I joined this group because...

  1. Mithridates the Great
    Mithridates the Great
  2. Alkimachos
    Want to support my country against the current lies by media about Hellas and support the place where the Western civilization started...
  3. Aymer de Valence
    Aymer de Valence
    Because I've just been studying Ancient Athens for the past 2 years AND because Greece is just awesome anyway!
  4. Megasalexandros
    Because iam Greek and i love my nation, not my state
  5. neoptolemos
    Joined the group because i am a patriot, which means i love the country i live in and ALL the people are living with me no matter their origin
    I also am a patriot because i care for the natural environment of me country and how to preserve it for the future generations
    Greek ideals of democracy and freedom should be awaken in the people here in Greece and stimulate the potential of the people for struggles for justice, democracy, philadelphia, tolerance, inclusion of all people who live in Greece, equality, fairness and prosperity,
    Greece should be an open and cosmopolitan society as it was once
  6. The Thespian
    The Thespian
    because i did an ALevel in Ancient History and because I'm interested in ancient cultures and am currently studying Prehistoic & Roman Archaeology at Uni. Also i have been interested in Greek history since i was a kid.
  7. Mithridates the Great
    Mithridates the Great
    @The Thespian
    Glad to hear that mate

    thanks all of you,please tell your friends to join our group too
  8. DobroVece
    Cause I'm on holiday on isle Tasos right now.
  9. Altzek
    Because some guy asked me to join.

    Oh,and because I love my eastern uncles
  10. DemonLord
    Because......nothing more to add the commenters above covered it all xD
  11. DividingSolid
    One because I was asked and because I'm Greek and proud!
  12. Mithridates the Great
    Mithridates the Great
    guys send this group to all your friends that like Greece or are Greek to have more people in our company
  13. Stavroforos
    Because you told me to!
  14. jo the greek
    jo the greek
    iwant to start a revolution
  15. Ben Singleton
    Ben Singleton
    Because I study ancient history as a Degree and people need to be aware of this great nation and its history! And also aware of Clowns (namely the fake Macedonians from Skopje) who try to take that history and end up look like the laughing stock of the academic world. (srs they even built a statue to alexander-ski LOL)
  16. Mithridates the Great
    Mithridates the Great
    There could be more discusions to this group.Give some ideas or create your own
  17. Stath's
    I like our flag in my profile. It reminds to some people that we are still alive.
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