Followers of Jesus Christ

  1. phoenix[illusion]
    Hey brothers! I'm orthodox christian, keeper of the faith!
  2. Nakharar
    i am Armenian Apostolic Church
  3. The Big Red 1
    The Big Red 1
    I am an United Methodist! Yea!
  4. Celsius
    Im Southern Baptist.
  5. Celsius
    well, i was christened in the Catholic church. Im kinda like a Protestant Catholic.
  6. The Good
    The Good
    I too was actually christened (baptized as a child) in a Roman Catholic Church. Not that I have a problem with child baptism. I don't consider myself a Roman Catholic though, neither do my mother and father, though my mother was for most of her life, before marriage.
  7. <purplepenguin>
    I was baptized in a orthodox but im baptist christian now(protestant)
  8. The Good
    The Good
    Here's a good question for you all, what's your take on the issue of tolerance? How tolerance do you think Christians should be? How tolerant did Christ Himself instruct us to be, as opposed to intolerant (to certain things/issues/beliefs)?
  9. Celsius
    Well, he did forgive alot of people. But the bible is REALLY strict.
  10. <purplepenguin>
    Yeah it is
    If you read it all then you see that you sin EVERY day.
  11. cfmonkey45
    Foursquare Denomination Member. My brother was a missionary to Belfast and Bosnia with the World Justice Ministry.

    Btw, if you read closely in the New Testament, you would find that Jesus forgave everyone who sincerely asked for forgiveness. He was hardest on those that didn't, as well as the corrupt leaders of the Church. My philosophy is that God judges Christians and Church leaders especially because we are supposed to be leaders of the flock.
  12. Celsius
    couldn't agree more.
  13. Celsius
    i added a pic
  14. The Good
    The Good
    Cool. Yeah I just noticed that today.
  15. The Good
    The Good
  16. <purplepenguin>
    bump again lol
  17. Celsius
    bumped after that bumped.
  18. Nakharar
    bump after that bump after that bump after that bump
  19. ♔Old Dragoon♔
    ♔Old Dragoon♔
    Hi all, I am new to the group, but not a new follower. I attend the Christian Church denomination. I've attended "full gospel" churches as well...Anyhoo my thoughts about the many denominations out there are expressed in this Russ Taff song...
  20. Celsius
    then why did you join you iare not a follower?
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