1. panzer 4
    panzer 4
    now i am also part of the Armenian Genocide denial group, though i would not say that i deny the genocide, however i do believe it is over inflated if you know what i mean. people think that Ottomans were just evil and had no belief of Co-existance through out their entire life time and were just trying to convert everyone to islam.

    i dispute this, Armenians were some of the most privilged in Ottoman society (bar the final 50 years.) It is also worth noting that everyone in the empire was dieing, and can you blame them? every empire would do the same to enforce their rule. the Greeks slaughtered muslims during their revolution, and most were civilians. yes the Ottomans did the same massacres, but it was a revolution, you dont win against a revolution by being nice and kind to your enemy (see modern day Arab Spring.) regardless, if the Empire was Greek run, or Armenian run, the same would happen, they would do everything, to keep power and maintain their empire.
  2. Mithridates the Great
    Mithridates the Great
    Hello there,you have the support of Greece that suffered a genocide from Turks too!
  3. Fallenempire
    it happened. i saw an interview with Robert fisk once and he was talking about a survivor of the genocide that he interviewed. Well the way the survivor explained his experience it sounds pretty much like the holocaust
  4. Praetorian1
    There's no question about the barbaric brutality of the Turks on many ppls, but the Armenian Genocide tops them all. Its a shame that a century later many still refuse to accept it.
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