Followers of Jesus Christ

  1. ♔Old Dragoon♔
    ♔Old Dragoon♔
    huh?...I am a follower. I said that I am not a NEW follower.
  2. Jaguar6
    Hey everyone, I'm Chrisitian (as you can probably guess ) and I go the East District Mennonite Church. I'm glad to know that there are fellow believers no matter where you go, even on a Total War forum.
  3. Celsius
    Sorry about that Dragoon. I tend to read fast and skip over "vital" details
  4. ♔Old Dragoon♔
    ♔Old Dragoon♔
    Tis ok...I've only been a believer since I was 7 and I'm now 35
  5. Celsius
    wow. talk about a while
  6. Saint_jimmyz
    Is this dead?
  7. Celsius
  8. Saint_jimmyz
    Cool. C of E for the win!
  9. manofarms89
    is this for all Christians or are Catholics not welcome?
  10. portvcale 1200
    portvcale 1200
    hi everyone
  11. The Good
    The Good
    Manofarms89, it's for all Christians.

    Oh, and welcome.
  12. manofarms89
    thank you
  13. Galerius Priscus
    Galerius Priscus
    Greetings, all of Gods believers!
  14. Saint_jimmyz
    the only thing seperating catholics and other denominations is petty dogma, in my opinion. Welcome!
  15. Galerius Priscus
    Galerius Priscus
    I think we all are the same in our beliefs, except for a few little things. We all believe in Christ and God, don't we?
  16. manofarms89
    i very much agree. its dumb fighting over all the details. fighting over details is what causes intolerance. look at the Sunnis and Shiites. both believe in God, but they cause civil wars over the details. and its very sad because Islam at its core is a very peaceful religion.
  17. portvcale 1200
    portvcale 1200
    i pray 9 times every day
    and i never forget to pray at night ,never

    god is my idol
    only one god , no gods .

    god loves portugal
  18. portvcale 1200
    portvcale 1200
    so you all pray ...
    pray pray ..
  19. Vladimir Lenin
    Vladimir Lenin
    To pray is to commune with God, I believe we can commune with god subconsciously as well as consciously.

    I sadly, sometimes neglect God, as we have all neglected friends or other acquaintances in the past.
  20. manofarms89
    i don't really pray to God as long as i talk to God...
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