BIZARRE LAW - What strange aspects has law come to regulate and in what bizarre way

  1. Kranos
    Come with examples from around the world with the most unusual, bizarre, funniest laws or acts ever came into force-doesnt matter if they are still in force or repealed long ago- and write if u know a real case of enforcing them.
  2. trance
    How some american courts can accept and view polygraph results as more reliable than looking to the stars for answers is beyond me. The application of the reid-technique in american law enforcement is also horribly outrageous. What the hell are you guys doing over there ?
  3. Rebelyell
    We Americans believe that the Polygraph is a magical, mind reading technology. That's why it wins court battles so often.
  4. trance
  5. Litoralis
    What? A polygraph is generally inadmissible in most courts in the US (if not all), because its probative value is substantially outweighed by its prejudicial effect... That is an evidentiary rule, and not constitutional or anything, so it could be changed by Congress or state legislatures for state cases.
    Also, the Supreme Court has held that nobody can be forced to take a polygraph because it violates your right not to incriminate yourself (5th Amend).
  6. Leonidas The Lion
    Leonidas The Lion
    Known as the tort of Silence, where apparently you can assault someone without saying or doing anything.
  7. Latin Knight
    Latin Knight
    Not sure if that's what you have in mind, but

    In my "Constitutional History" classes in college, the teacher showed us excerpts of the Portuguese Constitution of 1976. It was a curious text, as many of its norms were fowarded by the portuguese socialist parties, with a lot of rules and conditions that purposed to create a Socialist State .

    Here's an except of the wiki:

    Until the constitutional revisions of 1982 and 1989, the constitution was a highly charged ideological document with numerous references to socialism, the rights of workers, and the desirability of a socialist economy. It severely restricted private investment and business activity. The resulting document proclaimed that the object of the republic was "to ensure the transition to socialism." The constitution also urged the state to "socialize the means of production and abolish the exploitation of man by man," phrases that echoed Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto. The government, among many admonitions in the same vein, was to "direct its work toward the socialization of medicine and the medicopharmaceutical sectors."
  8. Armatus
    No spitting on the side walk. This may or may not still be enacted.

    And to think we would need such a law.. I would relocate if it were ever to become such an issue as to have a law enforced or created, but then again back in the day any instance of such a thing could have been considered "baaaaad" improper etiquette.

    Though I can certainly see the legitimacy in high traffic public areas.
  9. Armatus
    Got a new one,

    The term “retarded” will be replaced with “intellectual disability” in Iowa’s law, under a bill that Gov. Terry Branstad signed today.
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