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  1. Schrödinger
    Feel free to chat and post whatever you like.
  2. Juvenal
    So, are we going to have a constitution and a set of arcane membership rules?

    I think that there should be a strict pecking order by seniority with an outrageous joining fee and compulsory fazing of noobs (obviously not retrospective, so that current membership of... me... won't have anything to fear).

    Shall we put this to a vote?
  3. molls
    So were doing a secret conspiracy with the goal to criticise other AARs behind the authors back >:E
  4. Schrödinger
    Aye aye lads.
  5. LlamaD
    Alright then.
    Tweety's AARs are always way too short and lack action (aka sylvester).
    mollsomg takes way too long to update. It's like waiting for duke nukem 4ever
    And Juvenal writes daydreaming.
    That's for now...Ok, where's the "make secret" button?
  6. Schrödinger
    Well the "make secret" button can also pass as my special "delete" button...
    My AAR has only just begu-u-un....
  7. Aldgarkalaughskel
    Cool. So we can chat here? YAAAY! (Forgot to say something, sorry.) - Waiting for LlamaD to explot this last sentence...
  8. Schrödinger
    NEW TOPIC- why any AAR LlamaD does is officialy rubbish,

    If you wish to choose the next topic (set tommorow at 5.00pm (roughly) please PM me, first come first served.
  9. molls
    You were supposed to hack on authors and AARs that are NOT in this group mofos :'(

    but fine then:

    1. Argument pro topic - violating a Genesis(bow bow bow, though Gabriel Ära is best) song by combining it with an m2tw AAR + a pic of the 'Stronghold' knight !
  10. Juvenal
    TWEETY's TOPIC: why any AAR LlamaD does is officialy rubbish
    Well that's easy since any stated opinion of Tweety's in his capacity as Group Founder is automatically official - no matter how (purely for the purpose of argument mind you) absurd it might be.

    Personally I think that LlamaD's AARs are worthy of close study - perhaps as an example for creative writing students, or maybe even trainee psychoanalysts. If nothing else, you can at least write on the back of them.
  11. LlamaD
    No, maybe, not alone, don't lie. In that order.
    PW: only from 9 to 5.
    Tweety: Since there's only one out there, you need to prove your soothsayer skills before i believe you.
    mollsomg: two Genesis songs - until now. I knew that i got only superficial readers *sigh* :p
    and where's the supposed stronghold knight? Afaik he looks like

    Juvenal: C'mon... you haven't even read them.... err, it :p (Because then you would see that the story won't fit any cowhide, if you got the imagination to understand what that shall mean. :hmmm: )

    Or do you know the name of the veteran warrior?

    Except for the "L'Etat c'est moi" argument that can be made by....birds.....
    ..i'm not quite convinced.

    €: ...though i know otherwise :>
  12. SeniorBatavianHorse
    Wait - I wonder what the collective noun is for AARtists? (note the subtle shift in topic here . . . not.)
  13. Schrödinger
    An AARmy of AARtists
    LlamaD- it's official, because I say so
  14. A.P
    I want to be official.
  15. Juvenal
    We should refine our name - we are the Pre-Industrial Strategic Simulation AARtists!
  16. Schrödinger
    New topic, set by PowerWizard-

    1. What made you start your AAR?
    2. What keeps you writing it?
    3. What's your inspiration?
  17. Schrödinger
    1. I just did really, in all honesty I was bored one morning and decided to start up a new AAR
    2. I enjoy writing and it's something to do
    3. Um... James Blunt?
  18. Aldgarkalaughskel
    1. Reading other's AAR, especially Try Hard Comedians, Kings and Soldiers from Lakonian.
    And of course I was inspired by the magnificently senseless randomness of the game.

    2. My keyboard. Seriously, my mind that urges me to reach ideagasms. Sometimes I can't think of anything else, than how to develop the story.

    3. Novels, movies, and yes, sitcoms.
  19. Juvenal
    1. I started writing an AAR because imb39 had patronised me and I felt I ought to contribute something more substantial to TWCenter. There was also an AAR competiton which gave me the necessary impetus to actually start.

    2. After the competition deadline, I just felt compelled to resume the AAR and keep going until I had described the whole campaign.

    3. I like irony, so if some amusing idea occurs to me I will try to find a way to incorporate it into the story.

    I haven't attempted to write fiction since school, so doing an AAR was quite a challenge. I've read a lot of books, so whenever I write something I can immediately see that it's rubbish. The trick is to find out how to change it until it is no longer embarrassing to read.

    Reading novels, I have often wondered where authors get their ideas (when interviewed they never seem willing to explain fully). Now that I've written something myself, I still don't know! Somehow, in the process of writing, a simple idea seems to magically elaborate itself into a full story.
  20. LlamaD
    I always wanted to be on the wrong end of a dictatorship.... ..ah, yes, the new topic..

    1. The birth of a child way after mothers death.
    2. being lazy. too lazy to stop.
    3. The wall in front of me. very structured, btw...
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