Team Fortress 2 players

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  1. Aldgarkalaughskel
    Yay! Up and running. My account name is CenturionXXI, display name is Captain Planet. Feel free to add me to your friends list.
  2. Manco
    I think my account name is neuter, feel free to add.
    disclaimer: I'm still quite bad at TFC
  3. Aldgarkalaughskel
  4. snuggans
    add Sladex to your friends list! i do 2fort almost exclusively! >_>
  5. Aldgarkalaughskel
    What's so fun in 2fort?
  6. D.B. Cooper
    D.B. Cooper
    Don't quite know, maybe for me because it takes longer. Some battles can get truly ferocious though. Like in the sewers.

    edit: I played a 2fort night earlier today. Man it was so much fun. There were so many creepy corridors and dark corners for hiding, and the lights flickered.
  7. HansDuet

    -INKS- HansDewett
  8. Junius
    Goose [FAIL]

    Stumbled upon this group. apart from TW this is the game I play most often. As a Sniper, more often than not a Sniper. You can probably guess I am a bit excited about the upcoming patch.
  9. HansDuet
    Something useful instead of SMG, hopefully.
  10. snuggans
    well it's just that 2fort is the mother of all maps. it is the epitome of team fortress, classic or otherwise. highly addictive for me! what a spectacular map.
  11. Junius
    Payload is better, both badwater and goldrush.
  12. HansDuet
    I am rather bored at badwater, I prefer good custom maps. Goldrush is okay though.

    2fort is meh
  13. Aldgarkalaughskel
    Okay, so let's post our loves and hates of TF2: class, map, game mode.

    Class: Engineer - I played the most time as an engineer although it could become rather boring after a while. Recently I play as spy and demoman, can't have more fun, than destroying in a matter of seconds what engies built for minutes.
    Map: Granary followed by Gravelpit. Both fun and challenging. There are also a good deal of custom maps I enjoy.
    Game mode: Payload. Because I love to push that goddamn cart.

    Class: snipers are pretty cowards shooting from a distance. Man up yo snipers and face my flame-thrower!
    Map: Dustbowl. Hate it, HATE IT. That map is just pretty darn stupid.
    Game mode: team deathmatch. Good for practice, but not so fun imho.
  14. HansDuet
    Class: Sniper - G'day. Just great class to dominate people, useless on some maps though. Absolutely despise people who change to spy just to backstab me and then happily return to their former heavy/soldier/demo-self to get sniped again. Spy is very fun to play.
    Map: Goldrush is good, as are pl_swift, pl_cashworks and pl_hoodoo.
    Game mode: Flaregun and taunt-kill only on Hoodoo.

    Class: Pyro. Class with no skill what-so-ever required.
    Map: Gravelpit, Steel, Dustbowl... mehhh. Overplayed.
    Game mode: Arena.
  15. Junius
    Sniper. My favorite class, I just love the feeling, and it takes more skill than just m1+w pyros, and the skill ceiling is high so you can just keep getting better. I lvoe payload maps, and dustbowl. Badwater is my favorite, but I do like Badlands as well. My second favorite class, at the moment, is the heavy, or medic. Those two, if they are good and communicate, can just waltz through a team, brilliant.

    Don't Like:
    Pyros, just running all over the place, not knowing what to do. Scouts are also pretty annoying. I don't like hydro, but who does? I don't really like CTF, but will play it. 2Fort is fun, but not as a Sniper.
  16. Aldgarkalaughskel
    just running all over the place, not knowing what to do
    I lol'led. But true in some way.
  17. HansDuet
    It is true.

    Although there are good pyros who just lit enemy on fire and then proceed to axe them with axtinguisher.
  18. Junius
    Flame --> Air Blast --> Axetinguisher. Good Combo. So, what about the new update? What does that extra head slot mean?
  19. HansDuet
  20. Junius
    But what will headgear do? Any theories?

    Plus, have you seen this:

    There is a full set at:

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