Followers of Jesus Christ

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  1. The Good
    The Good
  2. The Good
    The Good
    Welcome The Colonel, and welcome Nakharar! If you wish, discuss issues going on in Christianity today.
  3. The Good
    The Good
    I myself attend a church apart of the Protestant movement that originated centuries ago. I feel that this church in particular is Christian in a true sense of the word. I also know there are other true Christian churches though, don't get me wrong.
  4. The Colonel
    The Colonel
    Does your church have a name? i've been lookin for the "true" church for a while
  5. The Good
    The Good
    The type of denomination you mean? It's an Evangelical Covenant Church. Some of you here may disagree with some of it's theology, but I think it is a "true" church. One denomination is not necessarily the only true church, if you get what I mean.
  6. The Good
    The Good
    Me and my family used to attend a Baptist church too, my sister still goes there to practise for the choir.
  7. <purplepenguin>
    I go to a Baptist church though I used to go to a coptic church.
  8. <purplepenguin>
    I have a question that nobodys ever answered. But to a member of any church (lets presume roman catholic for the time being) would say a orthodox christian go to heaven or do you have to be a Roman Catholic to get to heaven.
  9. The Colonel
    The Colonel
    uh, they are almost the same, although thanatos would have something to say about that
  10. Roman Clone
    Roman Clone
    All Christians go to heaven. Well, except the Westboro Baptist Church.
  11. <purplepenguin>
    why not???
  12. The Colonel
    The Colonel
    and mormons, mormons don't go either, or any other door to door christian, or do they?:hmmm:
  13. Kopis
    As a start Im Lutheran Protestant. And to all Americans out there pls stop the mormons from coming to Germany they annoy the hell out of me. ^^
  14. Roman Clone
    Roman Clone
    Westboro completely twists God's messages into hate.
  15. The Good
    The Good
    Roman Clone is right, the Westboro "Baptist" Church (they most certainly are not accepted among the other churches in the Baptist denomination) spreads a "gospel" full of hatred. Nothing Jesus would approve of, and Jesus certainly wouldn't consider them among His church body unless they repented and reformed their ways.
  16. KaerMorhen
    I admit I ain't tolerant one and deny all kinds of so-called ecumenism launched by R-C Church recently. As a Catholic I recognize only Orthodox Church and Lutheran one, rest (Baptists and alikes) sound to me more like cheap hocus-pocus kind of magic for peasantry!!!
  17. Nicholas H.C
    Nicholas H.C
    Roman Catholic
  18. Legio
    Roman catholic.
  19. Odovacar
    Lutheran. (Evangelic)
  20. The Good
    The Good
    No matter the church of attendance, we are all Christians (hopefully truly). We are united in the Body of Christ.
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