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    Re: EB-Twitter updates Discussion

    Pontic BG is going to be replaced? By what? I would love to know. Also will we be getting more eastern infantry? As pontos i feel like they are seriously lacking in Eastern infantry for the faction...
  2. Re: Silly Suggestion: Petition for a Historical-Realistic Script

    Awesome! i might modify this to my own taste. I think 40 turns might be a little to long, but testing it will show. I also think adding in at least 1-3 experience for the infantry would be very...
  3. Re: Silly Suggestion: Petition for a Historical-Realistic Script

    I am glad to hear this. The total war games have been FAR far to easy ever since they removed civil wars back in medieval 1 total war. Even as Pontos and other Nigh impossible factions you rush a few...
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    Re: Stronger Generals/Harder Battles

    I noticed the AI flees more. And yea i seriously dont want to play without this ever again. All battles are much longer now thhat thhe general does not die in the first 5 minutes.
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    Re: New Unit - Help!

    AWESOME! i was really sad at the Carthage army because i had to wait 100 + turns to get my "roman armored" troops. I wish there was a way to make units get a Armor bonus after battles like they do...
  6. Re: New pictures for aruernoi and aedui temples buildings

    Beautiful work. I would love to see one of these on a battle map (like the greek temples you see on a few battle maps)
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    Re: Is Spain basically Vietnam?

    After all this thread. I'm wondering if we can get some Events or scripts that trigger in Spain that make it hard to conquer as a Hellenistic or roman faction. I know where getting more rebellion...
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    Re: Historical Gameplay Let's Plays

    Hey man enjoying the videos. The other Hot Key with the UI is ctrl + f2 key. This Removes the Unit Name and Status. So that way your cursor wont bring up that small box where it says they are steady...
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    Re: Portrait Enhancement Project

    Nice mod! I also was not a big fan of the Portraits. Not that they were "bad" They just lacked armor, and helmets. This makes the character more personal.
  10. Re: First person perspective for Medieval 2 is becoming a reality!

    We need this! And Using General cam.
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    Re: EB-Twitter updates Discussion

    Nice work! i also love the illergetes and their return! i was missing them so much.
  12. Re: Political turmoil during a change on the throne

    I am with Lusitanio and the other guy that mentioned Rebel stacks popping up. You can even make them well trained (4-6) chevron depending on unit. To make the battle tougher and to in a way...
  13. Re: The Devs of this mod should be ashamed and all tw devs should question their jobs !!!

    This mod is indeed wonderful.

    I dont post so much, But i get to play around 1-2 hrs a day. ANd yeah EB is super stable now. AND I LOVE the new units.

    Also Try Lusitanios Sub mod and add 2 hp...
  14. Re: So what exactly are they saying on the campaign & battle maps anyway? My transliterations!

    I also would love this.
  15. Re: Advice for dealing with Sarmatians as Pontos, or generally for fighting nomad stacks as settled factions

    or just auto resolve.

    Honestly we will never get the absolutely perfect historical role of these units in any TW game ever. The series has gone a funny way. And i highly doubt CA or anyone really...
  16. Sticky: Re: [Help the EBII Team] Screenshots of all the units in the mod

    Why not help the EB team than? if you can make better units than do so and everyone will be happy.
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    Re: Suicidal AI Generals

    WOW this thread should not die, Seriously. I tried this, added +1 to the first level of AI general as Quintus said. And i LOVE the game even more now. Just had a massive battle, where i actually...
  18. Poll: Re: [30th Faction slot] What would you like to see?

    I would say Scripting. I love this mod, and as much as it would be great to get a new faction, If your able to script the Rebels to be a big challenge, We will have a Syrakousai that is a threat, We...
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    Sticky: Re: Announcement: Europa Barbarorum II 2.35 released!

    I just wanna say THANK YOU! this is awesome! i love the new units. And the AI in battle seems a lot better, this is not mentioning that Pike phalanxes are actually deadly now and are actually useful....
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    Re: EB-Twitter updates Discussion

    Im really excited about the new release. Im not gonn ask for a time, its been 1 year i think since the last big update. I cant wait to use all the new units!
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    Re: EB-Twitter updates Discussion

    I also just want to say i am happy for the new units! The best part about EB 2, is that while we may have traded how good phalanxes were in EB 1 we get WAY more units, which is preferred as ...
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    Re: Non-Cavalry Tactics

    Geneva is righht.

    I too had this problem as OP, and i did Limit myself a lot in EB 1 because of it. But ya know what, I find myself still having fun, If you really are tired of winning a lot, use...
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    Re: EB-Twitter updates Discussion

    I am excited for all the new units!

    Best part of the mod for me has been by far, how detailed the units are, instead of "generic spearmen" i actually learn who these people were a little. With...
  24. Re: Steppe Archery and or Archery question about scythians

    Well what im getting from all this. Is Steppe archers probably had something like the Romans with not tiring units (that thing from rome whhere they hold onto each other) But with Eagles? with a...
  25. Re: Steppe Archery and or Archery question about scythians

    I saw the same passage. i shoot a 55 lb bow, and in the hot weather where i live (70-80f) it would not be easy to shoot for more than an hr out in that weather with a bow. It gets you thirsty and...
  26. Re: Question about the Iberians. and Iberic factions.

    I would like to know, has anyone got pictures of these troops? I would like to see what later stage iberians wore. Or did they just adapt roman armor? i mean they had to have been some iberians that...
  27. Re: Steppe Archery and or Archery question about scythians

    Do you know what sort of lb the scythians used? 45 lbs? 50 lbs? i imagine with so much shooting going on during a battle, they would probably have gone for something like a 45. but i dont really...
  28. Steppe Archery and or Archery question about scythians

    Is there any historical document or reference to what weight was on the bows of the saka, or pahlavians? 45 lb draw weight? it is said that the Native americans did not often go above 45 lb...
  29. Re: Question about the Iberians. and Iberic factions.

    Did they also hunt only with javelins? If so did they do sort of what modern day archers do? Set up a blind or build a small tree house to sit in along a path that the animals they hunted frequented.
  30. Re: Question about the Iberians. and Iberic factions.

    Another question i had. Why do they not have archers? I mean was it just a culture thing? like bows considered cowardly, and javelins / slings manly? Out of all the cultures in Europe, why no...
  31. Re: Question about the Iberians. and Iberic factions.

    Thanks that is indeed true. I suppose when we get even more units, to represent regions, it will be easier to distinguish this kind of culture fusion. And add to the role playing aspect.

  32. Re: Question about the Iberians. and Iberic factions.

    Ok. I get what your saying. That does make logical and historical sense. They are a Migration / purposely kept small band. I can abandon the old regions as we move. Ok so like Germanic migrating...
  33. Re: Question about the Iberians. and Iberic factions.

    Thank you for the response Quintus. It would be nice to have a thread dedicated to each faction, with information and real life pictures of artifacts, or even drawings of them, such as the thread...
  34. Question about the Iberians. and Iberic factions.

    So i love playing as lusitania, and as the aruenoi. But one crippling thing is stopping me from enjoying them. How could either factions possibly from a historical point of view. Escaped the...
  35. Re: Ilustrations and images of the Hellenistic Period.

    Thhanks for the POST! i wish there was more imagery and illustrations.

    Was just thinking about how ancient life was, And could not imagine it. These pictures make it easier to see how now.
  36. Anyone else game unable to launch after over clocking their GPU or CPU?

    My EB 2 wont work now :( which is sad, i KNOW its because i over clocked. I had this issue in the past. Has anyone found a fix for this? My med 2 is non steam, and it is in my SSD. The launch.bat...
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    Sticky: Re: Launcher & String and CTD issues(post here)

    I have began experiencing crashes on the game now when i try to start it.

    This worked perfectly, untill today, and it is related to my overclocking of GPU and CPU, all other games work fine, but...
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    Re: Battle AI too easy

    The Ai is not too bad. you are just too good! lol. Trust me i have this problem also. If you are veteran Total war Player. YOU are always win. The way to mitigate this. Use Hard or VH battle AI. and...
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    Re: Let's all vent about EBII!

    This seems really stupid.

    If Gustave wants to leave he can. it sucks for textures but someone else will have to take his place. This entire thread is stupid also. Are we suppose to now be fanboys...
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    Re: EB-Twitter updates Discussion

    I am excited to see these hoplites! I love how different Pontic is compared to so many other factions. Steppe horse archers, Greek Line infantry,Galatian Shock/assualt troops, Persian cavalry. ...
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