Followers of Jesus Christ

  1. hull19
    hey guys... just say a calendar of saints birthdays....

    and OMG! saints every day of the year!!!
  2. hull19
    by the way, spread the lovee!!! !!!!!!
  3. hull19
    hey guys,

    I hurt my back pretty bad and won't be able to work for 2 months...
    anyone care to pray for me in this hard time?
  4. The Good
    The Good
    Hull, I prayed for you.

    I hope everything's fine soon.
  5. mrcrusty
    Ditto. Hope you recover quickly.
  6. hull19
    thanks guys
  7. Moorish guy
    Moorish guy
    My dad just go into the ambulance could you guys help me pray for him
  8. hull19
    i'll pray. hope u'r dad gets well!
  9. Moorish guy
    Moorish guy
  10. Moorish guy
    Moorish guy
    Ill pray for you to hull tough economy these days
  11. Moorish guy
    Moorish guy
    My dads find now thanks guys
  12. hull19
    okay. happy to know he is ok!
  13. Jwb187
    God Bless all of you
  14. Moorish guy
    Moorish guy
    you too
  15. Cooltosha
    Hello guys! What's up? What's new?
  16. hull19
    Not much new with me
  17. The Good
    The Good
    Hello everyone!

    I've got finals this week... it sure is difficult, but I trust God will lead me through these hard times.
  18. hull19
    good luck mate! hope you do well!
  19. Danny_K_1
    I feel strange fellow christians, I feel as if I have lost my faith.

    Just a random feeling but something is not right, like somethings missing.

    I have withstood arguement after arguement about god and still believed but now after no arguement it feels weird.

    Any help please?
  20. mrcrusty
    Ironically it's in times of peace and when nothing bad is happening that your faith is challenged most.

    When you face no difficulties or no challenges, you lose perspective, and because you aren't referring to God for help, or bringing religion up in daily life, the importance of God starts to drift away.

    If a person were to stop watching T.V for an entire year, then it would stand to reason that he could live without T.V and as a result, may stop watching T.V altogether.

    It's the same case for faith unfortunately and while I can't exactly give you advice on what to do, I can say that it is a common occurrence among many Christians, and this perceived "lack of religious crisis" is when many people start the transition from being Christians to being Atheists.

    When faith is not tested, then what is the point of faith?

    If life is livable without God, why believe?

    If there is one thing I could suggest, it would be reading the Bible and learning more about Christianity. Reading and increasing your knowledge is always a good thing, whether it be reading the Bible, reading commentaries or literature by the Vatican, or just in depth articles online that address religious issues.

    By accumulating knowledge, and discussing what you've learned with others, then you can give yourself a real platform by which to base your faith on. For some people, learning more can destabilise faith, while for others, it strengthens it. In any case, by learning all that you can and coming to a decision based on what you know and believe, then whether you still believe or not, you can take pride in knowing that your renewed belief or your new found disbelief is how you honestly feel.

    Personally, while I believe that faith is important, I have always believed that strength of character, good deeds and honest intentions always count for more in this world. As long as you try to live your life based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, then that's all He asks for.
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