Suggestions - what shall be discussed within this group?

  1. DaVinci
    ... express thoughts and proposals according to the title.


    1. Does the group-forum need diverse topics? If yes, which ones?

    2. Shall the group be active outside this group-forum in some manner? Id yes, ich which manner?
  2. Ardruire Iacób
    Ardruire Iacób
    1) I'd actually like to know how the more experienced members manage to make their academic training real-world applicable. Otherwise, surely whatever people want to talk about should be acceptable.

    2) How about a thread somewhere? That'd keep discussion going, because otherwise groups tend not to last very long as people forget about them.
  3. DaVinci
    Well, ok, let's use this thread for actual suggestions, ie. proposal of a project.
  4. Claudius Gothicus
    Claudius Gothicus
    Whatever you wish it too... personal reflexions are welcome as well as simple questions on the meaning of certain concepts. Politics and debates are welcome as well, sometimes with some many ''legos'' running around the Academy or the Mudpit or the EEM getting an actual debate on complex subjects can get tricky.

    I was also inspired by the ''United Left'' and other ''leftists'' groups out there where some members asked relevant questions to politics, like the ''left or right'' role of Liberalism in Modernity and what Dialectical Materialism meant, or how it worked.

    And just to make it clear... I flooded the Image area with American Sociologists because there was too much ''european mumbo-jumbo'' , just kidding.
  5. Diamat
    Where did someone discuss the meaning of dialectical materialism? I looked through the various groups, but couldn't find anything. This is my area of expertise, so I would like to see how other members view dialectical materialism.
  6. Claudius Gothicus
    Claudius Gothicus
    Erm in one of the Leftists groups, the name of the user was Marechal Ney... back then(a year or so ago) I replied as best as I could in PMs.
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