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  1. Galerius Priscus
    Galerius Priscus
    As Arian says, you can pray to God subconsiously. I pray, but not on a regular basis.
    Do you believe that God meant for Christianity to become like it is now? In churches and majestic cathedrals? Does it not state that you do not have to show that you are a believer, as long as you know of yourself that you are?
  2. portvcale 1200
    portvcale 1200
    i just do wat the bible says
    it says to pray ,i pray ..
    its says to help the poor people ..
    i help the poor people and i care about
    them and many other things .

    see this site :

    The blessed virgim mary the mother of god appeared 6 times
    to 3 shepherd children near the town of fatima in portugal , between
    may 13 and october 13 , 1917 .
    Appearing to the children the blessed virgim told them that she had been sent by god with a message for every man ,woman and child
    living in our century ....
  3. portvcale 1200
    portvcale 1200
  4. Saint_jimmyz
    After all, Jesus often has said that god will be present where there are two or more believers gathered together. The church started up as a collection of house groups.
  5. Galerius Priscus
    Galerius Priscus
    That's true, but all the fuss, all the "beautifully" expensive churches, I think it doesn't matter how you gather together and pray, as long as you gather and pray, every way is fine. God doesn't care if that church is prettier then the other, it's the people and the prayers that count.
  6. portvcale 1200
    portvcale 1200
    yes very very true
    galerius priscus
  7. Aldgarkalaughskel
    Hey all, I started a thought-provoking debate, please cut in
    What do atheists believe in?
  8. Galerius Priscus
    Galerius Priscus
    Read it, and posted
    Nice topic, PW
  9. Jaguar6
    I don't think the church is supposed to mean a physical building that we go to every Sunday. It's supposed to be a body of believers, who desire to follow Christ
  10. Legio
    I go!
  11. Jaguar6
    Well so do I, but I think there is more to being a Christian then just going to Church everyday
  12. Galerius Priscus
    Galerius Priscus
    I don't. I pray at home, going to church everyday doesn't make you a better Christian, you could as easily go to church and sleep during the mass, or not, it's your own decision.
  13. portvcale 1200
    portvcale 1200
    i also dont go to the church .
    but i pray everyday thats wat matter to me .
    i dont go to the church ,but i can see it on tv on sundays

    going to church doesnt mean that a person is more catholic or relegious than others ..
    - are more people religious who dont go to church
    -than others who go to the church everyday

    sry my bad english
  14. Aldgarkalaughskel
    I don't know too much about thanksgiving, but Old Dragoon told me, it's this day, so someone could teach me how to do this, because it looks like a nice tradition.

    Do you give thanks for what you received in that year?
  15. Galerius Priscus
    Galerius Priscus
    I think it's also when Americans remember the Pilgrim Fathers, am I right?
  16. Jaguar6
    Yes and no. The first "Thanksgiving" was a three day feast where the Pilgrims thanked God for providing for them and watching over them.
    Nowadays it has become a holiday where you sit around and eat a lot of Turkey. Sadly that is what American culture has done to almost all holidays. Me and my family still remember the true purpose of it though, to give thanks to God for all he has given us
  17. Galerius Priscus
    Galerius Priscus
    As long as you remember the true reason that this feast is there, my friend.
  18. Galerius Priscus
    Galerius Priscus
    A few days ago, I saw in the newspaper that a German company made a chocolat Jesus. Immediately after they got on the market, there was protest from several Christian societies.
    What do you think about this?
  19. ♔Old Dragoon♔
    ♔Old Dragoon♔
    @PW...tis' true a lot of families get together to simply become gluttonous pigs. However, feasting is part of it, but we give thanks to God, spend time with loved ones, pray for loved ones that we haven't seen in a long time, and of course eat turkey and other meats...because it wasn't just turkey that was served in the first Thanksgiving. They had shell fish, lobster, crab, deer, pheasant, and of course turkey. Turkey become the widely popular meat though some families have ham or whatever else. It's true essence is being thankful for what God has given you as well as sharing and caring for those around you, and put self aside. Though that truth has been put aside down the years, but it's true light can stay lit by those who choose to observe that way. So, PW you can celebrate if you want to mate. It's not meant to be just an American holiday tradition, but to be embraced by those who want to share in its truth.
  20. Antiochos VII Sidetes
    Antiochos VII Sidetes
    I admit that my family gathers together to be gluttonous pigs.
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