Capitalist Pigs Group

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  1. Enemy of the State
    Enemy of the State
    Yeah, capitalism is good. But I've got to go to the bathroom. *Grabs a few 100 dollar bills*
  2. Aziel
    Communism sucks. I dislike red color anyway.
  3. Enemy of the State
    Enemy of the State
    Red is my favorite color. But the commies got to it first
  4. Aziel
  5. Big War Bird
    Big War Bird
    Greed is good.
  6. Miraj
    To each according to his ability. For each according to his need.

    Marx was da man! Wooooo!

    (Whoever deletes this posts probably likes little boys)
  7. Valentin the II
    Valentin the II
    Human progres FTW!
  8. Zuwxiv
    I'm joining just so I can also create a "Socialist Dogs Group" and be an opportunist.
  9. Enemy of the State
    Enemy of the State
    Dam reds. Get your own group!
  10. Daovonnaex
    i have so much money
  11. Pallantides
    Must crush Capitalism!
  12. Miraj
    No but seriously, I'm a capitalist.

    I have been ever since I got taxed for the first time this year.
  13. HansDuet
    Joining the fellow capitalist pigs.
  14. Shi Huangdi
    Miraj, lol. Absolutely right. Welcome to the club!
  15. Zuwxiv
    Socialist Dogs group is up.

    Capitalism is what I realistically think works, in a practical sense. Socialism is what I think ideally is the best system, although so far socialism hasn't really produced a pure, lasting form.
  16. KoS
    Hail, fellow capitalists. Up for some commie hunting, anyone?
  17. JP226
    I guess I best be joining this group
  18. Osceola
    I love money.

    I just found out 2 family members I'm very close to that don't live in overly extravagant housing (though very nice housing) are millionaires.

    I feel it is now my destiny to become a millionaire.

    I will crush any minority that stand in my path towards that goal.

  19. Sven788
    Capitalist here!
  20. Marcus_Aurelius2
    anyone seen my rolex?
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