Followers of Jesus Christ

  1. HMD Temeraire
    HMD Temeraire
    I have given up any form of candy.
  2. Godfrey I of Leuven
    Godfrey I of Leuven
    I skip lunch..
  3. Antiochos VII Sidetes
    Antiochos VII Sidetes
    You poor suffering soul.
  4. hull19
    For Lent, i gave up all candy, alcohol and some food i eat to much.
  5. hull19
    I'm happy to find that some people dont mind talking about faith even if they come from different churches.
    By the way, im a Baptist Evangelist protestant.
  6. HMD Temeraire
    HMD Temeraire
    To me it doesn't matter what church you go to just as long as you go to church. I have got tons of friends who don't go to my church.
  7. Godfrey I of Leuven
    Godfrey I of Leuven
    I'm afraid I don't go to church, yet I pray in times of need or setback.. I think the church going will be for when I reach an older age

    ps: Roman Catholic
  8. hull19
    well, in my opinion, not going to church isnt that bad if you believe in God and pray him
  9. HMD Temeraire
    HMD Temeraire
    I suppose that is true. But is is probably preferable if you go to church.
  10. Godfrey I of Leuven
    Godfrey I of Leuven
    I think it would be great if the masses would be given in Latin.
  11. manofarms89
    some of the more traditional conservative churches still do
  12. hull19
    i wouldn't like mass in latin cause i wouldnt understand a thing
  13. Godfrey I of Leuven
    Godfrey I of Leuven
    But you would learn (I think)
  14. HMD Temeraire
    HMD Temeraire
    Or you could just stand there respectfully pretending to understand.
  15. hull19
    Or you could just stand there respectfully pretending to understand.

    that is so me....
  16. hull19
    I had a question:
    -What do you guys think of the number 23 and its "evil/goodness"? Do you guys think it is an adnormal number?? Is it unholy? Or holy? Is it a conspiracy from the beggining of times?
  17. Hun Birodalom
    Hun Birodalom
    The "23 Enigma" became widely known largely due to Robert Anton Wilson and his "The Illuminatus! Trilogy". Interestingly he thinks that the 23 Enigma is a demonstration of the mind's power to perceive "truth" in nearly anything.
    Also, this association of the number 23 with tragic events/misfortune and the likes is quite recent (50 years or so). Here is some "interesting" points about the number 23.
  18. pericles_plato
    In the U.S.A. most people that are christian are in the south.
  19. Templar Hospitaller
    Templar Hospitaller
    So, anyone been to Jerusalem and visited the Church of the Holy Sepulcher?
  20. pericles_plato
    I want to but i want the violence to stop before i go. Dont want to get hit in cross fire.
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