[M6R1] Captainnorway vs Paladinbob123 (Saves Thread)

  1. King Athelstan
    King Athelstan
    All the saves of the match will be posted here.


    Captainnorway: Kingdom of Portugal
    Paladinbob123: Crown of Castille
  2. Captainnorway
  3. paladinbob123
  4. Captainnorway
  5. paladinbob123
  6. Captainnorway
    forgot about this... really sorry

    assassination https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vZk...ew?usp=sharing

    Spain https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z27...ew?usp=sharing

    also i'd like to see a victory screenshot that proves the battle was done using AR, i know i also use this style when doing battle pictures, but i always have the original result pic in case i need to provide it. It's just that I've tried similar battles and i was pretty sure you wouldn't be able to win the sige since assault battles in SS are pretty hard when ods are even.
  7. paladinbob123
    ah apologies for delay as only just seen this [as no reminder] but I can redoe the 2 pics of the last battle momentarly..and have the turn done tommorow
  8. paladinbob123

    and the only other way I can really prove that is actually was a "autoresolve" battle was to do a actual video showing the motion...[I enclose below]

    hope this suffices

  9. paladinbob123
  10. Captainnorway
    the pictures above was enough proff
    damn i hate medieval AR some times lol
    i’ll get this tomorrow probably
  11. Captainnorway
  12. paladinbob123
    I concede the game [bows].

    nice move to catch my faction leader as I didn't think you had enough men that could reach

    but losing my capital really breaks my defend line as I didn't think you could capture it as , was playing by the old rules of [catapults can assault also basic stone walls/castles,
    and trebuchets/mangonels can assault also large/huge stone walls and fortresses and citadels]
    as the capital was a large stone wall settlement.

    rather than the amended rules of "Catapults may be used to take any city settlement, though trebuchets are needed for fortresses and citadels" on the TWC thread

    To be honest I have been beaten partily by the rules here[although perhaps my own fault as I am not in the discord where such rules are discussed and such ]...as I didn't press Salamanda {the central most fortress] as I thought the battles against the A.I were autoresolved [melkor updated me on turn3] which allowed me to lose the central position and was gearing my economy for a traditional spy-gate opening , when I was updated on that is the "entering" value rather than the "opening" value which defeated my view on how to wage war[as that computation makes it much more differicult to make any use of spies for SS games], , this caused me , to actually play really aggressive , as with the central ground gone , I had to go for broke...

    But some good play here from Captain , wins this round...congrats and best of luck in the next match [bows in homage ]
  13. Captainnorway
    thanks for the game
    I felt really broken after you captured my settlement in the east

    But i agree that the rules were a mess, i'm on the discord and i'm not even certain sometimes hahaha
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