Cats and Me

  1. Ferdiad
    I like cats, they don't like me.
    Still a better love story than twilight.
  2. Comrade Roboto
    Comrade Roboto
    The trick is to squeeze and cuddle them until they love you. Side effects might include your death.
  3. ElvenKind
    Mine cat adores my girl and me when we give him food, after that, he acts like he doesn`t know us most of the time
  4. Comrade Roboto
    Comrade Roboto
    Wish I actually had a cat (my mom's allergic). Had one as a kid, but it died from some cat disease .
  5. ErgoSumm
    I love my cat!! He's called Monty (a crazy, "now for something completely different cat"). He likes to lie on the keyboard whilst I type.
  6. ElvenKind
    We gave our cat name BUBI, and he likes it to be honest
  7. Comrade Roboto
    Comrade Roboto
    Does your cat Monty blow up randomly at times? Or get squished by a giant foot perhaps?
  8. ErgoSumm
    No but he jumps into ponds after moths (but hates water), jumps into baths with tanning sheep skins, stuck up trees (we had to impose a curfew on him as we were sick of having to search for him at midnight, then find out he is up higher than the ladder will reach) and will fall off your lap unless you catch him when we are stroking him!
  9. Comrade Roboto
    Comrade Roboto
    Ugh. I can't wait to start living on my own and get myself a cat again. Just a few more years. Meanwhile, I'm stuck at home with a dog (which I love very much, but it's no cat)
  10. ElvenKind
    Dogs and flats, bad choice. If you are going to have a house with backyard, that is better.
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