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    The fine art of Wild Camping - abiding in the middle of nowhere

    Above: the fireplace and the oven (left) that we built some years ago in the place we usually camp at

    A due introduction: this is not about survivalism, but about how to make yourself

    Flinn November 07, 2019 08:55 AM
    General Brewster

    "I'm fine, just busy"

    I think this is a phrase that we all, one way or another hear aplenty. Looking at my own situation, my friends would all say it, my parents will say it and frankly, I caught myself doing it a lot as well.

    General Brewster November 01, 2019 01:16 PM
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    Re: Bug Reports

    I found a major bug in vanilla Wrath Of Sparta that I haven't seen being addressed anywhere. The bug is that generals do not get the weapon damage bonus

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    Re: Edessa Campaign

    The count waved a hand, dismissing the compliment. He leans on the saddle's high pommel.

    "We might very well do, it's your duty as my

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    Re: Edessa Campaign

    "Well negotiated, my lord."

    Hugh had garbed himself in loose fitting silks as the Turks and Arabs did, his squire following shortly

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    Re: Is it Game Over on the climate front?

    Maybe if it was thrown at the Chineses' heads with free construction plans, this might turn the tide.

    It's such an incredible shame that

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    General Brewster

    Re: Antioch Campaign

    Bohemond, having been confident there was a higher plan for him, accepted the emir's food. If it were poisoned Bohemond was sure to survive. He had

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