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  1. Enemy of the State
    Enemy of the State
    Hearts of Iron II ftw.
  2. Valentin the II
    Valentin the II
    Best mp games ever!
  3. jarnomiedema
    Europa Universalis III is without a doubt one of the best games ever made.. And the many mods that are available for it make it even better!
  4. scottishranger
  5. yxc qwert!
    yxc qwert!
    I made a paradox club, too but I deleted it and joined here.
    btw my favourite is DOOMSDAY!!
  6. Giorgos
    Love the paradox games. All of them, except for Rome. I'll pretend that Rome never happened.
  7. Vampire
    Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday is one of the best games ever made. I wish that Total War games would have the same deepness of political and grand strategy. My ideal game would be a mix betwen Total War Medieval, Civilization and Hearts of Iron . . . but that would be very close to reality.
  8. ccllnply
    It would be amazing. Only problem is it would probably never happen. CA are trying to add the depth of EU3 to Empire but they'll never get anything like EU3 or Doomsday
  9. Ragabash
    Now all we need is to organize some multiplayer action.
  10. LSJ
    I have EU3 with all its expansions. But unfortunately I'm so slow at playing, and I'm not terribly good at maintaining a good economy. But that could be remedied if I allied with a human player with a decently powerful nation.

    I don't intend to win, just to have fun if I ever play, so my slowness of any lack of ability won't hold me back.
  11. scottishranger
    I just need to bother myself to get NA...

    Damn im lazy
  12. zznɟ ǝɥʇ
    zznɟ ǝɥʇ
    I have a dream..that one day, Rome is enjoyable. It's getting closer. But not yet...
  13. Taneda Sant˘ka
    Taneda Sant˘ka
    "I just need to bother myself to get NA...Damn im lazy"
    Getting In Nomine pretty much gets you Europa Universalis 4, I was blown away by the new mechanics, the real difficulty of maintaining a big empire, the importance of war exhaustion and those missions/resolutions, without mentioning the new missionary/colonist and political/sliders sytems.................... New life!
  14. Fijj
    Rome enjoyable? Fat chance.
  15. Taneda Sant˘ka
    Taneda Sant˘ka
  16. Ragabash
    Anyone know/remember name/link for the mod that changes EU3 flag shield(s) to square?
  17. Fijj
    hmm Ragabash... Not sure. I had used the mod and put it perminatly in my files, so I have them. If you want me to pm them to you I can do that.
  18. Ragabash
    That would be great as I couldn't find the mod from Paradox's EU3 modding forum.
  19. Celsius
    I wish HoI 3 would hurry up and come out.
  20. LSJ
    I can't wait for HOI3 to come out... but thats a whole year!!! I wanna played hoi though so I suppose I'll have to get HOI2 in the meantime. :|
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