Followers of Jesus Christ

  1. ♔Old Dragoon♔
    ♔Old Dragoon♔
    I would venture to say most do. Most of mine do, and some years I do. However, I try to make an effort to not just be about the food. Some years we buy those less fortunate a Thanksgiving meal. Those are usually the better Thanksgivings.
  2. cfmonkey45
    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could pray for me for finals (Perhaps we should set up a prayer social group?).

    Also, I hope everyone has an awesome time celebrating the birth of our savior (even though December 25 isn't actually his birthday)
  3. Aldgarkalaughskel
    I will mention all of you in my prayers, who have exams.

    I will also pray for this Christmas to be happier, more peaceful than ever for my family, and for all humans in the world.
  4. Galerius Priscus
    Galerius Priscus
    I will be with you in my prayers during your finals, my friend, and I wish you all the best for the coming year, and of course for the celebration of Our Lord's birth.
  5. Galerius Priscus
    Galerius Priscus
    My friends, what do you think the afterlife is like?
    Is it like in the Bible, with angels in the skies?
    Or is it something totally different?
  6. portvcale 1200
    portvcale 1200
    only god knows
    we just can imagine things
  7. portvcale 1200
    portvcale 1200
    merry christmas to all
  8. Galerius Priscus
    Galerius Priscus
    Merry Christams to you too, Portcvale
  9. portvcale 1200
    portvcale 1200
    ty my friend
  10. portvcale 1200
    portvcale 1200
    happy new year 2009 to all
  11. Conquistador_88
    Happy new year to all my brothers!!! ^^
  12. The Good
    The Good
    Happy New Year to you all!
  13. helmersen
    appy new year! Maybe a little late, but anyways! Hows the days working for ya?
  14. The Good
    The Good
    Well, two family members died recently. One was my uncle, a week ago he passed away, and just today, was my great uncle's passing...
  15. Vladimir Lenin
    Vladimir Lenin
    We're entering into Lent soon. How is everybody honoring Lent?
  16. manofarms89
    gonna go and get my ashes in a little bit, but im giving up carbonated and alcoholic drinks.
  17. The Good
    The Good
    Ah yes, Lent. It's already here, and I didn't even realize. I will try to think of some way to honor Lent....
  18. pericles_plato
    I ain't got lent. I just got the holidays we celebrate in U.S.
  19. Antiochos VII Sidetes
    Antiochos VII Sidetes
    I've given up most of my favorite foods.
  20. ciprianrusu
    I've given up meat for 40 days.
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