupation buildings. A short, dead-end temporary building chain representing the military...
  20. Re: [PREVIEW] Divide et Impera 1.1: Campaign Changes

    Have I noticed that the Romans have been split between the Populares and the Optimates as well?
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    Sticky: [Tool] Re: Mod Manager [Updated 25/04/14]

    Mitch works for CA now... I don't think he'd really be allowed.
  22. Re: I just watched of Legionarii Clibanariorum (costing 1045) get routed by a unit of Perioikoi Hoplitae (costing 820)

    "Horribly mauled" is a pretty heavy exaggeration. The two units were in a dead heat until a dice roll determined the late hastati ran first. At various points in the video, the late hastati gained...
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    Re: Mitch joins CA

    Wow, congratulations, Mitch! Glad to see CA has an eye for talent :)
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    Poll: Re: How do you rate Attila?

    I played through the Visigoth prologue campaign, and I have to say that the new family tree and intrigue options are a lot of fun. Characters seem to accumulate lots of traits, good and bad, and...
  25. Re: [Submod] Improved Spotting Distances for more Tactical AI RELEASED Feb 2

    664566 I'll test your idea tomorrow and see if it works as well :)
  26. Re: [Submod] Improved Spotting Distances for more Tactical AI RELEASED Feb 2

    Added a new "Extreme" version made by Butan. This one allows NO hiding whatsoever; consider for testing purposes.
  27. Re: [SUBMOD] Kaziel's Early Republican Rome submod for DeI 1.03

    Awesome! The best part is now you know how to mix and match units to your heart's content :). Although that is definitely the "hard way". Using BOB from the assembly kit is way more intuitive, it...
  28. Re: [Submod] Guerrilla Wars (improved hiding/ambushes)

    Cool idea, Butan! I could take notes on how to present a mod... :laughter:

    @rjacko10 Try the "alternative version" of my mod for single player campaigns. It decreases the LOS for hidden units...
  29. Re: [Submod] Improved Spotting Distances for more Tactical AI RELEASED Feb 2

    Absolutely KAM!
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    Re: Greek/Macedonian start pos

    I love to imagine if real life were a Total War campaign. I can just imagine the Eastern factions all champing at the bit to get revenge on the Diadokoi/Greeks for the Alexandrian Conquest. Finally,...
  31. Re: Increased Spotting Distances for a More Tactical BAI

    Steam version added!
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    Re: [Submod] Client Levies

    Thanks for this! I really enjoy levying the occasional units, and will just use restraint if there's no realistic option.

    edit: I think you have to edit your share permissions on the file to...
  33. Re: Increased Spotting Distances for a More Tactical BAI

    I can make a Steam version if you prefer. The mod itself really does not require any files other than spotting_and_hiding_tables, so it can basically be incorporated anywhere for anything :thumbsup2...
  34. Increased Spotting Distances for a More Tactical BAI

    Hi everybody!

    Due to developments in this thread on the DEI forum, and the ingenious idea of Krixux, a few of us have been searching for methods to improve the tactical ability of the AI.

  35. Re: [TEST SUBMOD] Improved Spotting Distances for more Tactical AI

    Awesome!! Nothing like a KAM seal of approval :). I have to say myself that I wasn't too sure if anything was accomplished until I watched my own replay videos. The AI behavior in two identical...
  36. Re: [Experimental] More challenging, BAI friendly battles - 30.01.2015

    There is a flurry of casualties right in the beginning of battle now, true, but the Hastati still serve a great purpose. They burn an enemy's missiles and return the favor, and they tire out the...
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    Re: Mod summit and DEI

    "...but there is one thing that the corporation cannot do. When it enters fields of individual creativeness it not only fails but it shrivels the creator. It cannot order the writing of good books...
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    Poll: Re: Faction Trait Discussion Thread

    Remember, faction traits that influence diplomacy should be tied to entire culture groups, not just specific factions. Specific starting faction values are in a separate domain of db editing.
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    Re: Mod Summit 2015 Report


    ...I'll see myself to the door...
  40. Re: [TEST SUBMOD] Improved Spotting Distances for more Tactical AI

    Thanks for the report, krunsh! I'm glad the AI is beginning to offer some surprises :).

    @Butan, "hidingscalar" is definitely worded to be some kind of adjustment to a unit's ability to hide. It...
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