The Knights Hospitaller

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  1. Nazgūl Killer
    Nazgūl Killer
  2. Mithrandir

    Wait, what?
  3. Nazgūl Killer
    Nazgūl Killer
    Mith's church is about to get pwnt, by both the Hospitaller and the Templar knights. Now all we need are some Teutonic Knights...
  4. Nazgūl Killer
    Nazgūl Killer
    The Teutonic Knights have assembled!
  5. Double A
    Double A
    Let's go Crusade on Antioch!
  6. HMD Temeraire
    HMD Temeraire
    Alas, it appears the knights of the hospital are falling.
  7. Nazgūl Killer
    Nazgūl Killer
    Why is that?
  8. HMD Temeraire
    HMD Temeraire
    There seems to be a lack of activity.
  9. Ascarona
    I isn't just in the Knights Hospitaller, its ALL social groups. The Pirates, Female Hotness, Sparta, 3D moddelers guild. You name it.
  10. Nazgūl Killer
    Nazgūl Killer
    Well, social groups are interesting at first but get boring later on.
    Especially when you have 54.
  11. King Canute
    King Canute
    Sergeant Canute reporting for duty to slay the infidel where ever they hide their filthy hides! Deus Lo Vult!
  12. King Canute
    King Canute
    why dont we get the Armenians to help with the crusade?
  13. King Canute
    King Canute
    any hospitallers left?
  14. baronfuming
    I joined because I like the units in the game. Aside from that, what happens in this group?
  15. HMD Temeraire
    HMD Temeraire
    People discuss stuff about the Hospitallers and there was talk about a crusade being launched on another Social group (but thats probably not going to happen).

    And for the record I still hang around this group and the templar one so post something an I will usually respond in under two days.
  16. King Canute
    King Canute
    its still alive! HOORAH!, but no crusade?
  17. HMD Temeraire
    HMD Temeraire
  18. King Canute
    King Canute
    is that yep to no or yep to yes?
  19. The Unknown Knight
    The Unknown Knight
    reporting back for duty after a long absence. show me to the INFELDEL
  20. King Canute
    King Canute
    well apparently the crusade is off
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