1. Kranos
    JUSTITIA group is a place conceived only of good intentions , all related to the noble idea of making the strict law the subject of many and diverse discussions about everything this complex emanation of society stands for. My initiative is meant to be open to the large public and tho the widest part of this comunity starting from the presumption that nobody can be outside the law (not in that trivial meaning) and nobody can neglect this result of the state power which interferes with every aspect of everyday life.
    My judicial english is not excelent my fellows so Ill start by just opening discussion topics in which everyone of you can be caught. I recommend seriosity and real interest in opening new discussion threads in such manner most of us should be willing to write something...interesting.
    And for the sake of nice aspect and in order for this group to look as organised as possible Im asking your new discussions to look like mine ,ie the main part of the title written in CAPS and the first message with Book Antiqua font size 3.Also try to write suggestive titles serious descriptions of the subjects in your first messages!

    Good luck!!!!!
  2. RO Citizen
    RO Citizen
    Awesome group this is! I'll use my evil skillz to make more people join.
  3. The Despondent Mind
    The Despondent Mind
    May i ask why did you invite me here ? I never expressed ( nor i have any ) greater knowledge of law .
  4. Alkimachos
    Thanks for your invitation mate...

    The law is the hand of God...
  5. Armenum
    Sounds like an interesting group - will follow!
  6. de la fere
    de la fere
    Being not a student of laws, but a practioner at court: It seems not be very lively here.
  7. Kranos
    Lol if u have the curiosity u shoul look after their interests and occupation and u will noticed mostly of them dont even study the "boring" discipline. Anyway my group is open for practician too but I didnt insert that in presentation for the sake of having at least 2-3 honourable members..with me altogether
  8. czePowerslave
    Right, this looks interesting. Ive passed my 5 years at MU in Czech Republic, currently working for another university on public tenders. Not much my area, but one has to start somehow. Anyways, its shows some 40 people here, surely should be some live in here!
  9. Ampra
    Hi all , I am very happy to be here as a student of law on Belgrade University : )
  10. Treize
    Second year student here. No university however.
  11. Armatus
    My initiative is meant to be open to the large public and tho the widest part of this comunity
    Then I'm ok, I've ready a little of Justinian's code as well as Hammurabi's code.
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