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  1. Armatus
    Life is 99.9% of what you make of it and then you die.
  2. ♔The Lizard King♔
    ♔The Lizard King♔
    Pain is 50% Worry and 50% shock. Honestly, if someone knew they couldn't die, would injuries be painful, to the extent they usually would be?
  3. Armatus
    I don't know they might be all the more painful considering we'd have no reason to go into shock. But then again what would be the point of pain if you couldn't die...? Hmmm maybe we should ask God.
  4. Ulyaoth
    I'm still trying to decide between hedonism or asceticism(not completely, I aint giving up my sex) What do you think?
  5. Armatus
    Well I hear Tantra is a nice compromise
  6. Phunkracy
    Definetly Hedonism. It's my life's philosophy. And it works quite good
  7. Broken Pope
    Broken Pope
    I am a utilitarian. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
  8. Aldgarkalaughskel
    Then utilitarianism supports Nazism and Communism.
  9. Armatus
    So then as a utilitarian do you subject yourself to those greater needs? If say the government decided exercise eminent domain on you and your neighbors so it could put up a fancy resort to drive income to the community?
  10. Aldgarkalaughskel
    I'm not a utilitarian, I don't restrict life to only one dimension.
  11. Armatus
    I'm slightly confused on that statement. You mean you care about other people?
  12. Aldgarkalaughskel
    What is "care"? Care is called "Sorge" in German. Since Martin Heidegger, one of the greatest philosophers of the 20th centurey devoted a full chapter on "Sorge" in his main work, but couldn't solve the problem, I'm slightly confused over your question.
  13. Armatus
    Well I thought your comment was sort of a response to Broken Pope. So if you're not a utilitarian by his definition then I had assumed must have concern for the individual?

    "Care" though is an easy one. I suppose anybody with a talent for the pen could push on and on to great length about any concept of thought.
  14. Taneda Sant˘ka
    Taneda Sant˘ka
    Then I wonder why you joined such a group, especially after reading a thing such as "concept of thought", thought operates throught concepts (not exclusively), so "tought", cogito, as a concept, is the only "concept of thought" I can think of... Philosophy is also about words, their meaning, origin, definition, usage and position, you'll learn that, not just "on and on"...
    About Utilitarianism, no end can justify any mean for me, nor can quantity aspire to morals. Nor can "greater good", "common sense" (or that kinf of BS) or an animal version/vision of the human being...
    Tostaky. I'm a ha´ku phenomenologist!
  15. Dracula
    Objective idealism anyone ?
  16. Taneda Sant˘ka
    Taneda Sant˘ka
    That's kind of contradictory.


    Actually it's absolutely contradictory. Can you elaborate? I have a hard with such thought, and wonder how can one try to discuss it without talking to one-self. It's way to self-centered, in the centrifugal sense, the world being only an emanation, a dead thought of the demiurge ; I'm more for a centripetal view, but with interaction, like phenomenology, a being constitutive and constitued...
  17. Armatus
    lex parsimoniae I think that applies to "concepts" as that which appear to come naturally for an individual - i.e. "care" if you wish to paint a beautiful picture in words describing the functional complexities of "care" by all means feel free. I will sit back and listen, but for me it's a simple matter really. Something I understand though "cogito" - thoughts are born, multiple and die while in the process concepts come into the mind...
  18. Lord de Lyonesse
    Lord de Lyonesse
    Surely Nazism and Communism is the same bothe want absolute control and kill their enenies?
  19. Ulyaoth
    So, I watched the movie Stranger than Fiction yesterday and for some reason it kinda changed my outlook on life, only for as long as I was watching it really but I just remembered thinking this way while watching it. I became all happy and optimistic. I thought life was awesome and everyone is awesome and the universe is awesome. Then once the movie was over I was back to my typical the world sucks lets just exterminate everything pessimistic view. Strange.
  20. Dracula
    Hmm I have to watch it too.
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