12-player bracket - 2nd round - Ramble12 vs Adanedhel

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  1. Adanedhel
    Yea, the southern settlements will most definitely fall. I think that the better option for you would be to wait maybe one or two turns more under siege and threaten me with reinforcements. I would have to send a few units to deal with that, which could be just enough for you to break the siege. However, I had my own reinforcements coming in, so don't know if that would matter.
  2. Adanedhel
    Here is the best result of the battle, after a few tries, if you're wondering: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0...GhxV0VKRlpfMGs
  3. Ramble12
    I thought the settlement bonus was always the same, let's say "number", that was not affected by number of troops in the settlement. And given I destroyed same number of your troops, I thought you would not take the settlement with same odds. I just had to try it and wait for those mission units to spawn there and break the siege later. Otherwise you'd be able to take it after few turns during which I'd lose 60 men per turn, while succesfully harassing my reinforcements with a Drillmaster
  4. Adanedhel
    That was my plan. If I couldn't beat your full army, I could at least besiege you a couple of turns, weakening your troops, and take the settlement, after say 2-3 turns. I even tested it out, and it worked. But since you decided to draw against me, I was even happier, cause I knew I could defeat you then.

    So, do we end this now?
  5. Ramble12
    I think so.
    It was a good match, although I couldn't put up a fight
    Good luck in the next matches!
  6. Adanedhel
    Thanks for playing!
  7. Captainnorway
    well played Adanedhel for winning
  8. Ramble12
    Np, mate. Hopefully I take my revenge
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