Followers of Jesus Christ

  1. The Good
    The Good
    A late happy new year to everyone! I'm sorry that I'm not on a lot. I'm hardly on Total War Center at all nowadays, but I do try to remember to check occasionally to make sure that new members could join the group. Hopefully, I'll try to be more active here.
  2. Imperator Alexander
    Imperator Alexander
    Hmm... I haven't bothered to read this whole thread, but, am I the only Episcopalian here?
  3. Venia
  4. Makrell
    It is active enough. THe important aspect of this group is making other people see that we are indeed, christians
  5. Verr
    by using the ancient ichtis like in old rome ^^

    time to go again-public

    oh btw its gold-white (light color) not blue-white.
    from the beginning of the world in the year 0/1.

    since im currently again fishing you can use this opportunitiy to change colors.
  6. Verr
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