The Rules

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  1. Jadli
    These rules are used in all matches.
    - Time to play your turn is 24h for each faction. The Admin may grant a 24h extension if needed.
    - There will be no skips/subs. If you are instantly late, or if you break the rules several times, you will be kicked from the HS and your opponent wins the match.
    - No exploits/bugs allowed. F.e. movement bug, naval attack spam, merchant stack/fort, agent stomping, surrounding armies/navies to deny retreat, spies spreading plague.. etc
    - Exploiting AI factions is not allowed ( demanding money, regions or anything else to improve your position)
    - List of known bugs
    The naval fort bug: No using ships to bypass a fort or a settlements Zone of Control.
    Spam siege bug: Besieging a fort or a settlement with a force far superior in it, in order to either prevent that army from reinforcing or in order to cut down a settlements income is not allowed.
    Heroic victory bug: No Heroic victories at all. If you get a heroic victory you must reload until you get a different result, and if you cannot get a different result then you will not be allowed to play the battle.
    Ambush fort bug: No luring men in ambush position into ZoC of forts\settlement's as such robbing them of their movement points.
    Siege reinforcement bug: when the army is adjacent to a fort or a settlements that has been put under siege it cannot reinforce armies adjacent to him which he should have been able to reinforce on normal occasions. Attacking an army which the siege reinforcements bug applies to is not allowed
    Navy inside ports attacked bug: no using this bug to attack ships which are inside ports.
    Yoyo armies\forts bug: no attacking an army which the bug has been used on multiple times. You can see when this bug occurs, as the enemy army enters the fort and then leaves it.

    Military rules
    -No one turn peace ( although you cannot attack/enter enemy land of the opponent, if he hasnt played his first turn yet).
    - No Jihad or Crusades allowed.

    - All battles are auto-resolved. Screenshots must be posted with: odds and result screens, mouse over the odds bar to show the ratio, the armies involved with their banners visible on the campaign map, unit card of siege unit must be visible if used to directly assault settlement. In some matches manual battles against AI will be allowed.
    - Armies that are defeated in battle by a player that comes after them in the turn list may not move the following turn. This is to make it fair for people who are defeated by players that come before them in the turn list.Armies standing in fortifications (fort/settlement) when defeated are excluded from this rule.
    - Heroic victories vs players aren't allowed.

    - You are not allowed to post a defeat
    - Ships cannot leave blockaded ports. No attacking ships in ports using a game bug. It's not allowed to keep units protected by placing them in ships docked in a port. Ports can be also blockaded by ground units - 2 full units per a ship in blockaded port.
    - You are not allowed to construct watch towers. This is to prevent blocking the possible construction of forts.
    -Not allowed to besiege a settlement/fort to deny its garrison participation in battle.
    - You are not allowed to besiege a settlement to deny enemy retreat into it.
    - You are not allowed to lure an ambushing army a tile further to bring it in range of more of your forces.
    - Limit of 3 forts per region/per player, at least 4 units required to be stationed at each fort.
    - Each unit of siege equipment can be used just once in each turn to take settlement/fort.
    Ballistas can assault wooden walls,
    catapults can assault also basic stone walls/castles,
    and trebuchets/mangonels can assault also large/huge stone walls and fortresses and citadels.

    Agent rules
    - Spies are not allowed to open Gates on players, unless there is at least 60% chance of entering into the settlement/fort ( if a spy was has been in city for several turns, you will have to leave the settlement/fort and enter it again). If inside the settlement/fort is more than 720 men, than spy may not open the gates anyway.
    - Limit of 3 assassins per player. +1 Assassin for every 10 regions you control.

    - Assassins cannot sabotage and are not allowed to kill family members or generals. Assassins need at least 50% chance to kill other agents, for enemy assassins just 30% is required.
    - Princesses are not allowed to steal Family Members. They may steal general with 35%.
    - Merchants need 60% to acquire other merchant's assets. Only allowed in your own regions, Rebel Controlled Regions, or regions you have aquired Trade rights to. Screenshots required
    - Bribed units/agents cant move for one turn. You can bribe only settlements/forts that your armies can directly march into.

    Settlement rules

    -In order to Destroy any buildings you must have held control of the settlement for at least 3 turns.
    - You may not destroy a building if the settlement is under siege or an overwhelming enemy force is 1 turn away.
    - You are allowed to destroy Temples immediately.
    - Not allowed to exterminate settlements
  2. yzj991
    I don't quite understand this. Can someone explain this to me again? THX!
    "Siege reinforcement bug: when the army is adjacent to a fort or a settlements that has been put under siege it cannot reinforce armies adjacent to him which he should have been able to reinforce on normal occasions. Attacking an army which the siege reinforcements bug applies to is not allowed"
  3. saleska2
    Also, there should be no abusing AI with diplomacy to get a crapload of money or demand a settlement from em.

    Also, probably smart to take as much rules and implement them as we can find here: as we are already having our first case about rulings
  4. Ramble12
    What about letting Princesses steal AI generals and opponent's with 30-40% probability?
  5. Adanedhel
    I don't see a problem with stealing AI generals with princesses. Basically, any rules that are stated above do not apply to AI. In that sense, you canabuse the AI.
  6. Jadli
    Exploits that arent listed are still exploits, yet Ill add some into The Rules.

    About AI, you can basically do pretty much what you like with them ( except exploiting them).

    to yzj991: Simply, when army that should participate in battle for some reason doenst, its because of this. Thus you cant attack it ( Although, not sure if I ever encountered this bug, so ...)
  7. Ventos Mustel
    Ventos Mustel
    Half the things called bugs up in that top section are normal game features that the hotseat community just doesnt like (building watchtowers to deny forts, besieging a fort to deny trade income). Its been a niggling peeve of mine for a while
  8. Fernandez_1492
    i agree, some of these are bull.
  9. zender9
    Whats that spy %60 rule.Opening gates or entering the settlement/fort ? We have problems every single turn
  10. Adanedhel
  11. zender9
    Yea i learned that few minutes ago.I believe its late if you think we are at turn 5.But i can still use my spies to counter his.
  12. Ventos Mustel
    Ventos Mustel
    Yeah, the reason why the rule is always on entering rather than opening is because that way there is some counterplay possible. Having a character with Public Security or Subterfuge inside a fort/settlement reduces the chance of any subterfuge missions against it succeeding, while the open chance only cares about the total subterfuge of the spies inside.
  13. misafeco
    Forts are no wooden things? Why we can't assault it with ballista?

    Is moving agents more than they normally can forbidden?
  14. Jadli
    The forts are usually made of stone in medieval ( even though its stupid), thats the reason.

    I dont get what do you mean with the agents, if they have some bonus mps because of their traits, then you can surely use it
  15. misafeco
    So ballistas are only good against Large Towns. Okay.

    I mean you step on your agent with other agent or military unit and push him toward the target so he can reach it even if it's out of reach normally.

    Is it allowed to step on enemy agent (not killing him just forcing him to move)?
  16. Ventos Mustel
    Ventos Mustel
    Does the rule regarding each piece of artillery only being able to be used to take something once per turn apply only to settlements, or does it also apply to forts?
  17. Jadli
    You can move agents by stepping them to make a place fort fort, if the enemy is using them to block you from doing so. You cant use it to reach settlememts you should not be able to.

    Ballistas can attack wooden walls, so not only large towns.

    Killling agent by steping on them isnt allowed

    To Ventos: Yes, it applies to both
  18. misafeco
    Only small towns & large towns have wooden walls, and in the Iberian peninsula there are no small towns (late campaign). Cities have stone walls.
  19. zender9
    Then its simple dude.Ballistas are useless.
  20. misafeco
    I realized it. There are only few large towns.
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