The Knights Hospitaller

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  1. HMD Temeraire
    HMD Temeraire
    cool, glad to be a member, Keep in mind though I am the Grand Master of the Templars first and a Hospitaller second.
  2. PubliusKhannus
    same with me as seneschal, but when the order of Templar does not demand my attention, the order of Hospitaller has another devoted member.
  3. The Unknown Knight
    The Unknown Knight
    Great to finally see a hospitaller group.
  4. Templar Hospitaller
    Templar Hospitaller
    Understood Crusader and Publius. But hopefully our two groups won't come to blows as we are all members of both. Here is an interesting fact. Rule 167 of the Templars: "And if it happens that any brother cannot go towards his banner because he has gone too far ahead for fear of Saracens who are between him and the banner, or he does not know what became of it, he should go to the first Christian banner that he finds. And if he finds that of the Hospital, he should stay by it and should inform the leader of the squadron". Also, - Click on the first link, it's very interesting. Also, I have decided to declare myself Grand Master of the Hospitallers.
  5. PubliusKhannus
    excellent link hospitaller, and *bows to the grandmaster* will the ranks of the order be set up in similar fashion to the Templar group, the noble allies and brothers of this illustrious group?
  6. Templar Hospitaller
    Templar Hospitaller
    That is fully up to Templar Crusader. If he lets me use it then I would definitely use the ranks he came up with. If not, I guess I could come up with a different set... but I'm hoping he'll let me use them.
  7. PubliusKhannus
    here is a list of ranks for the order, there is way too many for the time being so i think you can pick the ones you deem worthwhile. They can always been added on later.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The Royal Protector RANKS
    Bailiff Grand Cross of Justice
    Bailiff Grand Cross
    Knight Grand Cross of Justice
    Knight Grand Cross

    Knight/Dame Grand Commander of Justice
    Knight/Dame Grand Commander of Grace
    Knight/Dame Commander of Justice
    Knight/Dame Commander of Grace
    Knight/Dame of Justice (Noble or Armiger)
    Knight/Dame of Grace

    Serving Brothers/Sisters (minimum age 21)
    Esquires/Escorts (minimum age 18)
    Donats/Demoiselle/Page (minimum age 15)

    Hereditary Knighthood (conferred by the Prince Grand Master)
    Knights/Dames of Honour (These are honorary, and not members of the Order of St. John)
    (Dames may also be called Ladies)


    Government/Grand Chancery

    HE The Secretary General
    HE The Lt. Grand Master
    HE The Grand Chancellor
    The Supreme Council members
    The Ecumenical Religious Tribunal
    Grand Chancery Members

    HE The Secretary General
    HE The Attorney General
    HE The Grand Marshal
    HE The Almoner General
    HE The Hospitaller General
    HG The Grand Prelate
    HE The Solicitor General
    HE The Chamberlain//Keeper of the Rolls
    TE The Ambassadors
    Headquarters Members

    TE The Grand Priors
    TE The Deputy Grand Priors

    Aide de Camp to the Prince Grand Master
    Aide de Camp to the Lt. Grand Master
    Aide de Camp to the Grand Prior
  8. HMD Temeraire
    HMD Temeraire
    You can use my idea if you want, just give me credit for coming up with it.
  9. Monarchist
    Good day to you all, fellows!

    It is nice to see a group dedicated to researching and thinking about the Hospitallers. I have always loved the Krak des Chevaliers, and the idea that a small group of mostly-humble medical/monk/contemplative knights rebuilt it over a period of more than one hundred years amazes.

    The Hospitallers were, for me, more than just warriors with amazing surcoats and chainmail, though! I find great comfort in the idea that they founded some of the first real hospitals for treating wounded and sick people, such as the Order of Lazarus. It is not so much the fighting, but the charity and love for the lowly that makes me love it. The Templar were just whacky, reckless knights who wanted their mystery kept about them, but the Hospitallers... !

    I hope to become a Sergeant here, and perhaps a Knight!

    Greetings from Thomas
  10. PubliusKhannus
    well brilliant then thomas, we are glad to have you in our illustrious order. Welcome brother
  11. HMD Temeraire
    HMD Temeraire
    Welcome to Thomas, but one thing no templar bashing here got it? Everyone here are also members of the Knights Templar Social Group.
  12. PubliusKhannus
    we are brothers in arms
  13. Monarchist
    Oh, I am sorry Templar Crusader. They were rivals back then, so I was continuing the joke. It will end here, though. Sorry.
  14. HMD Temeraire
    HMD Temeraire
    @ Thomas, not a problem.
    @ TC you might want to contact the leader of the Spartans and tell them that there is another group that is going to join the crusade against the persians.
  15. PubliusKhannus
    yes the more the merrier against the infidels.
  16. Templar Hospitaller
    Templar Hospitaller
    lol. Consider it done.
  17. Templar Hospitaller
    Templar Hospitaller
    So, who wants what in terms of ranks?
  18. PubliusKhannus
    I'll be the Marshal as I joined 3rd.
  19. The Unknown Knight
    The Unknown Knight
    So whos Seneschal? Templar Crusader?
  20. PubliusKhannus
    yea I guess so, that makes sense to me
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