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    Curia Report - Term 1
    May 14th 2021 - September 14th 2021

    Consul's Commentary

    Well, it's that season again. Typically these reports are authored by the Consul at the end of their term but our previous Consul, Emperor Commodus, refused to finish this report so the duty has fallen to me. This term marked the end of my second or third term serving as Censor, something I quite enjoy doing, and marked the beginning of my first term as Consul. Things in the Curia were very uneventful this term, and aside from a failed Ostrakon and a couple of Citizenships given out not much can really be said for this term.

    Looking forward to the next 6 months,



    I. Consul. 13/05/2021 - Emperor Commodus elected as Consul after regular expiration of King Athelstan's term.

    II. Magistrate. 05/06/2021 - Akar elected as Magistrate after the expiration of Legio Italica's (hence known as Lord Thesaurian's) term.

    III. Magistrate. 18/06/2021 - Gaius Balter elected as Magistrate following the above election declared invalid.

    IV. Consul. 12/9/2021 - Akar elected as Consul following the regular expiration of Emperor Commodus' term.


    21/05/2021- [Decision] - Remove the Rostra [8-1-1]

    Citizenship Applications

    01/07/2021 - CookieGod awarded with Citizenship. Patron: Adamat [14-4-0]

    05/07/2021 - Visarion awarded with Artifex. Patron: Gaius Baltar [12-0-0]


    Disciplinary Procedures

    08/31/2021 - [Ostrakon] Pontifex Maximus [15-8-2]

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