Asterix's Old Timers Club

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  1. Obi Wan Asterix
    Obi Wan Asterix
    Welcome you oldies! You has beens! Sit down and enjoy my Whiskey Bar and Wine Cellar to your hears content!
  2. imb39
    Are the drinks cheaper here?
  3. Obi Wan Asterix
    Obi Wan Asterix
    Unlimited free drinks for members... Tacticalwithdrawal is limited to his body weight in liters per day otherwise no limit
  4. Farnan
    Unlimited free drinks?

    Sounds good.
  5. Obi Wan Asterix
    Obi Wan Asterix
    And golden buckets to puke it with newbs to carry them away and wash the floor immedietally! Drink away old ones like there was no tommorrow and to give you an excuse to forget yesterday! ***pushes Lagavulin 24 years towards Farnan****
  6. Halie Satanus
    Halie Satanus
    Well, finally Asty gets his own private rooms, where the only odour strong enough to distract members from the overbearing smell of stale booze will the delightful waft of bull droppings..

    Oh and make sure to check Tac's pockets before you do the official weighing..
  7. Lusted
    *Lusted drops into a luxurious chair with a pint of Harveys beer in one hand*

    So....when do the high class female dancers arrive?
  8. Farnan
    About 5 minutes after the strippers leave.
  9. Trajan
    Forget the girls, there's plenty of that back home. Just hook me up with the drinks and keep em coming.
  10. Wild Bill Kelso
    Wild Bill Kelso
    Everyone here looks young to me
  11. HorseArcher
    Plenty of gangster avatars here. ;-) Wild Bill , Trajan and me could make a good old spaghetti western cowboy movie.
  12. Lord Rahl
    Lord Rahl
    I'm old! *shakes cane* I hereby claim myself as the cigar dealer in the group!
  13. Ulyaoth
    you have a horrible beard Rahl, just dreadful.
  14. Halie Satanus
    Halie Satanus
    Being old means you probably have droopy old man balls, not something I'd brag about.
  15. Scorch
    Good grief, who invited me here?

    I refuse to be counted in with all you old people! My back is in perfect working order!

    Though if there's free beer ...
  16. Cluny the Scourge
    Cluny the Scourge
    There's a come point in your life when everything is so badly messed up, that all you have left is the natural authority granted to you by your age. Wave your stick at kids and scream "Get of my lawn", while secretly remembering names, faces - to get the BUSINESS done later.
  17. Oldgamer
    Someone needs to invite Rush into the group. I think that he's older than me!

    Thanks for the invite!

    I'm deeply involved in one of the Presidential campaigns ... like you don't know which one ... and will be mostly on the road, until November. I'll check in as often as I can, until McC.. (whoops!), one of the candidates wins.

    The worst thing about being old is that you can remember a time before Eisenhower was President!
  18. Evolution
    Oldgamer For President!
  19. Flavius Nevitta
    Flavius Nevitta
    Thanks for the invitation. So where are those free drinks you promised?
  20. Sidus Preclarum
    Sidus Preclarum
    Free Drinks ?

    Sixtus perchance ? :x
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