12-player bracket - 1st round - Dragon. vs Oathsworn

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  1. Oathsworn
    Well. Dragon kill my princess before me.

    Edit: I just realized that he didnt.
  2. General Dragon.
    General Dragon.
    Yep, I didn't kill your princess. I didn't even have good chance for that, but now you probably married her to a adopted family member. To be honest there is a merit for both, as princess is an agent and a family member aswell. I always considered them more as an agent. Well I already did my turn, so I ask Kolu what is his opinion about this.
  3. Oathsworn
    I also want to ask how can you reach my army with your "lazy" king. He was so far away?
  4. kolu2210
    If Jadli has ruled that princesses are agents, then they are agents for the purpose of this round. (I would have said no: family member)

    If his lazy king reached - he reached
  5. Oathsworn
    I just want to know. Because i host a game to see he can reach there. He couldn't. 1v1 mode must give everybody MP or something.
  6. Adanedhel
    It's possible he couldn't reach you to begin a battle, but he didn't have to. He attacked you with a cavalry unit.
  7. General Dragon.
    General Dragon.
    As Adanedhel said, only my king could move next to your prince, but couldn't initiate the attack itself.
  8. Oathsworn
    I'm not in home. Need a little bit extension i think.
  9. Ramble12
    Plus he could get movement bonuses from battles
  10. Ventos Mustel
    Ventos Mustel
    Movement bonuses from gained traits dont apply until the next turn, I thought?
  11. Adanedhel
  12. Oathsworn
  13. Ramble12
    I meant some that Oathsworn didn't add in his emulation Dragon could get way before that turn
  14. General Dragon.
    General Dragon.
    I forfeit this game. Well played Oathsworn. You used your starting advantage very well, with rushing towards me. You had better starting quality units aswell as generals and with rushing ahead you secured the crucial settlements which were another fortress and a castle, which gaves way more manpower that those rich cities I have in my vicinity.
    As it was said Aragon has a good advantage with starting units, generals and settlements compared to Portugal. Also the MP you can get in this mod is just beastlike. The battle which we just won was miles away from Leon and he could still reach me with his king.
    Also my personal opinion on this mod is that the AR is quiet heavily can be unbalanced sometimes especially when you get more fortresses and castles on your disposal. Like I couldn't defeat your prince Oath with 1.3k units. The guy had 400 men againts 1300 and not a single time I could get a victory without using my king. The generals in this mods are just too damn powerfull sometimes, if you get the right traits.
    While I am kinda annoyed that I lost and I already hated this mod before the whole tournament, this is just my own opinion which should not make Oathsworns plays inferion. He played a good tactic with head starting towards me and I have to admin I expected something else from you, so again congratulations for you and well played.
  15. zender9
    Congratulations to Oathsworn.Despite i'm playing Aragon i was heavily againts SS mod and Portugal vs Aragon match.Aragon starts much better than Portugal as everyone can see.Also AR is crazy, just look at this battle
    My king has 4 heavy cavalry and 1 mailed knights and reinforcement 60 guys are levy archers.And enemy army is full of lusitanian javelinmen and sword militias plus some more professional units.Other 400 enemy reinforcements are urban spear militia which has bonus fighting againts cavalry. 218 vs 1352 . Enemy army is bigger more than 6 times of my king's and yet i can get this victory like %50 chance.

    The reason im still not able to defeat Ventos is bribe system doesn't allow Aragon to use Portugal units unlike Portugal can use Aragon units.This is exactly same with the other turn order rule, i wonder why gaming staff didn't ban that yet.I suggest in next round there must be a rule like bribed forces cannot move or we can make something like 5 and more loyality generals cannot be bribed.
  16. Oathsworn
    at the start of this HS i didn't think i can win this anyway. but as everybody see Aragon has many advantages and that allow me to win.
    i also hate the SS AR system as much as you Dragon but this time it worked for me

    well played!
  17. saleska2
    I look forward to our battle in the next round Oathsworn!
  18. Oathsworn
    I wish you good fortune in wars to come. And now it begins.

    edit: RIP Artur Dayne
  19. Adanedhel
    I'm really surprised by the outcome of this match.
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